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Investors Gave Snap a Gift
'You might point out that you own a share in the company that grows in value as the company does, and that right now you can sell that share on the stock exchange for $13.31. But that evades rather than answering the question: What does the person who buys the share from you expect to get from it? The value of a stock in the market is supposed to be equal to the present value of its future cash flows, and there’s nothing about the stock itself that promises you any cash flows. Or you might say that Snap’s directors and officers have a fiduciary duty to you to  maximize the profits of the company and the value of your shares, but even if that were true—it’s pretty debatable—it continues to avoid the question. If Snap made massive consistent profits for decades, it would still never have to give any money back to shareholders, and the shareholders would have no way to force it to. “I own a 1/1,258,171,112 share of a massive pile of cash,” you could say, but you could never spend it.'
wallstreet  snap  papers  economics 
july 2018 by cote
Veteran Tech Analyst Aims to Change the Research Game in Tesla and Others
The pressures of being public drive bad research management decisions, this dude believes:

“If you look at places that attract the best talent, they’re all partnerships — the old Goldman Sachs, or consulting firms like BCG and McKinsey, or law firms. You don’t want any other shareholders than those bringing in the intellectual capital. I believe ultimately the leading research houses will all be partnerships and nothing else.”
analysts  wallstreet  businessmodels 
april 2018 by cote
Wall Street Wants Tech To Trade Smarter And Faster
> To illustrate this point during the opening keynote, George Kledaras, CEO of FIX Flyer, which creates algorithmic trading platforms, talked about how impossible it is for people to keep up and used the day when the statements from the Federal Open Markets Committee of the US Federal Reserve Bank are put out. The entire cycle, from the nanosecond that the FMOC statement was released, including the transmission of trading instructions from Chicago, where the report came out, to the exchanges in New York, took 150 milliseconds. After that, most of the trading was done. Well, index funds it is for us normals I guess.
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april 2014 by cote
COMMENTARY | Wall Street & Technology
To speed up development of custom written applications, of course.
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december 2013 by cote
John Carney: What I Read - The Wire
I like to spend some time looking through that and try to figure out, do I understand this paper and can I explain what it’s saying to people in a way that will make sense in a post on a website? A good reading list and explanation of habits too.
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december 2013 by cote
Companies get worse at truly innovating the more financial analysts cover them – Quartz
They did a study! The number of patents filed (an easy, cross-industry measure of innovation, though not perfect) went down the more scrutiny there was overly quarterly performance: [The study] demonstrated that companies produce fewer, and less-significant patents the more financial analysts cover them. I’m fascinating by this quandary at tech companies. Some like Google and Apple seem fine, Microsoft who has generally had stellar financials over the past decade nonetheless gets punished (for not being Apple and Google, basically), and then folks like Dell feel the need to go private to escape this problem. It’s a wicked problem.
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september 2013 by cote
The real reason women are leaving Wall Street – Quartz
Chock full of meaty stuff, I don’t really think it’s limited to Wall Street: When Keller wasn’t working sources worldwide, she was digging into vehicle costs by model, labor negotiations, management changes, market share, environmental regulations, currency fluctuations, consumer spending, car preferences, balance sheets, industry gossip and really anything else that could potentially affect profits and stock prices of auto manufacturers and suppliers. She would then type, rapid-fire, clearly and concisely, with accompanying tables and charts, her findings and conclusions. Those were published in a constant stream of output worthy of a large team of analysts. She tightly controlled her business. … “When times are good, intellectual capital is valued on Wall Street,” says long time Wall Street executive Jack Rivkin, “It is more of a meritocracy. In a downturn, political savvy and connections become predominant.” … One day in 2010, Palmieri had an epiphany. “I was at the management table with the CEO,” she says, “I sat there and realized, ‘I’m at the table. I’ve made it. I’ve networked, I’ve clawed, I’ve said ‘yes,’ I’ve said ‘no,’ I’ve put in all this time and effort and I was underwhelmed. What I was getting back was not acceptable to me.”
