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Europe and America must work to stop their relationship unravelling
Yet, through its many ups and downs, the relationship has proved resilient. Trade flows between the eu and the United States remain the world’s biggest, worth more than $3bn a day. Shared democratic values, though wobbly in places, are a force for freedom. And, underpinning everything, the alliance provides stability in the face of a variety of threats, from terrorism to an aggressive Russia, that have given the alliance a new salience.

At the heart of this security partnership is nato. By reaching its 70th birthday the alliance stands out as a survivor—in the past five centuries the average lifespan for collective-defence alliances is just 15 years. Even as European leaders wonder how long they can rely on America, the relationship on the ground is thriving. As our special report this week explains, this is thanks to nato’s ability to change. No one imagined that the alliance’s Article 5 mutual-defence pledge would be invoked for the first, and so far only, time in response to a terrorist attack on America, in September 2001, or that Estonians, Latvians and Poles would be among nato members to suffer casualties in Afghanistan. Since 2014 the allies have responded vigorously to Russia’s annexation of Ukraine. They have increased defence spending, moved multinational battlegroups into the Baltic states and Poland, set ambitious targets for military readiness and conducted their biggest exercises since the cold war.
Europe  military  trade  politics  USA  NATO  links  via:Workflow 
march 2019 by cote
Why so many people who need the government hate it
> I’ve come to the conclusion that relationships are more important. And I think organizations need to be making these things much more clear to people in their everyday lives. I also think that, as a citizenry, we need to rethink how we talk about our lives and the role that government has had in it.
politics  govt 
january 2019 by cote
What's wrong with Huawei, and why are countries banning the Chinese telecommunications firm?
> The focus of many security agencies and countries on Huawei’s involvement in 5G systems raises the stakes, too: The next generation of wireless technology is expected to fuel even more connectivity in the “internet of things,” linking smart cars, smart homes and smart cities together. Billions of devices will be involved, all communicating with each other, forming what could become a surveillance web over much of the planet, and exponentially expanding the number of potential targets for spying. As governments seek to ensure 5G is secure and trusted around the world, Huawei may find its prospects limited by its links to the Chinese government.
Huawei  5g  politics  china 
december 2018 by cote
Does terrorism work? We studied 90 groups to get the answer
> We found that only six of the 45 terror groups – that’s 13.3 percent – accomplished their broader goals; the others did not... Meanwhile, among the 45 groups that chose not to use terrorism, 26 – or 57.8 percent – achieved their objectives, while 19 did not.
studies  politics  terrorism  charts 
december 2018 by cote
Exclusive poll: America sours on social media giants
> About 40% of Americans still feel that social media is a net positive for society. Overall, 65% of people say smartphones have made their quality of life better.

And people are concerned about misinformation in THE SOCIAL.
techethics  web2.0  mobile  surveys  marketsizing  politics 
november 2018 by cote
Software was important, but civics hacking is the real enabler
Techmeme’s summary is all you need to read:

> Three recent books argue that big tech became powerful not because of "software disruption" but by ducking regulation, squeezing workers, strangling competitors
startups  books  digitaltransformation  politics 
october 2018 by cote
The My Health Record story no politician should miss
“Early signs of Alzheimer's disease or other forms of dementia would mean the end of a political career, perhaps rightly so. But with all the taboos still surrounding mental health, signs of less dramatic conditions could be used as political leverage. A prescription for an anti-psychotic medication, say, or even just a series of appointments with a psychiatrist known to specialise in these disorders. The timing of medical treatment can also reveal politically problematic patterns of activity. Prescriptions for erectile dysfunction pills would be perfectly reasonable for a male in his 60s or beyond, although they'd doubtless trigger embarrassing comments about flaccid policies. But what if the politician was married, the prescriptions were always in the weeks before overseas missions, and after the last such trip there was a series of weekly visits to a sexual health clinic? Infidelity can kill a career.”
ehealth  hacks  blackmail  health  paperless  security  Australia  politics  ethics 
july 2018 by cote
How Tech Companies Conquered America’s Cities
“But what Uber lacked in political support it made up for in local popularity. Through its app, the company had a direct connection to thousands of riders and drivers who were making a living from its service.”
uber  techeithics  amazon  politics  cityplanning 
june 2018 by cote
Cambridge Analytica: how did it turn clicks into votes?
“[I]f you live in the Hamptons and have nothing to do in the afternoon, you fill out consumer research surveys.”
ml  scandal  politics  analytics 
may 2018 by cote
Amy Chozick’s book is about Hillary Clinton — and all the things reporters don’t write in their stories about Hillary Clinton
“I think her career is going to be such a symbol of how we viewed powerful women in this period of American history, that it’s going to be incredibly important and studied for decades,” she said. “The fact the last chapter of her political career was up against this candidate who was bragging about sexually assaulting women, and had a known history of insulting women, it was such a confluence of forces.”
books  hillary  gender  politics  journalism 
may 2018 by cote
Marco’s makeover
I’m shocked, shocked that only stock buy-backs are occurring! (Oh, thank you for my dividend):

