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Datadog IPO | S-1 Breakdown
Datadog is a rare company — every financial and business metric is best-in-class.
Datadog  monitoring  s1  gotomarket  ipo  saas  startup  links  via:Workflow 
6 weeks ago by cote
RackSpace - FORM S-1
As Paul Kedrosky said in Twitter: "rackspace s-1 filing shows company has grown revenue from $56.6 million in 2003 to $362.0 million in 2007. nice."
rackspace  via:twitter  cloud  s1  ipo  hosting  texas 
april 2008 by cote
Coty's Weblog
Former S1 Chief Architect and now VP of Dev/Architect type. Zane says he's with it ;)
s1  onlinebanking  blogs  developers 
june 2006 by cote

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