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september 2013 by cote
We discuss our naive understanding of how the stock market works, primarily, the motivations for people to buy and sell stocks. We hope to start recording more frequently, sorry it’s taken a year. These will be over on from now on too, just there, no annoying cross-posting unless I do it mistake, as in here ;>
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september 2013 by cote
Make $377,000 trading Apple in one day - The Term Sheet: Fortune's deals blogTerm Sheet
Here’s how Hendershott’s latency-arbitrage strategy worked: Redline allowed him to use its “direct market access” — cables that run directly from exchange servers to its own. Redline’s server was co-located with that of BATS Exchange so that the “latency” on information and orders coming from BATS was cut down to barely one thousandth of a second. As a result, some of the quotes on public feeds such as the crucial “national best bid and offer” feed were a few milliseconds behind those Hendershott could see on his direct link with the exchanges. With a half-decent trading algorithm, Hendershott would have had ample time to buy Apple at a stale price with a guarantee that he could sell at a profit. Every couple of seconds. All day. Risk on the trades: zero. Somewhere, queue programmers at IBM are getting all warm and fuzzy over this.
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august 2013 by cote
The Technology Behind the Scam
Nice piece on the IT behind Bernie Madoff: mostly an AS/400 programed to churn out the bogus statements and 1099s.
stories  AS/400  wallstreet  scandal  Madoff  IT  linkoftheday 
november 2009 by cote
Plethora of New Regulations Requires Data-Driven Enterprise
Kind of a pass-thru piece for Informatica, but, hey, still good data for Wall Street is probably looking for. "The first one is making sure the data is relevant, explained Parthasarathi in an interview with Wall Street & Technology. "If a compliance officer is able to answer a particular question, but says I can't answer that question, that won't do," he says. The second challenge is to make sure the data is trustworthy and the third challenge is timely data, he said, adding, "The fines from missing the deadlines is increasing." Complicating the process further, data is spread across so many different systems, so that delivering timely data is a challenge, he adds. In order to respond to multiple regulators in the U.S. and abroad, asking for different types of data and quality levels, Parthasarthi said that firms need a data-driven enterprise."
wallstreet  data  regulations  needs  IT  SOA  mashups  Informatica 
november 2009 by cote
New Regulatory Requirements Require Data On-Demand by Wall Street & Technology
No "On-Demand" as in cloud, but more "getting good data quickly." Interesting hook to sell mashup, database, and ESB-driven SOA here: help banks and financial co.'s meet pressures and regulations to provide up-to-data data in standard(ish) formats instantly.
wallstreet  data  ondemand  reporting  compliance  BaselII  SOA 
november 2009 by cote
Social Networking Is Here to Stay
"'There is no money to be made at this point,' says Marc DeCastro, research manager at advisory firm Financial Insights. 'Firms are still trying to figure out if social networking is about marketing, client support, customer support or something else.'" My credit union has a Twitter account (@ucfu), and I've actually gotten some useful info out of it - like when branches are closes for computer upgrades and such.
wallstreet  socialnetworking  marketing  Twitter  banks 
november 2009 by cote
Joshua Kosman, Predicting The Next Credit Crisis : NPR
"You know, when I read that in your book, I actually couldn't believe it."
books  TheCrater  wallstreet 
november 2009 by cote
Kids in a Candy Shop [RIA's on Wall Street]
"JPMorgan's broker-dealer services division gets $100 million to re-architect its broker workstation using rich Internet technology... Morcom has been built using the latest rich Internet application (RIA) technology from Adobe, called Flex. It leverages the heavy-lifting data processing capabilities of Flex to interlink many disparate databases and applications and bring them all together, in real time, into a unified interface for their clients. 'We can take down 10,000 rows into a data grid in under two seconds. That's all because of the way Flash processes data. We weren't able to accomplish that in any other Java framework,' says Cassar."
riaweekly  cases  via:twitter  JPMC  wallstreet  Adobe  Flex  Flash  ria 
october 2009 by cote
Wyse Accelerates Flash for Virtual Desktops
I wonder what Flash-based technologies are being used on Wyse terminals?
