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Capital One Out to Display its Geekdom with Open Source DevOps Dashboard
It's fun seeing non-tech companies do this stuff. Also: "what's in your dashboard?!"
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july 2015 by cote
"Our client partner team enjoyed an evening of dodgeball." (via Twitter / Gartner_Jobs: Our client partner team enjoyed …)
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may 2014 by cote
LinkedIn’s Market Cap Passes Salesforce, Long The Bellwether Symbol Of Cloud Services | TechCrunch
Alex Williams: According to the Faber-Novel study, almost 50 percent of LinkedIn’s revenues come from its talent solutions offerings. The company updates its code three times a day, which helps fuel a rapid development cycle, continually offering premium services to see what has most resonance. Am I wrong to think that LinkedIn would be a good investment? Too late?
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september 2013 by cote
Enterprise Edition - Taleo - Talent Management Solutions - Business Performance
Whao. I don't get what I'd actually be buying from these people, but I hear they're SaaS-y.
taleo  saas  recruiting  work  via:DaveRosenberg 
march 2008 by cote

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