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System Integrator Risk Mitigation Processes Often Have the Opposite Effect
How can it be that projects continue to go wildly over budget or result in significant business disruptions but profits by systems integrators continue to rise? How is it that with fixed price contracts, modern implementation tools, and supposed sophisticated project management capabilities, clients are still getting burned?
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9 weeks ago by cote
Air Force wants to make 'Kessel Run' standard in tech acquisition
“You're probably going to see maybe a directive from us that basically says every acquisition is going to have to have something that looks like Kessel Run from the primes. So you want to have [authority to operate] within three or four weeks, not six years.”
digitaltransformation  procurement  govt  USAF 
october 2018 by cote
Can agencies seize the moment for modernization?
Part of the problem, according to the General Services Administration's Bill Zielinski, is that many agencies still try to scope out modernization projects with highly specific technical requirements. "We define not only the business outcome that we're trying to achieve," Zielinski said at the FCW-hosted IT modernization event, "but we have that tendency to say, 'and this is explicitly how you're going to do that.'”
Such specific solicitations tend to produce near-identical proposals from industry, he noted, which forces agencies to select based on "lowest price technically acceptable" criteria. Worse, he said, that prescriptive approach denies agencies the opportunity to benefit from new and creative solutions that might surface if they simply described the business capability that's needed.
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october 2017 by cote
What Clayton Christensen Got Wrong in his Theory of Low-End Disruption
But IT business buyers are, he says, and don’t know how make speeds and feeds (the basis of their buying behavior, plus price) account for UX: The business buyer, famously, does not care about the user experience. They are not the user, and so items that change how a product feels or that eliminate small annoyances simply don’t make it into their rational decision making process.
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september 2013 by cote
As Gartner Expands, So Does the Competition
Several comments from "independent analysts," including myself and RedMonk's James Governor.
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january 2010 by cote
Twitter / Bill de hOra: @cote: from my pov one of ...
On capacity management mixed with cloud computing: "from my pov one of the upsides of cloud/virtualisation is not having hardware procurement on the critical path of big projects."
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september 2008 by cote
"Best corporate IT quote ever." - Daring Fireball Linked List: June 2008
"'I have nothing against iPhone. It’s great,' says Manjit Singh, CIO at Chiquita Brands International Inc. 'But we’re a BlackBerry shop, and I don’t think iPhone brings anything new to the table. It has a great user experience, but that’s all.'"
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june 2008 by cote
RedMonk-driven Procurment in Action
"@cote that paglo thing is pretty nifty. I did not know about that; I sent the link to a bunch of IT geeks I know, thanks."
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may 2008 by cote
Analyze your analysts
New motto: "Your not $20,000 a day analyst firm."
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may 2008 by cote
Enterprise 2.0 apps seen as useful but confusing to business
"When asked what was the largest barrier to Enterprise 2.0 adoption, about 42 percent cited 'a lack of a business case' as the main reason." Someone needs to go dust off those email/Lotus Notes "business cases" and do a search and replace on 'em.
enterprise2.0  metrics  procurement 
may 2008 by cote
IBM-Cognos to refund $13 million to Massachusetts
Two points: (a.) a peek into the back-room/cigar side of enterprise software sales, and, (b.) check out how Gartner is used to seed procurement decisions.
ibm  cognos  scandal  bi  procurement  gartner 
may 2008 by cote
Talking [Open Source] eProcurement with Dave Stephens [of Coupa]
"The bottom line is traditional solutions just aren't making the process of buying easier for employees - instead it's just one more burdensome chore." Also, another Rails app.
procurement  eprocurment  oracle  erp  opensource  enterprisesoftware  rails  ruby 
august 2006 by cote

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