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Dick’s Tech Chief Goes All Out on In-House Software
“Don’t get excited about shipping a feature—get excited about when the feature turns into revenue and turns into profit.”
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7 weeks ago by cote
Please Hold
An impressive 72% of millennials are more likely to be loyal to a brand that responds to feedback on social media.
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8 weeks ago by cote
Instagram Is Changing How You Shop
When you browse select posts from those brands, you’ll now see a blue “Checkout on Instagram” call-to-action. Click it, and you can select your size, color, billing and shipping details. Instagram will take an undisclosed cut of sales.
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8 weeks ago by cote CIO interview
> The strength of our IT department is that IT is fully integrated in our organization. About 400 IT people or engineers work at, and they are organized as much as possible in about 70 small, multidisciplinary and self-managing teams. We see that that works best. These teams build features for our customers or partners. These innovation teams are supported by an IT ecosystem that facilitates them in the flexible and fast construction and running of software. Our IT engineers are therefore not together in one department, but spread over the entire company. The IT is thus integrated into the business. In fact, we strive that there is no difference between business and IT.

In Dutch, translated by Google above.


> If you work in a start-up, you will see more quickly what you contribute to the result. If you work at a large company, the danger is that you become a cog in a larger whole and no longer see what impact you are making.
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12 weeks ago by cote
Some high-profile wins at Microsoft of late, in retail
> The customer win is another example of retailers choosing cloud vendors that are not Amazon. Microsoft last week announced a retail-as-a-service (RaaS) partnership with Kroger, with the super market giant splitting its cloud investments between Azure and Google Cloud Platform. Walmart is also partnering with Microsoft, with the retailer and frequent Amazon foe signing up to use Microsoft 365, AI, IoT tools and Azure.

Microsoft or Google is what you got in retail. Otherwise you’re just finding a competitor.
customers  momentum  microsoft  health  retail 
january 2019 by cote
Is this the future of retail? We checked out the new high-tech store from Microsoft and Kroger
You use an in-store device or you phone to scan items to buy:

> The speed is most visible when a shopper calls up an item on her pre-determined shopping list and is guided to the exact aisle and shelf position of that item. As the shopper gets within range, of say, the jar of pasta sauce she’s shopping for, a food icon that she has selected as her “emoji” of choice appears on the EDGE shelf display — which is helpful when there are dozens of brands of pasta sauce on those shelves.

> The shopper then scans the item’s barcode with a QFC device or personal smartphone, learns how much they might be saving, and adds the item to the cart. The next item appears on the list and so on.

Then you can self-checkout and bag.
retail  kroger  omnichannel  grocery 
january 2019 by cote
Unpacking the AI-Productivity Paradox
> There are numerous cases where we see a lag between tech achievements and economic impact. Retailers’ recent experience with e-commerce is a good example. The e-commerce excitement of the 1990s was prophetic, but it took nearly two decades — until 2017 — for online business models to approach 10% of total retail sales. The sector as a whole required the build-out of an entire distribution infrastructure. Customers had to be “retrained” to buy online. Organizational inertia held back innovation in business processes, supply chains, and product selection. None of the needed changes happened overnight, even though the potential of e-commerce to revolutionize retailing was widely recognized, and even hyped. The actual share of online commerce was a miniscule 0.2% of all retail sales in 1999. Only now are companies like Inc. having a first-order effect on more traditional retailers’ sales and stock market valuations. Self-driving cars, medical applications of machine learning, and many other AI breakthroughs will likely follow a similar trajectory.
retail  ecommerce  innovation  AI 
january 2019 by cote
Google CEO confirms Target as big cloud customer, continuing retail moves toward AWS competitors
‘Google CEO Sundar Pichai said Target “is migrating key areas of its business to the Google Cloud platform”’
gcp  google  googleloud  retail  target  publiccloud  customers 
july 2018 by cote
Store scanning robots will get AI, object recognition boost with recent acquisition
“Savvides is charged with advancing Bossa Nova's product recognition capabilities at scale and identifying out-of-stock and misplaced products. Bossa Nova's robots rove stores scanning shelves and alerting managers to any issues with inventory, including misplaced or low-stock items. As I've written, the robots are also Big Data mining machines writ small, able to track product performance practically in real-time.”
robots  ml  walmart  retail 
july 2018 by cote
What makes a good deal?
“The rule of thumb is that there should be at least a 20 percent discount. That’s the number people think is a really good deal.”
retail  pricing  books 
july 2018 by cote
Walmart pick Microsoft Azure for cloud
“Walmart plans to deploy Microsoft’s machine-learning, artificial-intelligence and other services to help employees, for example, pick products that go on shelves and optimize the performance of freezers and other equipment. The retailer is aggressively cutting costs as it invests in growing sales online, and it is using tech to analyze its operations, an area of Amazon’s expertise.”
walmart  publiccloud  microsoft  azure  ml  customers  retail  analytics 
july 2018 by cote
Bed, Bath & Beyond - when you wish upon a digital vision...your share price collapses
Pretty extensive layout of a strategy and plans for doing Omni-channel at such a retailer.
digitaltransformation  retail  cases  omnichannel 
may 2018 by cote
Subscription businesses, McKinsey
“The subscription e-commerce market has grown by more than 100 percent a year over the past five years. The largest such retailers generated more than $2.6 billion in sales in 2016, up from a mere $57.0 million in 2011.1 Fueled by venture-capital investments, start-ups have launched these businesses in a wide range of categories, including beer and wine, child and baby items, contact lenses, cosmetics, feminine products, meal kits, pet food, razors, underwear, women’s and men’s apparel, video games, and vitamins.”
pcg  omnichannel  Marketsizing  gigeconomy  momentum  consuners  retail 
april 2018 by cote
Home Depot is launching its biggest tech hiring spree ever to protect its lead over Amazon
“Home Depot plans to add more than 1,000 new hires to its technology teams in 2018” adding to the 2,800 it already has in “technical roles.”

