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VMware is bringing VMs and containers together, taking advantage of Heptio acquisition
“Kubernetes is a way of bringing a control metaphor to modern IT processes. You provide an expression of what you want to have happen, and then Kubernetes takes that and interprets it and drives the world into that desired state,” McLuckie explained.
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CA Technologies Begins Site, Workforce Consolidation
‘Part of this shift is driven by a site consolidation strategy “to move more of our people into our centers of excellence,” said Gregoire. “This migration of our teams into fewer, larger locations supports our agile methodology.” According the Gregoire, the company has embraced an “agile” model, where employees need to be present in the office to be effective, meaning a number of these migrations will come from satellite offices.’
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​AppDynamics touts the agility of a startup with the pocket of a global giant
"Our ability to close a customer when Cisco is involved is up to 50 percent faster."

One of the best advantages of being part of a big, tech company.
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Misunderstanding "Open Tracing" for the Enterprise
Enterprise systems management software is hard.

“OpenTracing doesn't solve the interoperability problem, so what does the "open standard" attempting to solve? Well, for one thing, is that it allows those making gateways, proxies, and frameworks the ability to write instrumentation. That should, in theory, make it easier to get traces connected, but once again the requirement to change implementation details for each tool is a problem.”
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Moogsoft gets $40m round D
“Moogsoft claims to have more than doubled revenue in the past year thanks to new customer wins. The startup counts Cisco Systems Inc., T-Mobile USA Inc., Intuit Inc. and other major tech firms among its users.”
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Datadog log monitoring software branches out as DevOps spreads
‘Enterprises initially implemented DevOps within specialized groups that owned a specific application and chose their own IT management tools, said Nancy Gohring, analyst at 451 Research. "Then one day, the enterprise woke up and saw it had 50 different tools, and in some cases, multiple instances of the same tool, each managed by different people," she said.’
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Docker’s Journey to the Enterprise Container Yard - April 18, 2015 at 11:01AM
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softwaredefinedtalk: In this “bonus” episode, Brandon and I discuss Compuware going private (Thoma Bravo announced they were acquiring them) and the how private equity fits into the full life-cycle of a software company. With Brandon Whichardand Coté. Sponsor: get $200 off when you register for 451’s Hosting and Cloud Transformation Summit (Oct 6th to 8th) when you use the code MC200 at Also, you should sign up for my newsetter at Subscribe to this podcast: Show notes If you like video, see this episodes’ video recording. Excellent coverage from 451’s Dennis Callaghan of the deal, inc. all the numbers and valuation figures you’d want, opening with "After more than a year of speculation and other reported offers, Compuware has agreed to sell itself to private equity (PE) firm Thoma Bravo for $10.92 per share, or $2.5bn. Thoma Bravo gets a valuable asset in mainframe and application performance management (APM) that has already unloaded most of its unwanted baggage. We expect the PE firm to build on its new portfolio company – its first move may be a merger with existing Thoma Bravo property Keynote Systems." A good return for the “activist investor” involved: “Jesse Cohn, the portfolio manager at [Elliott Management Corp. who owned ~9.5% of Compuware] involved with the Compuware investment, said the deal delivered a 30 percent return for his firm.” Further: The Elliot Management folks are busy in tech: BMC, pressure EMC, Novell and has Attachmatte. Also LANdesk, Tripwire, Keynote, Embarcadeo (which has Borland, right?). Dell bought SonicWALL from them. The Plan: “We began with the I.P.O. of Covisint, initiated a robust dividend, divested noncore operations, and aggressively reduced corporate expenses,” Compuware’s chief executive, Bob Paul, said in a statement. “Compuware is now best suited to focus on its core mainframe and APM businesses as a private-equity backed company, where we can continue to serve our customers in a competitive environment with greater flexibility to take a long-term approach.” Check out Compuware’s FY2013 annual report for revenue related to the various BUs: As always, Geoffrey Moore’s book Escape Velocity is a great overview of how companies like Compuware can strategically plan and operate to re-invent themselves.
