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Splunk acquires VictorOps to take it – and you – into site reliability engineering
“Adding these tools to Splunk’s roster, Mann said, means it can now monitor apps, provide an environment in which to fix them and allow the deeper investigations that figure out root cause of problems and allow re-designs of infrastructure and code to stop them recurring.”
monitoring  logs  m&a  splunk  sre 
june 2018 by cote
What is Going to Replace the Legacy Management Frameworks? | The Virtualization Practice
Pretty good piece from Harzog: Management frameworks are dead because they have been unable to keep up with the pace of innovation in the enterprise computing industry. Management frameworks will be replaced by ecosystems of cooperating vendors that each reuse each others unique data through a common big data back end. Splunk is the first (but not the last) vendor to offer such a back end and to pursue such an ecosystem strategy. From what I can tell, you could slot Boundary in as a hub there too.
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october 2013 by cote
Splunk: Expanding into the Cloud, Says Cantor - Tech Trader Daily -
Reiterating a Buy rating on the shares and a $70 price target, White concludes that the company is expanding from being a one-trick pony to have multiple products, as evinced by the unveiling of a new version of its enterprise software, but also a cloud computing version where customers can rent the functionality. One of the guys on my team, Dennis Callaghan is at Splunk’s conference this week. It’ll be fun to see what he reports back.
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october 2013 by cote
Splunk now at $3.3B market cap
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april 2012 by cote
Splunk Powered Associate Partner Program Launches
Allowing other people to embed Splunk in their product, like RightScale.
splunk  pr  itmanagement  itmanagementguys  redmonkclients  RightScale  OEM 
january 2009 by cote Products of the Year 2008: Splunk 3.3
I was on the judge panel for this and, yeah, Splunk was the clear stand-out.
awards  splunk  itmanagement  itmanagementguys 
january 2009 by cote
Michael Wilde (the Wilde)
Wow, this dude is really killin' it on the community management angle.
splunk  communitymanagement  search  videos  screencasts  marketing 
january 2009 by cote
RightScale MySQL on EBS and Splunk Support
"RightScale is pleased to announce our cooperation with Splunk to provide an integrated solution for searching and navigating all your logs and IT data in real time. RightScale users will soon have access to ServerTemplates and RightScripts for running Splunk within our automated cloud computing management platform."
cloud  RightScale  splunk  redmonkclients  itmanagementguys  itmanagement 
december 2008 by cote
Splunk Steps Up to Meet European Demand with Appointment of Brian Haynes as Vice President EMEA
"The appointment of Haynes follows Splunk's continued and exceptional growth — in Q2 alone Splunk added 94 new customers and upgraded 45 existing customer to higher data indexing levels. The company ended Q2 with more than 750 enterprise, service provider and government agency customers worldwide, including more than 60 in EMEA."
emea  splunk  redmonkclients  search  itmanagement  itmanagementguys  numbers 
october 2008 by cote
Splunk and Systex Sign Strategic Partnership with Major Resource Investment to Serve Growing Demand for Splunk in the Asian Market
"The agreement covers master distributor rights across 8 Asian countries, the establishment of Splunk Lab in Systex with over 200 engineering and technical resources, development of applications based on Splunk, and dedicated sales, marketing and support people throughout the region focused on building Splunk's Asian business."
splunk  partnerships  asia  Systex  debriefing 
october 2008 by cote
Turn to collaborative tools for systems performance management
An (short) update on the idea of Collaborative IT Management with a few small examples of vendors.
collabsysmgmt  collaborativeitmanagement  itmanagement  itmanagementguys  paglo  splunk  fiveruns  wuffie  collab 
august 2008 by cote
Splunk Ninja - Cloud Power - Splunkin’ with Amazon’s EC2
This begs the suggestion: all vendors should have a "trial this on EC2" button on their product list (where it works) so people can easily try it out.
splunk  ec2  cloud  logmanagement  redmonkclients  itmanagement 
july 2008 by cote
Splunk goes virtual, unveils broad IT search capabilities for Citrix XenServer | Dana Gardner’s BriefingsDirect |
"Splunk indexing and search approach aims to provide a full view of IT-generated use data, not only from the hypervisor and VM, but from the server, guest operating system, applications, and the network."
splunk  citrix  search  itmanagement  virtualization  redmonkclients 
may 2008 by cote
Paglo unveils free IT infrastructure search engine
"The Paglo search data is then stored in the company's data center, where users can retrieve it. The data for each user is stored separately in secure systems." Note the SaaS angle: the data's zoomed up into the cloud.
saas  cloud  itmanagement  paglo  splunk  search 
november 2007 by cote
Paglo - The Search Engine for IT
"Simply put, Paglo is the world's first search engine for IT. Think Google for IT." Uh...wasn't that Splunk's line?
search  itmanagement  splunk 
november 2007 by cote
Druid Street → The Yawning Crevasse
"Want Lightweight Enterprise? Start with Mule, Splunk and Spiceworks."
mule  enterprisesoftware  it  splunk  spiceworks 
march 2007 by cote
Splunk-2-Netcool - Creating an Ecosphere for Better/Easier Event Management
"Splunk-2-Netcool is an integrated module that provides seamless workflow and data integration between Splunk Professional and IBM Tivoli Netcool."
splunk  search  events  eventmanagement  sysmgmt  ibm  netcool  tivoli  redmonkclients 
february 2007 by cote
urwhatu - Andre Stechert
Splunk architect who commented on one of my splunk/CA fotes. The Internets at work. Yuh!
july 2006 by cote
My new mac vers. my new sparc
"[W]hy cant i get a decent performing sever for $5k."
splunk  servers  apple  intel  sunw  ultrasparc 
june 2006 by cote
Investors seek network management innovation
Profile of LogLogic, CITTIO, Splunk, and GroundWorks. Quote from James as well.
redmonk  cittio  splunk  logs  sysmgmt  opensource  groundworks 
april 2006 by cote
Start-up brings glitch wiki to IT pros
Coverage of Spike Base launch/announcement.
sysmgmt  logs  collabsysmgmt  splunk 
april 2006 by cote
Splunk, Nagios partner on open-source systems-monitoring tools - Computerworld
"Splunk has seen more than 25,000 downloads of its software since its 1.0 release came out in November, he said, while Nagios delivers about 20,000 downloads a month."
search  sysmgmt  splunk  nagios  opensource 
february 2006 by cote

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