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The New Bellwether For Enterprise IT
> IBM used to be the bellwether, then it was HPE for a while when it was just called Hewlett Packard, and now it seems to be Dell Technologies.
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march 2019 by cote
The Server Market Booms, And It Could Last For A While
“Datacenters certainly came to the fourth quarter of last year hungry, and according to the latest statistics from IDC, they consumed 2.84 million units of iron, a 10.8 percent increase over the prior year’s final quarter. Thanks to IBM’s big bump up with System z14 mainframe sales and to a general trend of buying beefier boxes for hefty machine learning, analytics, and HPC workloads (admittedly but a slice of the server shipment pie), revenues for those servers shipped rose by 26.4 percent to $20.65 billion. This is the first time ever that server sales broke through the $20 billion barrier, and after IDC finishes restating its ODM server revenues for the first quarter of 2017, it is likely that it will report revised sales for all of 2017 to kiss $67 billion. Over that same period, Intel’s Data Center Group will account for $19.1 billion in sales and $8.4 billion in operating profit, just to give you a sense of the chip giant’s slice of the pie. If you are generous and assume that there is a 10 percent operating margin on servers – and that is because big iron NUMA machines and mainframes bring up the class average bigtime even as the ODMs do maybe 5 points of profit at best – that is a potential operating profit for the server industry of around $7 billion. If that is close to reality, then Intel will have around 27 percent of server revenues passed back to it by its OEM and ODM partners as a cost for compoents. If you add Intel’s profit to the server industry’s aggregate profit, and then add in the profit for memory and flash makers, Intel could account for 40 percent of the profit and as much as 50 percent back when memory and flash cost half as much as it did a year ago.”
hardware  idc  chips  Marketsizing  intel  shipments  servers 
march 2018 by cote
The New HPE Sheriff Lays Down The Hybrid IT Law
“The larger problem, as we have pointed out before, is that it is very difficult to make a buck in the server, storage, and networking business with so many big buyers pushing down prices, enterprises shifting some compute from their own datacenters to public clouds (and therefore some of their budgets from capex to opex), and so many companies competing to sell wares to datacenters.”
hp  qtr_calls  hpe  servers 
february 2018 by cote
Q1 a Mixed Bag for Server Makers, IDC and Gartner Say
"Gartner analysts said revenue fell 2.3 percent from the same period in 2015, even as shipments increased 1.7 percent year-over-year."
servers  hyperscale  forecasts  Gartner  IDC  hardware 
june 2016 by cote
Go hyperconverged. Or cloud. Or whatever. You won't save on hardware • The Register
"There is no such thing as saving money. You move it from one bucket to another you'll spend it on opex or capex.”
virtualizarion  servers  anecdotes  privatecloud  ci  virtualization  hyperconverged 
february 2016 by cote
EMC Combines VCE, VSPEX Into New $1B-plus Converged Infrastructure Business
"The creation of the new business unit, which also includes EMC Enterprise Hybrid Cloud, effectively cements EMC's control over VCE, the former joint venture builder of vBlock converged architecture solutions that counted EMC, Cisco, and VMware as investors."
EMC  servers  vce  convergedinfrastructure 
january 2015 by cote
A look inside Dell's compute centric strategy
Dell's approach to the server market, from the nee GM of servers there.
stream  dell  servers  hardware  dcs 
december 2014 by cote
Dell Sees Server Uptick, Awaits Demand For ARM
As detailed by Dell’s Forrest Norrod: We typically think in big animal terms. The true hyperscale market is a very small set of customers, maybe the top seven to ten players. The scale-out customers sit below these, and include Web tech, HPC, and the large financial institutions for their quant farms. The core enterprise comes next and includes converged, high-value workloads and volume workloads, and finally there is the SMB/value segment. All four of these segments are growing right now. The strongest unit growth is probably on that scale-out space below hyperscale and we are still seeing great opportunities for Web tech and technical computing. I think that HPC is becoming less and less a thing off in the corner and more of a critical component of almost everybody’s business. And the interesting thing from our perspective is not necessarily the exascale ambition and hundreds of millions of dollars in government projects. We are much more interested in the commercial, mid-scale, and educational technical computing areas and we think these are fast growing segments. Core enterprise has returned to growth.
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august 2014 by cote
From a piece on Google’s history: In that sentence is buried the heart of a company like Google, a company founded by engineers and with an engineer’s practicality in that something can always be improved upon but you need to get something done now to fix a big problem.