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In an API-driven cloud, Intigua wants to wrap APIs around your management midsection
A report I wrote on Intigua is up now. Here’s the 451 Take for y’all now: Intigua has always been a company with a difficult marketing proposition, having started off as a packaging and deployment balm for systems management agents. While there is certainly utility to ‘managing the managers,’ a broader positioning and purpose was clearly needed. Intigua’s new positioning as an enabler of cloud management APIs looks encouraging, and if the company can extend into ‘orchestration’ as a consequence, it can start addressing one of the major gaps of large enterprises that are ‘going cloud.’ It’s nice that all of those cloud-native companies can manage tens of applications with their devops and cloud approaches – but how will the large companies of the world manage the tens of thousands of applications they’re beset with? In talking with some folks who’ve been dealing with so-called “APIs” at the infrastructure stack…there’s a lot of work to do to make the management layer APIs behave like one would expect. Because WS-*. Intigua bought re-print rights to the last piece I wrote on them, so you can read it for free on their site. Client can read the full report, and try a trial if you’re not signed up with us yet.
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Zenoss is on the hunt for large enterprises with a little help from Hadoop and Docker
Back in my RedMonk days, I spoke with Zenoss a lot, so it was nice to finally catch-up with them again. They’re moving up-market and adding spending much time beefing up their back-end to handle the resulting, larger scale demands for a systems management platform in the enterprise space. The full report is available for 451 clients, but here’s the 451 Take: Zenoss has been undergoing much change in recent years. While other startups were snatched up and folded into larger vendors’ emerging cloud portfolios, Zenoss remained independent. The company has been transforming from its open source roots and now is solidly a commercial company, focusing upmarket on $45,000+ deals instead of smaller accounts. This is a wise move that lifts Zenoss out of competing at the low end (where the expansive nature of the platform makes the proposition too expensive) and allows it to focus on large enterprises that tend to like overstuffed systems management portfolios vs. the point tools from the likes of SolarWinds and others, which gobble up cash in the midmarket and below. As companies are switching their IT over to more cloud-like infrastructures, management vendors like Zenoss that can keep up with the new demands should find opportunities for growth. Is it working? Further in the report we cover the financial metrics that are known: The company says it has seen 30% Y/Y revenue growth and is now ‘north’ of $20m in annual revenue (Inc. reported its 2013 revenue at $22.4m). Zenoss says this is a record high and that it has a 93% renewal rate. If you’re not a client, sign-up for a trial to take a peek behind our paywall.
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(via VCs Pouring Money Into Corporate Software Tools - Venture Capital Dispatch)
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Stackify caters to devops-oriented teams with ITMaaS monitoring tool
Looking for a production monitoring tool? Stackify launched recently, and my 451 report on them is up. Clients can read the full report, but here’s the 451 Take: Our surveys of this space show steady interest in new tools and methods for monitoring and managing cloud-native applications. There are many entrenched tools from the Big Four (CA, IBM, HP, BMC) and other ‘legacy’ systems management vendors; these vendors have had mixed success in ‘keeping up,’ opening market gaps for Stackify and others. Early success in this market depends on good marketing and go-to-market models, with SolarWinds being an iconic example. The danger for a small company like Stackify comes in the form of well-moneyed and innovative competitors of all sizes and flavors. Stackify will have to quickly stake out its ground and begin expertly managing its deal funnel and pace of innovation – the core challenges of any startup. If you’re not a client already, apply for a trial to check it out and put my name in as a reference. Related, see a slice of the recent survey results on monitor tools from 451’s TheInfoPro - chart above - free on their wonderful chart blog.
