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The Little Three of Open Source Systems Management | Socialized Software
Mark uses the Qlusters pull-out from openQRM as a spring-board to summarize the current state of open source IT Management. Well done.
via:mray  zenoss  little4  opensource  itmanagement  itmanagementguys  qlusters  openQRM  monitoring 
april 2008 by cote
Open source partnerships advance management tools
Short note on various alliances in Little 4 Land: Hyperic and RedHat, Nagios and GroundWork.
little4  opensource  hyperic  redhat  zenoss  nagios  groundwork  qlusters  451 
november 2007 by cote
An Introduction to openQRM
Nice intro and how to on not only using openQRM but the thinking of how you should use: a virtualized data center.
virtualization  openqrm  qlusters  sysmgmt  sysmgmt2.0 
february 2007 by cote
Twitter / whurley : Enjoying my first day of un...
Qlusters CTO enjoying "first day of unemployment." That is, no longer the Qlusters CTO.
qlusters  execs  cto  opensource  opemqrm  sysmgmt  whurley  twitter 
february 2007 by cote
Hyperic - The only open source solution to pinpoint, correct, and prevent problems across all IT environments
Hyperic open sources it's sysmgmt platform, putting it in direct competition with Qlusters on that front. What does everyone think?
hyperic  qlusters  opensource  sysmgmt 
june 2006 by cote
Qlusters - openQRM Adoption Driven by Worldwide Demand for Open Source Systems Management Software
"In the four months since the launch of openQRM, the platform has been downloaded more than 17,000 times, and the number of active contributors to the project has doubled."
opensource  sysmgmt  qlusters  openqrm  whurley 
june 2006 by cote
Qlusters prepares to attack the systems management establishment, Dan Farber
Wherein Qlusters throws down the gauntlet. Now the proof is in the pudding.
qlusters  opensource  sysmgmt  whurley 
april 2006 by cote
Cassatt management tools get virtual
From the Systems Management by Virtualization front: controlling snapshots and jobs running in those snapshots (?). Seems up Qluster's alley too...
qlusters  cassatt  Collage  virtualization  sysmgmt 
april 2006 by cote
OpenQRM - Open Resource Manager - Plugins in openQRM
Plugin documentation for openQRM. Good extension points and loose-coupling.
qlusters  openqrm  sysmgmt  plugins  opensource 
april 2006 by cote
openQRM Documentation - Using Node tags
Tags in OSS systems management app openQRM/Qlusters. How much like folksonomy tags are they?
qlusters  sysmgmt  tags  opensource 
april 2006 by cote
Qlusters unveils open-source systems management
Open-source, but Linux specific systems management. If it expanded to Windows land: BAAM!
qlusters  opensource  sysmgmt 
january 2006 by cote

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