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august 2014 by cote
Gartner Converged Infrastructure 'Magic Quadrant:' Nutanix Top Visionary, VCE Overall Leader - Page: 1 | CRN
Gartner, in its “Magic Quadrant for Integrated Systems” report, a copy of which was reviewed by CRN, estimated the market for integrated systems, which includes single-vendor and multivendor converged infrastructures and hyper-converged infrastructures, will grow more than 50 percent in 2014 over 2013 to reach $6 billion.
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june 2014 by cote
(via Twitter / matteastwood: .@IDC’s WW Server Factory Revenue …)
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may 2014 by cote
It’s Server Lady! I used to see this clipart in so many presentations in the 2000s, and I stumbled on it in Getty while checking out their new embed option. It’s called “Woman standing with coworkers in server room (selective focus).” Awesome!
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march 2014 by cote
The Four Hundred--What The System x Selloff Means To IBM i Shops
As usual, TPM is extensive, starting with: IBM is selling off the System x business, presumably because it is not profitable, but also because it is something it can sell while at the same time getting approximately 7,500 employees off its payrolls. Lenovo’s Peter Hortensius, who is president of the Think Business Group that sells servers and storage into enterprise accounts, said that buying the IBM System x business accelerated its plan to become a dominant system supplier by about five years, and would actually boost Lenovo’s profits once the deal is done. After thinking about it for a bit, I reckoned that IBM can’t get economies of scale in manufacturing and, because it doesn’t have a PC business, it lost volume pricing leverage with Intel and Advanced Micro Devices the minute it sold off the PC business to Lenovo. This had to be apparent many years ago, and the wonder is what took so long. My guess? The advent of vanity-free, custom or homemade servers have taken about a quarter of the systems market, and there went the last remains of juicy profits for IBM, which, unlike Dell and HP, does not have a play here. Those cheap servers put margin pressure on everyone in the X86 server business. Also, check out this brief overview from 451’s M&A team, including a list of past IBM divestitures.
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january 2014 by cote
The Four Hundred--Quarterly Server Sales Drop Nearly 4 Percent, IDC Says
Continued soft demand for servers around the world resulted in a 3.7 percent decline in sales during the third quarter, according to IDC. A poor showing by IBM, which suffered a 19.4 percent decline in factory revenues during the quarter, enabled Hewlett-Packard to regain the title as the world’s top server maker. Cisco and the ODMs have growth (and a tiny bit from HP), it seems. On the other end, Amazon is selling out of it’s high-end servers, C3, showing that there’s some sort of demand for higher horse power. Bonkers.
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december 2013 by cote
IFTTT / Missing link
As a side note, I really miss Ashlee Vance’s old podcast, Open Season - I was even on there once, ma!
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december 2013 by cote
IT managers are increasingly replacing servers with SaaS
"IDC expects that anywhere from 25 percent to 30 percent of all the servers shipped next year will be delivered to cloud services providers. By 2017, nearly 45 percent of all the servers leaving manufacturers will be bought by cloud providers."
idc  servers  forecastd  cloud  crossingthefirewall 
december 2013 by cote
HP regains server lead but Taiwan vendors see big growth - Network World
[S]erver revenue last quarter, up 45.2 percent from a year earlier, IDC said. If the ODM category were a single vendor, it would be the third largest ahead of Dell. Almost 80 percent of the ODM’s server revenue came from the U.S., primarily from sales to Google, Amazon, Facebook and Rackspace. Overall, the server market declined 3.7 percent from a year earlier to US$12.1 billion.
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december 2013 by cote
Report: IBM, Lenovo x86 server deal hits the skids
Buying IBM's x86 server business is the quickest way for Lenovo to rocket up the rankings and become the number four server maker in the world, behind IBM and far behind Hewlett-Packard and Dell. The deal would make Lenovo the number three x86 server maker instantly.
qpost  ibm  rumors  servers  x86 
may 2013 by cote
Worldwide server sales head south as shipments put on ice
"IDC reckons that vendors shipped 2 million servers out of their factories in the second quarter, a 3.6 per cent decrease in unit shipments year-on-year and marking the first shipment decline in nearly three years."
idc  servers  forecasts  numbers 
august 2012 by cote
IBM Stays Tops as Server Market Stabilizes, Gartner Says
"IBM took 31.7 percent of server revenue in the three months to Oct. 31, up a fraction from last year, while HP's share stayed more or less flat at 30.2 percent, Gartner said. They were followed at a distance by Dell, Sun Microsystems and Fujitsu. Server revenue overall dropped 15.5 percent from the third quarter last year, to $10.7 billion. But it was up by 10.2 percent compared to the second quarter this year, Gartner said."
servers  hardware  IBM  HP  numbers  Dell  sunw  Fujitsu  gartner 
december 2009 by cote
IBM bundles x86 servers with VMware, offers special financing - Network World
"An IBM System x3850 server with VMware would typically retail for $59,000. IBM is promising the server with vSphere to 'qualified customers' for no money up front and monthly payments of $1,675. IBM says customers can consolidate 70 workloads onto a single x3850 server."