Types of roles:

“The hires will span roles such as software engineering, user experience design, network engineering and product management, and be located predominately in the company’s Atlanta, Austin and Dallas technology offices, the company said.”
digitaltransformation  retail  numbers  homedepot  staffing 
april 2018 by cote
Eden: The Tech That’s Bringing Fresher Groceries to You
Wal-mart using ML and analytics to keep food fresher:

“For example, take everybody’s favorite, the banana. This tasty fruit is consistently among the best-selling grocery items in Walmart’s U.S. stores. Bananas travel from seven countries in Latin America to over 4,000 stores in the U.S. On such a long road, what happens to those bananas if temperatures in the container trucks exceed acceptable ranges? In the future, Eden will be able to recalculate the freshness factor and re-route the shipment immediately. The bananas end up in a closer store to optimize freshness, consumers take home a delicious bunch, and everyone is happy.

Eden also helps eliminate food waste. Our goal is to eliminate $2 billion in waste over the next five years. Already, Eden is being used in 43 distribution centers and has prevented $86 million in waste from happening.

What was once a manual inspection process is now more efficient and thorough than ever.”
cases  food  walmart  retail  groceries  analytics  supplychain  ml  bananas 
april 2018 by cote
How vulture capitalists ate Toys 'R' Us
“Just before the buyout, the company had $2.2 billion in cash and cash-equivalents. By 2017, its stockpile had shriveled to $301 million, even as its debt burden ballooned from $2.3 billion to $5.2 billion. Meanwhile, Toys 'R' Us was paying $425 million to $517 million in interest every year. This enormous cash drain probably made it impossible for the company to invest or innovate even if its trio of buyers had been up to the challenge.”

Debt is its own disruption.
pe  toys  bain  numbers  retail 
march 2018 by cote
Why are antiques now so cheap?
‘eBay and the internet have increased supply more than demand. It is much easier to sell an estate, or the contents of your attic, than before. But the upward potential for demand in the market isn’t nearly as significant. Some people say “well, I would in fact buy and collect antiques if I could get the right 18th century pieces at 40% their current values,” but many more people just aren’t interested at all.’

The Internet destroying yet another market by connecting people across geographies. Perhaps it was false value in the first place.
antiques  furnature  pricing  techethics  retail 
march 2018 by cote
Ordering from voice tubes
"Purchases made through devices such as Google Home and Amazon's Echo are projected to leap from $2 billion to $40 billion by 2022 as technology improves, U.S. consumers become more comfortable and the speakers become nearly as commonplace in homes as a flat-screen TV, according to a new study from OC&C Strategy Consultants."


