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Here’s what happened when the IRS’s electronic filing system crashed on Tax Day
From the referenced report:

> Tax Day, April 17, 2018, the IRS experienced a storage outage due to a firmware bug on one of the IRS’s high-availability storage arrays. Because of the outage, 59 tax processing systems, including the Modernized e-File (MeF) system, were unavailable for approximately 11 hours between 2:57 a.m. and 1:40 p.m.

Storage firmware bug that hasn’t been patched.
deathmarch  IBM  storage  itsm  outsourcing  irs 
october 2018 by cote
Dropbox S-1 Analysis - The King of Freemium
“Founded in 2007, Dropbox epitomizes the freemium go-to-market. Dropbox has grown from 0 to 500 million users over that time period. 2% of those users convert to paid and pay an average of $9.33 per month. 90% of revenue originates through self serve channels - an astounding figure for company that generated more than $1B in revenue last year.”
dropbox  storage  financials  charts  ipos  qtr_calls 
february 2018 by cote
Dropbox IPO and financials
“Dropbox made $1.106 billion in revenue in the year ending in December, and lost $111.7 million on a net basis. That was growth of 31% in revenue terms, and an improvement on the bottom line of roughly half the year-earlier losses.”
storage  qtr_calls  ipos  dropbox 
february 2018 by cote
Dropbox files for IPO -- and their numbers are looking solid
"doing over $1B in annualized sales and are cash flow positive."
ipos  storage  dropbox  revenue  numbers 
january 2018 by cote
Accelerating DevOps with an Agile Data Infrastruct... - NetApp Community
'At the 2012 Agile Developer Forum in Dallas, Texas, I had the opportunity to meet with hundreds of application developers and consultants. Of the 2400 developers at this conference, perhaps 10% recognized NetApp’s name, either because of our stock’s performance over the past decade or from the “Great Places to Work” achievements.  Of these people, I met exactly one person who understood the tremendous value that NetApp brings to the development community.'
NetApp  DevOps  storage 
november 2014 by cote
Controling the costs of rapid cloud-storage growth
RT : My views on costs, plus a surprisingly high resolution picture of my mug
cloud  storage 
september 2014 by cote
Dell targets the storage market with new software bundle
Minor data point in the Dell Software group consolidating it's storge management assets into one unit.
dell  dellsoftware  backup  storage  integration 
august 2014 by cote
Fast low-latency access with seamless handoff orthogonal frequency division multiplexing
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june 2014 by cote
Software Defined Storage Startup Brings OpenStack Swift Object Storage Into the Enterprise | Data Center Knowledge
For one, it looks like HP Helion OEM’s SwiftStack, which is a nice partnership. Two, their CEO points towards going after enterprise storage: SwiftStack founder and CEO Joe Arnold said all enterprise applications will eventually rely on object storage to keep up with growth of data and access points required by users. ”It’s the only way enterprises will be able to compete today and in the future,” he said. I don’t cover storage too closely, but the cloud storage space seems like it’s going to be a rough street fight between the forces of customers not knowing if and how they should use it, Red Hat, the incumbent storage folks (EMC, NetApp, Dell, Oracle, etc.), and all the little startups like SwiftStack. Get some popcorn.
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june 2014 by cote
"Dropbox is super expensive compared to other data storage options." (via @mims)
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may 2014 by cote
(via Twitter / brenondaly: Heading to its #IPO @BoxHQ …)
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april 2014 by cote
The SolidFire Storage System: Reducing Complexity at Scale | The Virtualization Practice
A good overview of what the software-heavy enterprise storage company does, including this assessment on market segment targeting: SolidFire is very honest about not being built for the mid-market, as it feels that most of the middle of the market is headed toward cloud providers anyhow. Some may consider this a weakness, but I consider it a great strength. It has allowed SolidFire to focus on the pain points of organizations with large storage and storage performance needs, to do so with great scale, and to do so in a way that greatly reduces operational complexity and all the mental friction that usually accompanies that scale.
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april 2014 by cote
Red Hat jumps on all the right cloud bandwagons, focusing on new application trends
My overview of the Red Hat Summit is up now, for clients only of course. Here’s the 451 Take: Like many infrastructure companies, Red Hat used its recent annual summit to point out the importance of developers as the driver for the next wave of IT spending: namely, developers writing new software on top of cloud platforms, often using devops-like practices. We, of course, think paying attention to this space is wise as companies seek to become digital enterprises, using custom applications and cloud-based IT to instrument and boost their business processes. It’s tempting to suggest a headline like “we’re working on it” to sum up many of the announcements at Red Hat Summit. However, because it runs its product management primarily in an open source fashion, Red Hat announcements are often about starting projects (with calls for community participation), not just the final, fully productized 1.0 version of the product when it’s released. Read the full report at 451, ore apply for a trial if you’re not already a client. I thought it was a good show with some nice announcements. As the title suggests, I think Red Hat is picking up on the right trends (that is, new technologies and practices that to incorporate into their product suite that will help their customers). As I noted (well, quoted from another story) in my post on the Summit last week, Red Hat gets about 80% of it’s $1.3bn in revenue from RHEL subscriptions. Over the coming years, the company will need to diversify even more, of course. Like SUSE, they’re looking towards enterprise storage (they bought Gluster, for example) which is a whole new business unit with, possibly, significant revenue, for both companies.