‘“There is still a lot of thinking on the right that if big corporations are happy, they’re going to take the money they’re saving and reinvest it in American workers,” he says. “In fact they bought back shares, a few gave out bonuses; there’s no evidence whatsoever that the money’s been massively poured back into the American worker.”’
republicans  politics  taxes 
april 2018 by cote
HPE Denies It’s Partnering with Huawei, Taps Crisis Public Relati
It’s hard to be Huawei in the US already, and under Trump it must be unbearable. Meanwhile, I hear they’re sucking up marketshare elsewhere.
hpe  hardware  politics  Huawei  china  scandal 
april 2018 by cote
Trump’s Tariff Plan Leaves Blue-Collar Winners and Losers
“The mills and smelters that supply the raw material, and that would directly benefit from the tariffs, have been shrinking for years. Today, those industries employ fewer than 200,000 people. The companies that buy steel and aluminum, to make everything from trucks to chicken coops, employ more than 6.5 million workers, according to a Heritage Foundation analysis of Commerce Department data.”

Trade is hard.
politics  trade  economics  jobs  manufactoring 
march 2018 by cote
Donald Trump Didn’t Want to Win – and Neither Did His Campaign
“During that first month, Walsh’s disbelief and even fear about what was happening in the White House moved her to think about quitting. Every day after that became a countdown toward the moment she knew she wouldn’t be able to take it anymore. To Walsh, the proud political pro, the chaos, the rivalries, and the president’s own lack of focus were simply incomprehensible. In early March, not long before she left, she confronted Kushner with a simple request. “Just give me the three things the president wants to focus on,” she demanded. “What are the three priorities of this White House?”

It was the most basic question imaginable — one that any qualified presidential candidate would have answered long before he took up residence at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue. Six weeks into Trump’s presidency, Kushner was wholly without an answer.

“Yes,” he said to Walsh. “We should probably have that conversation.””