"Shoppers are more apt to buy cheaper items, such as phone charger cables, via voice. The average online basket was $661 for online purchases of electronics, compared with $239 for voice orders, OC&C said. "
google  voice  alexa  retail  forecasts  amazon 
march 2018 by cote
Federal Reserve chair says ‘Amazon effect’ could be responsible for low inflation
‘The “Amazon effect” refers to the decline in traditional retail employment despite expansion in the overall retail sector. That paradox is occurring because of the explosion of online retail, driven in part by Amazon. As online shopping becomes more efficient and widely-used, fewer traditional retail workers are needed. The Amazon theory purports that lower demand for retail labor keeps wages low and holds down the price of consumer goods. But economists are split on the extent to which this phenomenon actually impacts inflation.’
automation  jobs  economics  retail  amazon 
march 2018 by cote
'Amazon-proof' Home Depot builds on its DIY digital foundations
“Versus prior year, our online sales grew 21% in the fourth quarter and 21.5% in fiscal 2017, now representing 6.7% of our total sales. While we are seeing significant growth in our online sales, these online shoppers see the relevance of our stores as approximately 46% of our online U.S. orders are picked up in our stores”
digitaltransformation  omnichannel  retail  momentum  qtr_calls  homedepot 
february 2018 by cote
Bazaarvoice acquisition gets shareholder approval
"Bazaarvoice's board agreed in November to be acquired by Marlin Equity Partners in a deal valued at more than $500 million. Under the agreement, Marlin Equity Partners acquired all outstanding common stock of Bazaarvoice for $5.50 in cash for a total of $521 million."
m&a  reviews  Austin  retail 
january 2018 by cote
Marks and Spencer eyes £30m annual cost savings from digital-first retail push
Some else mentioned that much of this would be outsourced to Tata. Outsourcing is historically a poor way to innovate and “transform.”
retail  UK  grocery  digitaltransformation 
january 2018 by cote
Who Killed Sears? 50 Years on the Road to Ruin
Sears used to be into some weird shit:

