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Please Hold
An impressive 72% of millennials are more likely to be loyal to a brand that responds to feedback on social media.
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8 weeks ago by cote
How to have a good conversation
> What is conversation for anyway?  I don’t even recommend being charming, or trying to be charming, unless a work situation is forcing you to do so.  Let yourself be sullen when the mood beckons.  Feel free to let eye contact lapse.  Don’t repeat back what you’ve heard.  Say something surprising.  Be willing to go meta.  Most of all, try to establish a “we actually can have a more genuine conversation than we thought was going to be possible” level of understanding, taking whatever chances are needed to get to that higher level of discourse.
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september 2018 by cote
A new Twitter idiom spotted: replying to yourself. Recursive brain-freeze!
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november 2014 by cote
random hipster strangers who you may want to link to
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september 2014 by cote
Is that anything? Trying out one of the whacky new pseudo social-marketing dinguses.
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september 2014 by cote
Reputational Risk Drives Social Media Processes - Wall Street & Technology
53% of financial services industry respondents gave reputation risk a “No. 1” ranking among the hazards. By contrast, 19% named compliance as the greatest risk, and 9% selected data security.
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july 2014 by cote
We’re putting all this stuff out there, thinking that we’re having conversations. But actually, we’re creating evidence for somebody else’s drama.
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july 2014 by cote
Unless we collectively choose to pay for a safety net, technology alone isn’t going to make it happen.
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june 2014 by cote
If you’ve ever wondered why Facebook is such a joyless place, even though we’ve theoretically surrounded ourselves with friends and loved ones, it’s because of this need to constantly be wearing our public face. Facebook is about as much fun as a zoning board hearing.
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june 2014 by cote
"Our client partner team enjoyed an evening of dodgeball." (via Twitter / Gartner_Jobs: Our client partner team enjoyed …)
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may 2014 by cote
Jack Mirkinson: What I Read - The Wire
I have to work myself up in the morning to Twitter, because it’s so immediate and stressful. You shouldn’t have to dive completely into it. At first I’ll scroll through, and see if there’s anything from the last half hour or so that I may have missed while I was getting myself mentally prepared for the day. Then I’m off and running. For the rest of the day, Twitter is the ruler of everything. I think that’s not an uncommon thing for people in our line of work to say. It’s really trumped everything else. When I started this job almost four years ago, I wasn’t even on Twitter and I barely used it as a source. But then, gradually, it took over my entire brain. Jack Mirkinson, Senior Media Editor at The Huffington Post.
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april 2014 by cote
Facebook pays $19bn for WhatsApp. Yep. $45 for YOUR phone book • The Register
I’m envisioning one of those butcher charts with all the cuts of meat, except it’s a human and all their social info and personal data/records: If Facebook values your phone book at $42, or £25.24 today, what do you think your lifelong medical record is worth? The health industry is a colossal business, much bigger than internet social networking, and pharmaceutical companies desperately need the data to reduce the risk on their own drug research planning. They have the means and willingness to pay for this data. [The UK government says £11,865.]
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march 2014 by cote
A nice burger of the enterprise stac from Carl Lehmann’s report, “The impact of ‘social business’ on enterprise architecture and how it may trigger M&A.” It’s a good report covering how dragging in all that social stuff is messing with the above stack, along with plenty of thought put into companies that might get in the M&A cross-hairs as a consequence.
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march 2014 by cote
Dear @LinkedIn: a “free” month where I have to enter my credit card is more like “I forgot to stop renewing and now it’s not free” month. — cote (@cote) March 7, 2014 @cote Feedback heard loud & clear! Here’s a “one-month-Executive-sub-no-credit-card-needed” - have a great day! :) /Kat — LinkedIn Help (@LinkedInHelp) March 7, 2014
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march 2014 by cote
Tim Cook’s outburst |
The implication is that users/subscribers/audience members are loyal and will stay with the programming for some time. There is also a second implication that businesses which are not measured by audience size don’t have this loyal and recurring revenue base. The absence of an “audience” implies transience and impermanence and results in deep discounting of long-term viability. Which is why ecosystems are the desired business construct for technology companies. They allow a more consistent and repeatable transaction model and offer a predictability which is sorely lacking […] when technology changes rapidly. It allows a company to define itself on its customers rather than on its products. From Horace
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march 2014 by cote
Connected Culture and Oblique Strategies - Episode 4 - YouTube
Senior Dancy and myself are back to talk about life in a too connected world and oblique strategies for coping with the world outside out head. As ever, very soon, there will be a proper podcast. In the meantime, check out the video above, and here’s some show notes: The Facebook culling, by Kim - this is a good metaphor for how I feel like I should be thinking about work Shingy Meetings in real-life vs. plain-text interaction Is Google Docs a dancing bear? Dumb Starbucks and peekinto The fallacy of opportunity cost - “your time is worth $xxx/hour”; not when I’m washing dishes. Or should I really have three toilets in my hotel room?
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february 2014 by cote
Connected Culture and Obscure Stuff - YouTube
I’ve spent years puttering around at the “infrastructure layer” in IT: programming, systems management, cloud, all that gunk. From what I can tell much of the growth in IT is being driven by companies wanting to engage in “social” more. What is “social,” though? Indeed, that’s one of the things this podcast will try to figure out (hopefully with as much delightful rat-holing as Horace). Also, we’ll discuss my need for slippers that masquerade as socks so I can get them past my wife’s 2nd floor blockade. Mostly though, it’s a McGuffin for getting to talk with Chris more. On that note, here’s the video we recorded earlier. A podcast format with all the bells and whistles will follow. We just having a working title now: Connected Culture and Obscure Stuff, which is much better than our original working title.
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january 2014 by cote
Coté • new-aesthetic: Reddit: A medic-alert bracelet...
new-aesthetic: Reddit: A medic-alert bracelet like this might be sensible.
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december 2013 by cote
Eventbrite Makes Its First Acquisitions: Lanyrd and Eventioz - Liz Gannes - News - AllThingsD
I’ve always liked Lanyrd, so it’d be great if these sites worked tightly together, as the rest of the world is all Eventbrite all the time. Also: when are the giant tech conferences going to start using Eventbrite?
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september 2013 by cote
Why more companies should encourage their employees to use social media
Some lite numbers on social tools making orginzarions more effective, at finding info and the people who know something you need.
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july 2013 by cote
BART - BART partners with location-based service Foursquare to encourage transit ridership
This is really something trend-y. Foursquare is a post "we don't make money" dot com company, so it's good to see what they're figuring out revenue wise. Integration with the real world is also the interesting bridge here. The web traditionally is unattached from meat-space, where-as many newer social things, and esp. geo-location apps are slaves to 3D space rather than floating above it like a ghost.
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october 2009 by cote
RedMonk-driven Procurment in Action
"@cote that paglo thing is pretty nifty. I did not know about that; I sent the link to a bunch of IT geeks I know, thanks."
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may 2008 by cote
The Social Wii
"Social fun," Wiimbledon, Wii bowling leagues: "Wii sets up a social experience in which you actually form bonds rather than just express them." Yuh!
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august 2007 by cote

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