Wyse  thin  VDI  riaweekly  Flash  wallstreet 
august 2009 by cote
Clouds Won’t Cover Wall Street Until Compatibility Improves, Intel Exec Says by Wall Street & Technology
Private clouds — internal IT infrastructures that mock the features of public clouds — are a different story; Wall Street firms are highly motivated to build them, Kilroy says. But Wall Street IT executives' biggest objective with regard to private clouds is to create a reference platform for IT that allows disparate technology components to interoperate within a cloud, he says. "Firms are tired of the usual pitches on cloud," he says. "They buy into the economics and flexibility of cloud computing. They're asking us, how do we create an open environment and not get locked into a proprietary implementation," he says. "They're asking the technology industry for an open standard that will run across all hardware platforms."
privateclouds  cloud  wallstreet  itmanagement  itmanagementguys  FUD 
july 2009 by cote
Wall Street Spends $1.8 Billion A Year on Data Centers
"Once hidden only in basements of downtown Manhattan buildings and staffed with people in ripped jeans and sneakers, today's data centers contain some of the world's most bleeding-edge technology, run by some of the industry's best and brightest."
WallStreet  datacenter  spending  green  numbers  itmanagement 
april 2009 by cote
Mashups Slowly Gain Traction
"To facilitate this information mining, a growing number of financial firms have started turning to mashups, Web-based environments that aggregate content from multiple sources in a single tool. In fact, a recent Aite Group report says financial firms will spend $35 million on mashup technology in 2009."
mashups  wallstreet  web2.0  spending 
march 2009 by cote
BBC NEWS | World | Americas | 'Wall Street got drunk' says Bush
Too many styrofoam cups with drank, baby. "You leave your drank around me you better believe it's gonna get drunk!"
via:jon_collins  bush  quotes  wallstreet 
july 2008 by cote
And so we begin the tech sector's journey into the Heart of Darkness
Stock market no likey tech-sector. Begs the question: what (non-recursive) benefit do companies get from being public? Is it just the early-on cash-out that plagues the company for the rest of it's life?
wallstreet  tech 
july 2008 by cote
Shrinking Sun under the gun
"It's got a stock market value of $7.7bn, which means that the one-time lord of the servers is a mid-cap company."
sunw  wallstreet  redmonkclients  AshleeVance  it 
july 2008 by cote
Moody’s software bug screws investors
I'm suspicious of this whole "a bug caused us to screw up our ratings" story. I mean...really?
moodys  via:twitter  credit  deathmarch  bugs  wallstreet 
may 2008 by cote
Lehman's Straight Shooter
"the highest-ranking woman on Wall Street."
wsj  wallstreet  execs  gender  lehmans 
may 2008 by cote
Microsoft Announces Plans To Improve Interoperability
"And what does it all mean for investors? Not that much, I don’t think."
msft  opensource  interop  redmonkclients  wallstreet 
february 2008 by cote
Clearing Up My Views on OSS 1 of 2 « rand($thoughts);
"Once we begin to add public investors into the fold, I believe that focusing on 'OSS is different' is a losing business strategy. Investors don’t really care about different. They care about revenue, profit, share growth and dividends."
opensource  wallstreet  business  software 
january 2008 by cote
Paul Kedrosky: Andy K. Gets the Wallstrip Treatment
Fun video interview format. Check out that double camera action!
video  wallstreet  wallstrip 
august 2007 by cote
That Cramer Moment from Friday
I think this is what Zane was talking about with Cramer going nutso.
video  booyah!  cramer  wallstreet  investing 
august 2007 by cote
Jim Cramer's Mad Money Lightning Round Picks, Feb. 15
On BMC, and, it seems, software in general: "Let's stay away from that sector. I just think there's nothing to offer in software."
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february 2007 by cote

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