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They called this the “guitar hero” UI. Nifty! (via Twitter / ServiceNowDemo: At #know14? Here’s a peek of …)
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april 2014 by cote
Application Aware–Infrastructure Performance Management | The Virtualization Practice
Application Aware–Infrastructure Performance Management, from The Virtualization Practice
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IT ops startup Boundary raises $22m C round to expand R&D, sales and marketing
I put up a short, “analyst note” on Boundary’s funding today, which 451 clients can read in full. Tracking from our last report on them in November 2013, they’ve increased both customer count and average deal size, so good for them. I always found it hard to find the market sizing for “systems management delivered over public cloud” (or “IT Management as a Service”/ITMaaS) market when I was at Dell looking at that. Thankfully, we track ITMaaS at 451. As I put in the analyst note: Boundary participates in the ITMaaS market, which was at $1.1bn in 2013 and growing at ~35% CAGR to $2.5bn in 2016, according to our Market Monitor service estimates.
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(via Twitter / Staten7: RT @mfdii: #AWS Anounces …)
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We’ll offer complete visibility from application all the way to the end user. We have most of that technology today. Traditional IT management vendors are reducing investment and focus on managing IT systems inside the firewall. They’re running to the bright shiny object of cloud growth. The infrastructure that sits inside the firewall is not going away. We’ll support it while also doing cloud. We’re doubling down on that old market of on-premises IT while also working hard toward managing applications no matter where they sit.
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CopperEgg tackles APM space under Idera
My colleague Dennis Callaghan wrote up an update around CopperEgg, the APM tool purchased by Idera in July of 2013. While you’ll have to be a 451 client to read the full report (or sign up for a free trial), here’s some excerpts: Now under Idera, CopperEgg has added real-user monitoring and repositioned itself as an application performance management SaaS vendor. And the 451 Take: We’re glad to see CopperEgg running fairly independently within Idera, though we’ll be interested to see how Idera can bring some of its and Precise’s IP to bolster CopperEgg, particularly in database performance monitoring. CopperEgg is growing nicely, though at four years old, it’s not clear that it’s really faring any better than its competition in a crowded and muddled space. The company can offer a front-to-back-end performance monitoring tool, though it still can’t go too deep on the application side. Still, CopperEgg has given Idera a solid presence in SaaS-based monitoring, one that was built from the ground up for SaaS, and Idera is managing it the right way so far. Check out more in the full report.
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VMware folds more cloud software into vCAC 6.0
VMware folds more cloud software into vCAC 6.0 , from @pariseautt w/some quotage from myself
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december 2013 by cote
The APM stuff is going like hot-cakes apparently. Adding to it’s developer & QA tools and monitoring (AlertSite) portfolio, SmartBear announced it’s acquisition of Lucierna. On that note, one of the analysts on my team, Dennis Callaghan, has a long report coming out on the APM as a Service market this month. I’ve, of course, read over the galleys, as it were, and it’s a good, comphrensive overview of what’s going in the APMaaS space. Keep your eyes peeled for it! On a slightly meta-note, I’m curious to see how smallish roll-up companies like SmartBear and fare. I think we’ll see a lot of that, and then there’s larger folks like Idera and Solarwinds seeming to operate in similar fashions. NetIQ and Quest were companies like this that got rolled into larger things, and with Dell and BMC being private, there’s plenty of froth in the systems management area: either by the giants divesting their own assets or wanting to acquire.
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Still-free Spiceworks version 7 refreshes helpdesk, MDM, cloud management
I was at Spiceworld this week. The company released version 7, which is piled high with features. Long time readers will know that I’ve always liked Spiceworks and talked with for many years. There’s always something interesting going on over there. Here’s an excerpt from my write-up on them and Spiceworks 7: [T]he company has cultivated a good relationship with its real customers, other tech vendors that would like to sell to the 2.7 million IT pros that use Spiceworks monthly. Spiceworks often says it’s the bare minimum needed for any IT problem, leaving plenty of head room for other IT management vendors to sell into. Clearly the company has to stop itself from commoditizing (as in ‘free’) too much of its real customers’ business, and balancing ‘good enough’ with ‘click here to pay for more’ is always a challenge. Still, there’s not much to argue with when it comes to a free product, and the community seems happy. 451 clients can check out the full report here.