In 1984, together with International Business Machines Corp. and (for a time) CBS Inc., the company created what would become Prodigy, a pre-Web online portal. Built on a private network, it was distinct from the Internet, but presaged it in many ways, offering email, games, news, weather, sports and shopping…. In 1992, when Sears' revenues reached $59 billion, the company announced plans to simplify its structure. It took parts of Dean Witter and Allstate public, then distributed the remaining shares to investors. It discontinued its famous catalog in 1993 and sold Prodigy in 1996. Having sunk over $1 billion into the project between them, Sears and IBM received less than $200 million from the sale. Sears also sold Coldwell Banker, along with other financial services subsidiaries.
sears  m&a  strategy  history  retail 
january 2018 by cote
Kroger is taking a direct shot at Amazon and Walmart and making checkout lanes obsolete - Business Insider
“In 2018, [Kroger] is rolling out a new service to 400 stores that will enable shoppers to scan and pay for their items without checkout lanes, registers, or cashiers.”
grocery  cases  retail  digitaltransformation  mobile 
december 2017 by cote
Number of retail stores likely to shrink
Over serving in retail: ‘Feinberg says reports of the retail industry's demise are "way overblown." Instead, he says the industry is "facing a retrenchment," because retailers have way too many stores open.’
sears  disruption  walmart  numbers  amazon  retail 
december 2017 by cote
Nailing digital to hammer home an interconnected customer experience at Home Depot
“Around 45% of Home Depot’s online orders leverage the stores in some way for fulfillment, while 10% of online orders actually originate in the store while [85%] of online returns leverage the stores for a convenient return destination.”
econmerce  retail  omnichannel  homedepot 
december 2017 by cote
Kroger using Google and Microsoft clouds to avoid paying Amazon
“With Amazon's retail business pushing into more industries and competing more directly with a growing number of companies, Amazon Web Services is starting to experience a backlash. Kroger is joining the likes of Wal-Mart and Target in finding other vendors to handle their massive workloads for their digital and e-commerce offerings. Alphabet said in its latest earnings release that Kohl's has moved to Google's cloud.”
kroger  groceries  cloud  azure  retail  gcp 
november 2017 by cote
Workload specialization makes partners key in Dell digital transformation strategy
“Home Depot has a massive data centre with Pivotal,” he said. “They have point-of-sale terminals in their stores with touchscreens, which use Pivotal. They have small hyper-converged deployments [HCI] in the stores to manage these and a large scale HCI infrastructure deployment in the data centre.”
proofpoints  converedinfrastructure  hci  cloud  customers  pivotal  THD  homedepot  privatecloud  retail  digitaltransformation 
november 2017 by cote
Walmart confirmed its acquisition of women’s fashion retailer ModCloth
"industry sources previously said that ModCloth would be lucky to fetch a number around $80 million." And, "at one point," the company said it had $150m in revenue.
retail  fashion  ecommerce  valuations  hipsters  m 
march 2017 by cote
Walmart to Close 269 Stores as Retailers Struggle
Closing mostly smaller stores and Brazil. All in, just 3% of stores globally, and opening 300 next year. Sounds more like a re-tooling. There's good coverage of the US retail climate as well.
wp  stores  walmart  retail  numbers 
january 2016 by cote
Shopping in Brazil
"The Internet influences more than half of all retail purchases in Brazil. Nearly all connected consumers—some 106 million people, accounting for more than half the Brazilian population—use the Internet at some point for some purchases."
BCG  numbers  ecommerce  brazil  retail 
december 2015 by cote
Digital transformation progress report - Home Depot builds a digital future
"Last year [2014], about 40% of all the orders generated on actually finished in one of our orange box stores. Customers find it incredibly convenient to be able to pick up a product when they wanted to. They didn’t have to worry about whether or not it was on their doorstep. And so that is a great opportunity not only to sell more product, but to drive traffic to our stores, sell them additional product when they come in and pick that product up."
retail  cases  omnichannel  HomeDepot  mobile  digitaltransformation  ecommerce 
september 2015 by cote
There’s a leap once he starts talking about crotches, but... - April 17, 2015 at 12:35PM
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april 2015 by cote
Inside Amazon Prime - Fortune
All about Amazon Prime. The company doesn’t report many details, but there’s some estimates on costs and membership numbers. As ever, file under crazy pricing schemes that seem to work.
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february 2015 by cote
Macy's mulls starting its own outlet chain - Fortune
Outlets and off price chains first emerged for clearing out unsold merchandise from earlier in the season or products with defects. But now, the bulk of what is sold is no longer close outs. Instead, much is made to order for the off-price and outlet stores. For instance, some 90% of what Neiman Marcus’ Last Call outlets chain sells is made specifically for those stores. This great deal was made just for you!
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january 2015 by cote
They say Prime customers are much more profitable for Amazon.
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july 2014 by cote
Smart Shelves Will Deliver Custom Ads for Each Shopper | Technology Advice
The shelves should also be able to track individual engagement, and monitor how long each ad is watched. Weight sensors under the product holders will let the machine know when a customer has picked up an item, or is considering a purchase. Custom coupons can be displayed, in order to boost conversion rates.
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october 2013 by cote
Competing in the Age of Omnichannel Retailing | MIT Sloan Management Review
The retail industry is shifting toward a concierge model geared toward helping consumers, rather than focusing only on transactions and deliveries. For example, physical retail spaces will be augmented by virtual content accessible from smartphones and other devices such as Google Glass, Google’s wearable computer. As the multichannel retailing experience breaks down old barriers such as geography and consumer ignorance, it will become critical for retailers and their supply-chain partners in other industries to rethink their competitive strategies.
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september 2013 by cote
Why Wal-Mart Will Never Pay Like Costco - Bloomberg
This is an excellent, brisk walk through how market segmentation (CostCo is for “affluent” people, Wal-mart is not) drives strategy, and differentiation.
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september 2013 by cote
Consumer lending just isn’t the money maker it used to be – Quartz
US consumers have learned a hard lesson since the financial crisis; they’re much less interested in sporting a wallet full of credit cards.
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august 2013 by cote
How “discounts” trick shoppers into buying stuff – Quartz
These marketing tactics aren’t new. There is a story of two tailors in 1930s Brooklyn, the Drubeck brothers Sid and Harry. When a customer had found a nice suit and asked Sid its price, Sid would shout to his brother at the back of the shop for the price, and Harry would shout back “$44 dollars.” Sid would feign hearing problems and ask again, and Harry would repeat the price. Sid would then report the suit’s price was “$24 dollars,” and the customer would likely grab his “accidental” discount.
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august 2013 by cote
Shopify announces iPad-centric POS system | TUAW - The Unofficial Apple Weblog
I’ve always thought that the iPad as POS disrupted was a delightfully unexpected disruption. It’s fun to see how Square, Shopify, and others are reinventing a really boring space who’s TLA is a pun’ish commentary on the quality of goods.
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august 2013 by cote
Wal-Mart's E-Stumble
"The stakes are only getting higher for Wal-Mart. Last year, online sales rose 16% in the U.S. to $224.3 billion, and today account about 5% of overall consumer-goods sales. That number is expected to double by 2017, according to Forrester Research Inc. Physical-world sales still account for $9.50 of every $10 spent, but increased just 5% from the year before."
numbers  econmerce  retail  walmart 
june 2013 by cote
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