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“They are absolutely our most devoted and fierce fans,” Mr. Plotz said. Gabfest fans often show up for live podcasts, another area of expansion. “They stand in line to get into an auditorium to watch three people talk into a microphone,” said Mr. Bowers, who estimates they have attracted crowds as large as 800 people for the live events.
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may 2014 by cote
Peter Yared's Musings: The Commercial Open Source Failure
I think what he's saying is, "open source companies are not a sure-fire way to make quick investo-cash." Yup.
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august 2009 by cote
Why Product Management is Open Source's Fatal Flaw | Product Beautiful: Building Product Management by Paul Young
I like how the initial defense from The Faithful Commenters is "we're just as bad as commercial software." Way to run to the knives.
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may 2008 by cote
Q&A Wednesday; Conformity | AustinStartup
"With Conformity’s single on-demand solution, customers can now reduce the cost and risk associated with ineffective tracking and administration of SaaS access rights, usage and activity." IdM for SXIP Access?
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april 2008 by cote
State of Affairs in Enterprise IT
Consumer tech and pricing driving IT. Who needs $10,000 storage with 5 nines when you can have one nine for $100? Needs a sweet-spot graph.
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march 2007 by cote
herestomwiththeweather: OpenID Podcast
Some good looking OpenID stuff to look over from a local, Austin dude.
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march 2007 by cote
The OpenID Directory
Catalog of OpenID providers and sites that use OpenID.
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february 2007 by cote
LDAP vs relational database
Nice list of what directories, and OpenDS for some, offers in contrast to relational databases. Schema changes!
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february 2007 by cote
Dick Hardt's Sxip goes limp
"This is about the 5th engineering exodus since the company began. They have gone through 100+ employees in the past 2 years."
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october 2006 by cote
Google testing Sun's OpenSolaris, sources say
"I am 100% certain that there are literally dozens of people horsing around with OpenSolaris inside Google." That'd be crazy beneficial for Sun if Google moves their horsing around to "using." We'll see what happens.
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october 2006 by cote
Dapper: The Data Mapper
AJAX (?) enabled screenscraping, but with nice looking export/platform functionality as well.
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october 2006 by cote
CrunchNotes » GigaJobs
The TechCrunch empire job board stuff. Check out the links and notes on OSS job board projects.
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august 2006 by cote
opensso: Welcome to the official launch of the OpenSSO project and community site.
"So what happened today? In simple terms, we are finally turning on full read and write access to the source code."
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august 2006 by cote
The Question Man
A narrative approach to explaining some Sawatsky methods. Asking open ended questions.
Sawatsky  questions  interviewing  rhetoric  via:bwhichard  interviews 
august 2006 by cote
BMC Software: Financial Reported Revenue by Business Segment Product Line
Q3 FY04 to Q2 FY06, broken down by product line, license, maintenance, and total revenue per qtr.
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august 2006 by cote
Sun's cuts are probably too little, too late
"Sun was at one time a dominant supplier of efficient Internet servers. When Google came along, it showed that there was a cheaper and better way of doing Web service, with free Linux running on cheap PCs."
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june 2006 by cote
The top 10 most important people in Identity
Jamie Lewis, Kim Cameron, Sara Gates & Sun Identity, Michael Barrett, OASIS, Mike Beach & enginners, Gub'nent, Identity 2.0, The Future, and Reader.
identity  sunw  microsoft  burton  analysts  sxip  identity2.0  openid  lid  via:bwhichard 
may 2006 by cote
Re: Cote on Enterprise Agile
Brandon adds to the enterprise agile conversation
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march 2006 by cote
Niall Kennedy - Common Interview Questions
Using your blog to get a job and cut through the interview crap. I am, of course, a strong believer in this model ;)
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february 2006 by cote
The long identity tail
Light-weight identity systems and some general discusion on the light-weight approach
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february 2006 by cote
The Knowledge Capital Group
AR consultant that gave a class to Brandon & co.
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january 2006 by cote
The neglected software market
While I'm often the one championing this idea, I'm secretly very skeptical of it. The volume needed to be able to pay the mortgage in the Fortune 5 million market is huge. Just ask any tooth-paste marketer.
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july 2005 by cote
Web site sleuths
Review of the web transaction part of PATROL Express (via Brandon)
pe  bmc  sysmgmt  via:bwhichard 
march 2005 by cote

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