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CSC reaches for cloud management vendor ServiceMesh
We did a write-up yesterday on CSC’s acquisition of ServiceMesh, here for 451 subscribers (there’s always [the 30 day trial](, too). For me, this makes much clearer CSC’s ambitions: to be a cloud player, particularly going after enterprises who want to build private clouds and manage the use of public clouds. Coming from Dell - which purchased Enstratius this year for this same general play - you can imagine I’m highly interested in this whole “multi-cloud management” space. For an in-depth, conversational overview of multi-cloud management, also check out this 2012 interview I did with John Willis on Enstratius (before they were acquired). It’s product centric, but the goals are all multi-cloud.
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BMC Software aims to be more aggressive as private company | ZDNet
> Behnia said BMC would be interested in OpenStack, but hasn’t seen customers adopting it just yet. BMC usually waits until customers actually deploy to add management functionality. “OpenStack lacks capabilities for mission critical environments today, but development and enthusiasm is growing,” said Behnia. Beauchamp added that BMC will remain agnostic and plug into any infrastructure. “We’ve abstracted management so we can plug and play. Customers don’t want to be hardwired into an infrastructure stack,” said Beauchamp.
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What is Going to Replace the Legacy Management Frameworks? | The Virtualization Practice
Pretty good piece from Harzog: Management frameworks are dead because they have been unable to keep up with the pace of innovation in the enterprise computing industry. Management frameworks will be replaced by ecosystems of cooperating vendors that each reuse each others unique data through a common big data back end. Splunk is the first (but not the last) vendor to offer such a back end and to pursue such an ecosystem strategy. From what I can tell, you could slot Boundary in as a hub there too.
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Splunk: Expanding into the Cloud, Says Cantor - Tech Trader Daily -
Reiterating a Buy rating on the shares and a $70 price target, White concludes that the company is expanding from being a one-trick pony to have multiple products, as evinced by the unveiling of a new version of its enterprise software, but also a cloud computing version where customers can rent the functionality. One of the guys on my team, Dennis Callaghan is at Splunk’s conference this week. It’ll be fun to see what he reports back.
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Coté • There’s a lot going on there. The part that’s...
There’s a lot going on there. The part that’s missing is some market-sizing (custom software development vs. ISV/SaaS developer vs. SaaS users as it erodes packaged software) and brown-field analysis.
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september 2013 by cote
BMC chief: Our going private is 'great news for customers, bad news for competitors' - Network World
[Going private] will give us the opportunity to move a little quicker, as we can take more risk - specifically, longer-term investments with a little less focus on quarterly Wall Street estimates. If we need to invest $10 million this week in new cloud, mobile or SaaS technologies, I don’t have to check what the impact to our earnings per share this quarter will be to our share price before we make that decision. I’m not sure I buy the idea that tech companies can’t properly innovate when public, at least as an absolute. I’m sure there are companies who’ve lost Wall Street’s trust (or that Wall Street is just sort of dumb about - that is, investors are being unfair) who are in that bind. It’d be nice to figure out which company characteristics fit there, what the pattern is.
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BMC Software Completes Privatization Transaction - BMC Software
As a private company, we will be able to innovate more quickly than ever before and deliver the most valuable IT management solutions in the industry. So said Bob Beauchamp, Chairman and CEO of BMC Software, in the related press release today. I’ll be eagerly watching this (as well as Dell) to see what exactly BMC can do (and how fast?) by being private that was too difficult when public. The comment from Bain Capital portends shifting attention to new stuff, perhaps letting mainframe/legacy cash cow out faster than Wall Street would like(?): Working together, we will deliver innovative new IT management solutions that transform the way companies – and their employees — do business. I think you’ll see a raft of companies going private or getting snatched up. There’s a lot of “legacy” tech floating around and a lot of spare cash looking for something to do. It’s the kind of chaos I love in the market: as companies from Microsoft to Dell to BMC to even Google re-terraform their portfolios (people always forget to scenario out these companies divesting units, like IBM selling off its PC unit) the tech-landscape changes.
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