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Quest Software Enhances Kace Systems Management Appliance
The all in one, mid-market systems management appliance.
itmanagement  kace  dell  smb  quest 
september 2018 by cote
Worldwide SMB IT Spending to Pass $600 Billion in 2018, Driven by Mid-Market Demand for Software and Services, According to IDC
For companies under 1,000 people, IDC “forecasts total IT spending by small and medium-size businesses (SMBs) to be nearly $602 billion in 2018, an increase of 4.9% over 2017. With a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 4.7% for the 2016-2021 forecast period, spending by businesses with fewer than 1,000 employees on IT hardware, software, and services, including business services, is expected to reach $684 billion on in 2021.”
midmarket  forecasts  spending  idc  smb 
march 2018 by cote
IT spend to near $3tn by 2019
"By business size the bulk of spending, 40 percent, will come from very large businesses of more than 1,000 employees, while very small businesses, of between one and nine employees, will account for 25 percent of spend."
segments  smb  IDC  marketsizing  numbers  enterprise 
february 2016 by cote
Global SMB IT spend heading towards $600 billion
"It predicts that global SMB IT spend – defined as firms with between one and 999 employees - could reach $597 billion this year, equating to an average of $700 per full-time employees and just over $8,000 per SMB business."
SMB  marketsizing  numbers  spend 
august 2015 by cote
TheLegacy ERP Conversion Under Way At Dietz & Watson
A regional deli supply company upgrades its legacy ERP system, which includes much custom coding from RPG to PHP: "The core ERP system includes product processing, sales analysis, and financials. Much of it was developed in-house, with the financials a customized version of packaged software from a vendor no longer in business. The system is very stable, according to Wolinsky."
legacy  SMB  cases  IBM  ERP 
july 2015 by cote
Indirect proposition: Inside IBM UK software supremo's profit plan • The Register
Cloud startups like Dropbox pose a problem because they are viral in their sign-up and billing. This is what has given them a foot in the door at SMBs and the departments of big companies, and resulted in CIOs’ business-collaboration platforms becoming based on Dropbox before they know it. Also, some good insights into IBM go-to-market thinking around software.
via:ifttt  from:tumblr  ibm  gtm  marketing  dropbox  cloud  smb  link  tumblr:link 
january 2014 by cote
Report: SMBs Buying Ultrabooks Through Retail Channels | The VAR Guy
21 percent of Ultrabooks purchased by midmarket companies were bought in big box retail stores such as Best Buy, in part because the purchasers could actually handle the product before plunking down the cash. Because Ultrabooks are touted as lightweight and highly portable, the ability to handle the merchandise gives retail channels have an advantage over online channels, where the greatest advantage is often a lower price.
ultrabooks  surveys  smb  ifttt  tumblr  quote  tumblr:quote 
may 2012 by cote
SMB IT Spending Patterns Show MSPs the Way | MSPmentor
IDC expects North American SMB IT spending to rise about 6% this year, from roughly $144 billion in 2011 to $150 billion. In a shift from spending patterns reported last year, IDC sees greater growth occurring among small businesses (with 100-499 employees) than among mid-sized (500-1,000 employees)
spending  nl  smb  IDC  ifttt  tumblr  quote  tumblr:quote 
january 2012 by cote
Over 100 Free IT Applications and Plug-ins from Third Parties Now Available in Spiceworks
In addition to the niftiness of the plugins and extensibility, Check out this channel/partner strategy, man: people pay you to write plugins for your software.
spiceworks  numbers  plugins  itmanagement  itmanagementguys  redmonkclients  channel  SMB  platform  pr 
october 2009 by cote
Microsoft introduces Windows Server OS for small businesses
"If somebody can buy a $500 server, they're a little loathe to spend $500 for the server operating system that goes with it." Only available through OEM partners (to help drive server sales, I guess) and without all the software that comes with Windows Small Business Server. Looks like a good idea.
windows  smb  microsoft 
april 2009 by cote
Accelops : All-In-One Data Center and IT Service Management – Virtual Appliance or Software as a Service
A new entrant in the IT Management delivered as SaaS category: "Seeking a single pane of glass into datacenter and IT operations from a 360º service perspective… look no further. Accelops provides an all-in-one datacenter and IT service management solution that empowers organizations to readily monitor, achieve and improve service availability, performance, security and governance objectives."
via:email  accelops  itmanagement  itmanagementguys  smb  SaaS 
march 2009 by cote
Cisco delivers security, storage and unified communications for small business - Network World
Cisco's all purpose appliance for the SMB space. Coming soon to the enterprise, no doubt.
cisco  SMB  backup  hardware 
february 2009 by cote
HP gives SMBs zero per cent financing
"In essence, HP is letting customers have the gear they want today and giving them a year to pay it off without charging them for the use of the gear or the money." Man, that seems like a good deal.