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april 2014 by cote
How Aaron Levie and his childhood friends built Box into a $2 billion business, without stabbing each other in the back - Feature - TechRepublic
For me, it was a bunch of numbers. You can convince a bunch of VCs with numbers. The churn was low. The revenue was up. Talking to the customers, the sentiment was that this could grow within their companies. There was a huge market with cloud-based file sharing with both consumers but also enterprises. And, on pivoting to “enterprise”: In 2007, the consumer market was still the target at Box. But by 2008, individuals were using Box’s file storage and sharing services for business. In 2009, groups started using Box products within their companies. In 2010, Hamid said that “whole departments moved onto Box,” with entire businesses joining in more wholeheartedly in 2011. By 2012, the CIOs finally realized (or admitted) that hundreds of employees were using Box, essentially forcing their hands to get involved.
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march 2014 by cote
IBM lays plans to be a cloud storage broker | Storage - InfoWorld
The software provides a single interface that administrators can use to spread data across multiple cloud vendors. Administrators can specify which cloud providers to use through a point-and-click interface. Both file and block storage is supported, though not object storage. The software contains mechanisms for encrypting data so that it remains secure as it crosses the network and resides on the external storage services.
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december 2013 by cote
Amazon Testing Private Cloud Waters With Cloud Storage Hardware Appliance
"AWS will have a long way to go to be able to accomplish this. They will need architects in the field, real people, they will need the help of the channel, allowing them to architect, sell and make good margin — perhaps white-label themselves like we have done with others," Shepard told CRN.
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december 2013 by cote
Symantec to shut down Backup
"Customers want features such as sync & share and mobile access. Backup was not designed with these features in mind."
storage  cloud  symantec  shutdown 
november 2013 by cote
Storage and the 'big data' opportunity: what went wrong?
RT : My recent report on 'what went wrong with and ' is now outside our paywall.
storage  BigData 
november 2013 by cote
Now Dropbox Thinks It's Worth $8 Billion - Businessweek
Of all the start-ups, though, Dropbox has seemed to enjoy the most meteoric growth. It just reached 200 million users—or about 10 times as many people as it had at the end of 2010. Its revenue has grown 20 fold since late 2010 and is now in the “hundreds of millions of dollars” per year range, say the people familiar with Dropbox’s funding plans. It’s be cool to know the margins.
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november 2013 by cote
The future of storage is a horror show - just ignore the biz strategists • The Register
Against this background it is virtually impossible for enterprise storage strategists to look over the storage technology field and plot the right course for their organisation long-term, because, in the long term, we don’t know where storage is going. One escape from the dilemma is to move to the cloud - but cloud suppliers fail and lock-in is a perennial concern, alongside trust and reliability.
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november 2013 by cote
The Four Hundred--Disk Array Revenues Drop For The Second Quarter In A Row
"worldwide disk array sales were down 5 percent year-on-year to $7.68 billion."
forecasts  storage  marketsizing  numbers  IDC 
october 2013 by cote
Three reasons why Nirvanix failed
It looks like Nirvanix has struck a deal with IBM to take over the beleaguered cloud storage startup’s customers. Simon Robinson as my analyst house, 451 Research, has a good, free piece on why Nirvanix failed and its impact to cloud and cloud storage if you’re interested.
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september 2013 by cote
NetApp's hybrid cloud plan targets storage for any virtual systems - Network World
NetApp isn’t looking to replace vSphere or OpenStack as the software that a cloud is built on. … Instead, NetApp wants to work in conjunction with those platforms. Management tools like OpenStack, VMware, CloudStack or many others on the market, provide the ability to create new virtual machines and deploy resources. NetApp says it can provide the backend storage for those resources. “There’s a lot of talk about orchestration and management, nobody’s talking about the benefits of stitching together the infrastructure,” Kidd says.
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september 2013 by cote
Cloud provider Nirvanix gives customers two weeks to vacate data | Information Age
Founded in 2007, with $70m in funding they’ve been struggling and going through many executives. Maybe someone will pick them up as a fire-sale.
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september 2013 by cote
Currently, all-solid-state-array technology is being used as a point solution for specific problems. The technology is not yet achieving the status of an equal-value replacement for legacy systems.
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september 2013 by cote
Interesting times! Cisco and Whiptail. One opinion.. - Virtual Geek
Or, more like portends to the ends: Startups are interesting in a different way than a large portfolio company. Every startup has at it’s core a tech idea and a business/market idea. Flash storage startups start with the “flash gives an opportunity to disrupt the $60B storage market, and I’ll do it by leveraging flash THIS way…”.
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september 2013 by cote
Cisco buys Whiptail for $415 million amid solid-state storage run | ZDNet
Cisco on Tuesday said it will acquire Whiptail, a solid state memory system company, for $415 million. Cisco plans to integrate Whiptail’s solid state memory technology into its unified computing system (UCS) products. … From Cisco: The end result is to deliver optimized performance on top of UCS for emerging and business critical applications, such as virtualized, Big Data, database, High Performance Computing and transcoding workloads. People love the solid-state. Notice that there’s software involved.
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september 2013 by cote
Oh, a Wyse guy, eh? Why I oughta make you Nexenta's new CEO • The Register
Maner was The Man at Wyse and CEO at that thin-client company when Dell bought it in April last year for an undisclosed amount of moolah, possibly up to half a billion dollars. Nexenta staff will hope some of that magic will rub off on them. Everyone at Dell always said he was hella-entrepreneurial.
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september 2013 by cote
Apple acquires AlgoTrim
AlgoTrim's website is still up and running as of this morning, and shows that the company's "flagship product is the Code Compression Library, a lossless and proprietary codec for compressing code, that is, the processor instructions. Its main use is to reduce the size of the firmware of a mobile device using NAND flash as non-volatile memory." The company has also done work for Android device manufacturers, which will most likely cease after this acquisition.
m&a  apple  compresion  storage 
august 2013 by cote
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