** Managing is complex, but starts with some pretty simple tasks.
management  profiles  trump  usa  politics  work 
january 2018 by cote
The Political Payoff of Making Whites Feel Like a Minority -
“Close to 20 percent of Democrats thought it was extremely likely that the prospects for white job-seekers would be threatened by the presence of minority workers, while 34 percent of Republicans (and 30 percent of independents) felt this way.”
politics  usa  race  surveys 
august 2017 by cote
The Economist | Exceptionalism: Wagner vs Wagner
Americans have never been made to suffer enough to believe that the government can be a safety net. Instead they trust their own moxie.
politics  us  healthcare 
march 2017 by cote
The real reason women are leaving Wall Street – Quartz
Chock full of meaty stuff, I don’t really think it’s limited to Wall Street: When Keller wasn’t working sources worldwide, she was digging into vehicle costs by model, labor negotiations, management changes, market share, environmental regulations, currency fluctuations, consumer spending, car preferences, balance sheets, industry gossip and really anything else that could potentially affect profits and stock prices of auto manufacturers and suppliers. She would then type, rapid-fire, clearly and concisely, with accompanying tables and charts, her findings and conclusions. Those were published in a constant stream of output worthy of a large team of analysts. She tightly controlled her business. … “When times are good, intellectual capital is valued on Wall Street,” says long time Wall Street executive Jack Rivkin, “It is more of a meritocracy. In a downturn, political savvy and connections become predominant.” … One day in 2010, Palmieri had an epiphany. “I was at the management table with the CEO,” she says, “I sat there and realized, ‘I’m at the table. I’ve made it. I’ve networked, I’ve clawed, I’ve said ‘yes,’ I’ve said ‘no,’ I’ve put in all this time and effort and I was underwhelmed. What I was getting back was not acceptable to me.”
via:ifttt  from:tumblr  work  wallstreet  gender  women  politics  link  tumblr:link 
september 2013 by cote
Icon: Clint Eastwood
"It just seems like we're making a lot of mistakes on this whole calling everybody racist. Everybody's calling everybody morons and nuts. We're becoming more juvenile as a nation. The guys who won World War II and that whole generation have disappeared, and now we have a bunch of teenage twits. People 50 years old acting like that. In Gran Torino, I play a guy who's racially offensive. But he learned. It shows that you're never too old to learn and embrace people that you don't understand to begin with. It seems like nobody else got that message, I guess."
ClintEastwood  film  quotes  age  race  politics  Invictus 
december 2009 by cote
San Francisco News - The Worst-Run Big City in the U.S. - page 1
"It's time to face facts: San Francisco is spectacularly mismanaged and arguably the worst-run big city in America. This year's city budget is an astonishing $6.6 billion — more than twice the budget for the entire state of Idaho — for roughly 800,000 residents. Yet despite that stratospheric amount, San Francisco can't point to progress on many of the social issues it spends liberally to tackle — and no one is made to answer when the city comes up short."
via:jeffnolan  SanFrancisco  city  politics  numbers 
december 2009 by cote
Houston biggest US city to elect openly gay mayor
"Parker defeated Locke with 53.6 percent of the vote Saturday in a race that had a turnout of only 16.5 percent.... A little more than 152,000 residents turned out to cast ballots in the nation's fourth largest city, which has a population of 2.2 million. Of those voters, 81,743 chose Parker — some 11,000 more than voted for Locke."
numbers  houston  politics  us  gay  mayors  Texas 
december 2009 by cote
How dictators watch us on the web
Complete with some (gentle) Clay Shirky bashing! "Generally, in the absence of strong democratic norms and institutions, the internet has fueled a drive for vigilante justice" -- "After the first flash mob, the authorities began monitoring By_mob, the LiveJournal community where the activities were announced. The police started to show up at the events, often before the flashmobbers did. Not only did they detain participants, but they too took photos. These—along with the protesters’ own online images—were used to identify troublemakers, many of whom were then interrogated by the KGB, threatened with suspension from university, or worse. This intimidation didn’t go unnoticed. Soon, only hardcore activists would show up. Social media created a digital panopticon that thwarted the revolution: its networks, transmitting public fear, were infiltrated and hopelessly outgunned by the power of the state."
via:BruceSterling  socialmedia  politics  globo  Twitter  flashmops  EasternEurope  Shirky  contrarian 
december 2009 by cote
Going Rogue by Sarah Palin
Not a fan of the book - "There is no coherence in this kind of world view. There is no consistent principle at the core of this tale. 'Common' sense is that sensibility which recognises her and her kind as good, others bad. Palin's supporters are "patriots", her political opponents are not. She says she wants to reform Washington even as she wants no part of it. She longs to be centre stage, even as she longs to go home. She refers endlessly to her patriotism, but seems to loathe the legal system, political parties and the constitutional balance of powers upon which the republic's foundations rest."
usa  books  reviews  politics  SarahPalin 
november 2009 by cote
Landmark health bill passes House on close vote
Yeah. They had it coming: "Insurance industry practices such as denying coverage because of pre-existing medical conditions would be banned, and insurers would no longer be able to charge higher premiums on the basis of gender or medical history. The industry would also lose its exemption from federal antitrust restrictions on price fixing and market allocation." ("We've all got it coming, kid.")
via:twitter  Insurance  USA  politics 
november 2009 by cote
84. Memorandum From the President's Special Assistant for National Security Affairs (Bundy) to President Johnson, En route from Saigon to Washington, February 7, 1965.