HP  financing  servers  SMB  itmanagementguys 
january 2009 by cote
Spiceworks 3.5: Ready for bigger networks… and still free! « SpiceWord: The Spiceworks Blog
"So, what’s the deal on 3.5? First, we have raised our recommended ‘limit’ from 250 to 500 devices." ...and some new features & enhancements.
smb  redmonkclients  spiceworks  itmanagement  itmanagementguys 
january 2009 by cote
Small Business + Marketing for Geeks
Blog from one of my old high school friends who's done well for himself with a software company.
blogs  coding  marketing  smb  progamming 
october 2008 by cote
IBM to roll out $8-per-month hosted Lotus Wednesday
"An IBM Lotus executive said publicly in September that it would offer a Notes hosting service to cater to companies with between 1,000 and 10,000 employees, which IBM considers the midmarket. He said the offering would be priced between $8 and $18 per seat, per month, but did not offer more specifics." Good move for IBM.
saas  cloud  ibm  smb  itmanagementguys 
october 2008 by cote
Official Google Enterprise Blog: Email Archiving Made Simple
$45/year/user for what looks like pretty complete email archiving. To quote:
smb  saas  cloud  itmanagement  itmanagementguys  archiving  email  storage 
october 2008 by cote
Ratings and Reviews for PCs, Laptops, Servers, Printers, Networks, Software, IT Services and more - Spiceworks Community
This is looking really cool. Check out a survey of what IT Spiceworks users are suing, how they rate it, etc. Like, ever wonder what types of SaaS services are used by SMBs? Yeah, I betcha did...
collaborativeitmanagement  spiceworks  numbers  saas  smb  itmanagement  itmanagementguys 
october 2008 by cote
IBM vs IBM in SMB - the competition continues
"In my experience, SMB customer's perceive IBM as IBM, not the individual brands, be it hardware, software or services that make up the organisation. If there is confusion, or mixed messages, they will go to other vendors with clear and consistent messages and experiences."
IBM  SMB  marketing  hardware  x86  email  Lotus 
september 2008 by cote
Distributed network monitoring introduction
Monitoring from multiple sources to get a better picture of performance from different parts (geographic, usually) of your network. As Jack notes, this is trickling down into the SMB space for IT Management.
itmanagement  performance  monitoring  smb 
september 2008 by cote
Dell wraps up its acquisition of MessageOne | Statesman Business Blog
Dell putting the finishing touches on it's (I'm guessing) soon to be SMB SaaS portfolio. Here, email archiving.
dell  m&a  saas  messageone  austin  smb 
april 2008 by cote
The black hole of industry analysts… SMB
Could it be that the more "hands on" you are in IT, the less use you have for traditional analyst services? Just a wild, probably coincidental mashing up of the two charts here...
analysts  numbers  enterprisey  smb  via:ARmadgeddon 
august 2007 by cote
OpenID is for small business
People often say that using URLs for your identity (OpenID) would confuse the hell out of "non-technical people," esp. small biz folks. Chris thinks not, indeed, that it's quite the opposite. I'd tend to agree. We'll see.
openid  smb  identity2.0 
july 2007 by cote
SAP bangs drum for A1S hosted apps
"...midmarket, which SAP defines as companies with under 2,500 employees or less than $1 billion in annual revenue."
smb  a1s  sap  redmonklclients  saas 
july 2007 by cote
Google to buy Postini for $625 million | InfoWorld | News | 2007-07-09 | By James Niccolai, IDG News Service
"Google said around 1,000 small businesses are signing up for Google Apps every day." Whao!
numbers  m&a  googleapps  saas  email  office  smb 
july 2007 by cote
Hurd: Software critical to HP success
"Four years ago we spent 70% of our R&D dollars on hardware, but last year that 70% was dedicated to software." --As we've discussed with several folks recently, looks like HP is in it to win it in becoming a software shop. Keep yer eye on 'em...
hp  software  smb  mid-market  openview  mercury 
june 2007 by cote
BMC plans a 'simple' attack on the mid-market
"I'd say very few mid- to large IT organisations are unaware of ITIL now."
bmc  redmonkclients  smb  simple  itil 
june 2007 by cote
IBM releases free tool for creating Web apps - Network World
Development Engagement Service...sounds like an Ajax FileMaker/web thing.
alphaworks  ajax  smb  saas  via:dmcclure 
may 2007 by cote
Palmisano Predicts SMB Will Be IBM's Largest Market in Five Years - Enterprise Market Saturated?
"IBM Chairman and CEO Sam Palmisano predicted that the small to medium business market will become IBM's largest customer segment within five years." Also keep in mind that when IBM says "SMB," they typically mean just "mid-market."
smb  sme  mid-market  ibm  partnerworld  redmonkclients 
may 2007 by cote
SpendMatters: SAP's E-Sourcing Transformation: Part 2 -- From Lands-End Hand-me-downs to Barney's
"I reckon that SAP is betting on the fact that once users sip the Kool-Aid, they'll want to buy their own refrigerator, blender, mixers, and booze to tailor it just to their liking."
smb  sap  saas  pricing  onramp  erp  sapphire07 
april 2007 by cote
On not seeing A1S
Dennis says: to succeed with it's mid-market project, A1S, SAP must dazzle 'em.
sapphire07  sap  smb  erp  a1s  saas  sapphire07batch 
april 2007 by cote
Two views of Lotus in SMB
Wow, there's a lot of passion (152 comments!) in blogistan around getting Lotus Notes (only Notes?) into the SMB. I suspect, as is usually the case on buy side discusions, it's more "S" than "M."
lotus  notes  smb  collab  via:aqualung  simple  websphere 
april 2007 by cote
Spiceworks debuts multiuser IT admin system
Also, help-desk and project management features...sounds bit like ITIL Lite, eh?
spiceworks  redmonkclients  sysmgmt  smb  helpdesk  wiki  community  itil 
march 2007 by cote
Server Analysis - Sun victory!
Nicely detailed write-up of getting servers from The Usual Suspects. Interesting note on VARs: I wonder how wide that opinion is in SMB.
sunw  servers  hp  vars  partners  sales  hardware  dell  smb  via:sogrady 
february 2007 by cote
IBM teams with Lawson to target SMBs
"The agreement builds on an existing relationship between the two firms centered around helping users adopt SOA (service-oriented architecture)."
lawson  ibm  partnerships  soa  smb  redmonkclients 
february 2007 by cote
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