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Twitter's risk of ubiquity | Negative Approach - CNET News
Man, I'd love it if Twitter went down. I could get back to blogging.
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january 2009 by cote
Using Twitter to build your brand: cool or creepy? | Negative Approach - CNET
Dave considers Twitter for marketing - kinds weird, but valuable enough to keep using. "There are some great users like the guys from RedMonk, who have gotten so used to Twittering everything that its like having them in the room."
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july 2008 by cote
Defamer Psa
Practice random acts of "WOOOOOOOOO HONK!!!" daily.
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may 2008 by cote
HJK Solutions - Technology
Consulting for open source configuration management.
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may 2008 by cote
"As part of the Powerset launch, all the engineers are growing out stupid mustaches and keeping them until we have a public product."
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january 2008 by cote

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