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SiteUptime - Website Monitoring Service
"SiteUptime is a website monitoring service that checks your website at regular intervals and notifies you via email or SMS if it becomes unavailable."
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january 2007 by cote » Blog Archive » Birmingham, Alabama
"Every hotel room with a sufficiently big mirror reduces a man to the level of Martin Sheen in Apocalypse Now. The urge to order up scotch, do nude kung-fu and smash the mirror is almost insurmountable."
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august 2006 by cote
People over process and IT in mobile workforces - Yuh!
"The technology defers to the people using it because they’re usually better at managing failures and edge cases than it is.... The handheld is not a digital site foreman, handing out decisions and orders to employees in the field; the employees are not
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august 2006 by cote
Using an Agile Software Process with Offshore Development
Much good advice and case-study. Esp. the part that says, essentially, the biz should spend money to build team friendship.
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july 2006 by cote
Montastic: the free website monitoring service
Free "is my website up" pinging site. Baus says it's based on ruby. From a team of "team of open source fanatics."
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february 2006 by cote

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