IBM  blades  ESX  partnerships  x686  servers  hardware  financing  redmonkclients 
july 2009 by cote
Physicalization at work – software pricing at bay
"One of the more interesting discussions both amongst the Dell team, and with the customers and integrators, was around the concept of physicalization. Instead of building bigger and faster servers, based around more and more cores and sockets, why not have a general purpose, low power, low complexity physical server that is boxed up, aggregated and multiplexed into a physicalization offering?"
virtualization  hardware  dell  servers 
june 2009 by cote
YTMND - Mommy, Why?
New z marketing campaign? ;)
ytmnd  via:kirindave  servers  funny  video 
may 2009 by cote
Survey shows Ubuntu not just for desktop anymore - Network World
"It's not a validation that they've arrived or are ready to compete head-to-head with Red Hat for each enterprise account," he said. "But it does put lie to the claim that Ubuntu is nothing more than a desktop OS."
ubuntu  linux  redmonk  redmonkpressquotes  servers  redmonkclients 
february 2009 by cote
HP gives SMBs zero per cent financing
"In essence, HP is letting customers have the gear they want today and giving them a year to pay it off without charging them for the use of the gear or the money." Man, that seems like a good deal.
HP  financing  servers  SMB  itmanagementguys 
january 2009 by cote
Dell Bolsters Services by Buying Allin Units - Bits Blog -
Also, note on Mark Cathcart being hired by Dell: "Separately from the acquisition, Dell also hired Mark Cathcart as a director of systems engineering and a distinguished engineer. Mr. Cathcart most recently worked at I.B.M. as a distinguished engineer on some of the company’s server and server processor projects."
dell  m&a  Allin  windows  services  MarCathcart  servers  itmanagement  execs  itmanagementguys 
january 2009 by cote
Dell delivering quite a punch with its virtualization expansion |Virtualization Report | David Marshall | InfoWorld
Dell specializing boxes for virtualization: more cores, better access to storage. The question becomes: does virtualization make commodity boxes less attractive and drive the desire for "luxury" servers and blades, like Sun equipment?
dell  servers  redmonkclients  virtualization  itmanagement  itmanagementguys 
september 2008 by cote
Few Data Centers Sharing Info With EPA
"Just 54 data centers have volunteered to provide data on their energy usage to the Environmental Protection Agency, which hopes to use the information to develop an Energy Star certification for data center facilities."
green  usa  epa  itmanagement  datacenter  servers  numbers 
may 2008 by cote
Parallels Starts Beta Testing of its Server Virtualization Product | January 3, 2008 07:38 PM | By David Marshall
Am I skimming the right that this will be the first time that OS X shows up as a guest in a virtualized machine?
swsoft  virtualization  servers  osx  parrallels 
january 2008 by cote
Michael Dell’s new focus
Summary of Dell's answer to the WTF questions.
dell  servers  hardware  wtf 
september 2007 by cote
Cisco Sets Sights on Server Management
Throw this together with Cisco's $150M investment in VMWare, and you've got some tea-leave, bub.
via:carroll  cisco  provisioning  servers  vframe  appliance 
july 2007 by cote
Server Analysis - Sun victory!
Nicely detailed write-up of getting servers from The Usual Suspects. Interesting note on VARs: I wonder how wide that opinion is in SMB.
sunw  servers  hp  vars  partners  sales  hardware  dell  smb  via:sogrady 
february 2007 by cote
Sun refreshes x86 machines
"It is interesting to see that Sun is now the low-price PC provider out there, usually beating out HP and Dell on similar configs." Windows tax makes Dell more.
dell  sunw  servers  workstations  ultra  x86  via:webmink 
august 2006 by cote
The Value of Being Green
The comments are an interesting discussion/prodding of "green computing."
greencomputing  ultra  datacenter  sunw  servers 
august 2006 by cote
YouTube - IBM eServer Commercial
A video ad in my favorite (current) IBM campaign: the white boxes are multiplying!
punkit  ibm  videos  it  servers  enterprise 
august 2006 by cote
Apple - Leopard Server Sneak Peek
Holy crap, it looks like the Leopard Xserve will be a collaborative platform in a box: Group iCal (finally!), Wiki, Podcasting, and, it seems, everything else you'd need for a server in an SMB or even enterprise if you cluster it.
servers  apple  xserve  ical  wiki  podcasting  vpn  leopard 
august 2006 by cote
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