The format and writing of these memos is fascinating. Nicely clipped and the point, always reporting on something that happened with solid arguments or requests/pleas for help. And then fun phrases like: "surrender on the installment plan" and "[i]t is clear that he takes a highly tactical view of truth."
Vietnam  via:TheBestAndTheBrightest  politics  us  history  memeorandum 
october 2009 by cote
Life after Clunkers: Auto sales crash in Sept.
"September’s new-vehicle sales are expected to be down 22.9 percent on a year-over-year basis in September, and are likely to be off 40 percent from August." SHOCKER!
clunkers  politics  crator  cars  numbers 
september 2009 by cote
Burn Before Reading
"Speaking of the town hall crazies, isn’t it about time to use 'town hall' as a verb? As in, hey man, don’t go all 'town hall' on me! Or, I think I’ll go to my “town hall” meeting."
words  healthcare  usa  politics  townhall 
august 2009 by cote
City scraps Web site plan; will seek new bids
"The City Council was set to vote in March to approve the $704,000 site design contract with Cignex. However, City Manager Marc Ott delayed that vote after a public outcry over the choice of a California vendor instead of an Austin one. City officials said at the time that the RFP had been reviewed by many vendors, including local ones, but that only three companies submitted bids, with Cignex's being the lowest."
austin  politics  regionalism 
june 2009 by cote
Laptops of the World
[American education is like everything else in the US: it's a battle between people without money, and the cheap-bastards (here, the taxpayers) who don't want to pay for anything)]: “I’m not a fan of spending $62 million on one school,” Temple’s Ketelhut says. “There’s an equity issue. It’s one thing if it’s a pilot and if it works we’ll do it elsewhere. But is there money to do it elsewhere?” Even Tony Franklin admits that given the budget constraints of inner-city education, “a one-to-one laptop program in every school in the district is not realistic.” [Compare that sentiment to the Norwegian one:]...“There is the general feeling that we just have to do this, that we have to make this technology available to everybody.” [Dueling civilizations in decline!]
usa  school  laptops  politics  education 
may 2009 by cote
US House OKs Obama's IT stimulus
Please form a line on the right! "The main reason why the IT industry cares about the stimulus bill is that it has provisions to computerize the record keeping at doctors' offices and hospitals that don't have it, expansion of broadband Internet service to the 40 per cent of households in the country that don't have it, and research and development into giving the electrical grid an electronic IQ upgrade so it is smarter about distributing juice and also makes us smarter about how we use it. The bill that passed the House has $37bn in IT network infrastructure spending."
funding  usa  politics  it  itmanagementguys 
february 2009 by cote
Microsoft layoffs add more fuel to H-1B fire
Yeah, tech companies clamoring for the need for more H-1B folks are kinda caught with their pants down if they're now laying off thousands. Should be "thousands" of people to hire out there now. Like, tens of thousands, eh? Also, it's really not fun for anyone: "For many of the employees here on a visa, being laid off means that they have to leave the country on very short notice, in many cases uprooting families and children," Microsoft said.
layoffs  offshoring  politics  immigration  microsoft  H-1B 
february 2009 by cote
What are 'centipedes,' and why are they always crawling out of the walls of contemporary politics? | Beyond the Beyond from
"Centipedes are new phenomena because the barriers-to-entry in media have crashed. This means that subversive efforts formerly isolated and punished as libel, slander and whispering campaigns can swiftly take on avalanche proportions."
BruceSterling  centipedes  politics  scandal  words 
july 2008 by cote
What would Roger Williams say… and do?
I like the part about goals-oriented religion ("what's the purpose God put me here for? I must do it") vs. conscience-oriented religion ("I believe.").
podcasts  religion  usa  politics 
july 2008 by cote
Evangelical movement touts 'Jesus for president'
"This is not about going left or right, this is about going deeper and trying to understand together. Rather than endorse candidates, we ask them to endorse what is at the heart of Jesus and that is the poor or the peacemakers."
via:kimskotak  religion  usa  politics  cnn 
june 2008 by cote
Inshallah, Texas Muslims Organize
"...7-10.5M Muslims in the U.S. with close to two million registered voters, 83% of which are Democrats. There are some 1/2 million Muslims in Texas. That’s not an insignificant cache of potential voters but Democrats need to do more to reach out."
muslims  texas  politics  numbers  democrats 
june 2008 by cote
The Most Curious Thing - Errol Morris
"Fuzzing it up is a common practice in government. You hide intention and responsibility. You have one person say one thing, and another person the exact opposite. You create a blizzard of paper, so much paper that actual evidence is lost in the glut."
iraq  words  via:mray  politics  scandal  smiles 
may 2008 by cote
Real ID deadline comes and goes with zero states on board
Wow, congress passes a law, the states totally ignore it, and no one cares. "I am McLovin."
identitybuzz  identity  id  usa  politics 
may 2008 by cote
"...building an open source insurgency"
war  politics  opensource  globo 
march 2008 by cote
Texas Is Back at the Center of National Politics - New York Times
“Break out the 100 proof whiskey, boys. It looks like one hell of a party!”
texas  elections  politics  via:jp 
february 2008 by cote
The world must adapt to diasporas
In a more globalized world, does the phrase "diaspora" even make sense?
globo  immigration  politics  world 
february 2008 by cote
Rolling Stone
"I call it the Revenge of the Nerds effect. Give an army of proud professionals nothing but a silly horse race to cover, and inevitably they'll elevate even the most meaningless details of that horse race to cosmic importance." Sounds familiar.
politics  elections  usa  journalism 
january 2008 by cote
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