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Atlassian bundles ALM components around the popular git version control system
Atlassian released an ALM bundled centered around git recently. I wrote up a report on that release, git in broader terms, and of course profiling the current state of Atlassian. Here’s the 451 take: Git Essentials is a natural bundling move by Atlassian. The company has long been expert at tracking mainstream needs for software development teams and acted as a sort of safety bumper around the leading edge of developer practices and technologies: taking and creating early adopter technologies and making them enterprise ready. Competition in the ‘enterprise git’ market is just beginning, and this is a wise time to enter with a larger offering than the stand-alone Stash and Bitbucket git version control product and service. Atlassian’s popularity and growth (with $149m in FY 2013 revenue) is evidence of both the company’s momentum and the growing interest in the application development space. 451 clients can read the full report, or you can lead-gen yourself for a 30 day trial.
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[T]here will be classes of developers that go after Git and they’ll love Git for what it allows them to do which is to stay off the radar until their tiered promotion gets it ultimately to visibility, but there will be other shops that want to have that visibility the entire time and their compliance or governance or whatever the management driven stuff that is required will keep it around.
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march 2014 by cote
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Everyone says this will blow my mind. I'm ready for blowing.
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