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Free Solo
Other women have rebelled in smaller, more quotidian ways. “They expect you to get married,” Whoopi Goldberg said in a recent interview in The New York Times Magazine. “Then one day I thought: I don’t have to do this.” Goldberg is an EGOT winner, remember. No woman should feel pressured to adhere to conservative standards, but it is a testament to the intractability of these gendered expectations that a woman as accomplished as Goldberg, someone who in theory has earned the power to do what she wants, would still feel beholden to them. It reminds me of Pulitzer Prize–winning journalist Brigid Schulte publishing an op-ed for The Guardian entitled, “A woman’s greatest enemy? A lack of time to herself.” These are extraordinarily accomplished women who still have to fight for the right to solitude, a state which men in the same position no doubt take for granted. Of course it was a man who authored a recent book that went viral for stating that the happiest demographic was unmarried and childless women, as though the record low number of marriages levels somehow required explanation. In fact, the data this behavioral scientist cited indicated that marriage benefited men more than it benefited women. Another survey found that one of the top reasons women cited for not having children was wanting more time for themselves. In other words, choice, not just to reject what they don’t want, but to choose what they do — now and in the future. As Rebecca Traister wrote, “Wherever you find increasing numbers of single women in history, you find change.”
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Top of the page: This is how "Digital Transformation" - a follow-up to the theme evening #DMWmuc | Digital Media Women eV
"Digital processes and products succeed only when we put on the glasses of our customers. Only then will we overcome the departmental silos that serve as complexity drivers. Simplification is the glue of digitization, "says Prats.
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Bechdel test
"...asks whether a work of fiction features at least two women who talk to each other about something other than a man. The requirement that the two women must be named is sometimes added."
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november 2015 by cote
The “lone warrior” myth is bringing down female entrepreneurs
"But a quick glance at the gender composition of society’s most influential leaders suggests that there is still a lot of work to do. For instance, women still comprise only 19.4% of the US congress and just 4.8% of chief executives in the Standard & Poor’s 500."
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march 2015 by cote
The real reason women are leaving Wall Street – Quartz
Chock full of meaty stuff, I don’t really think it’s limited to Wall Street: When Keller wasn’t working sources worldwide, she was digging into vehicle costs by model, labor negotiations, management changes, market share, environmental regulations, currency fluctuations, consumer spending, car preferences, balance sheets, industry gossip and really anything else that could potentially affect profits and stock prices of auto manufacturers and suppliers. She would then type, rapid-fire, clearly and concisely, with accompanying tables and charts, her findings and conclusions. Those were published in a constant stream of output worthy of a large team of analysts. She tightly controlled her business. … “When times are good, intellectual capital is valued on Wall Street,” says long time Wall Street executive Jack Rivkin, “It is more of a meritocracy. In a downturn, political savvy and connections become predominant.” … One day in 2010, Palmieri had an epiphany. “I was at the management table with the CEO,” she says, “I sat there and realized, ‘I’m at the table. I’ve made it. I’ve networked, I’ve clawed, I’ve said ‘yes,’ I’ve said ‘no,’ I’ve put in all this time and effort and I was underwhelmed. What I was getting back was not acceptable to me.”
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september 2013 by cote
Girls Empowerment Network - Girls Now Conference - November 14, 2009
Some interesting looking "Technology smarts for girls" session in here. Kim's going, we'll see what she says.
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november 2009 by cote
Mobile Internet sees 34 percent jump this year: Thanks, women, teens & seniors
"The big finding is that mobile access to the Internet has jumped 34 percent compared to last year, and it looks like women, teens and, yes, seniors make up the bulk of that increase. The mobile Internet: not just a place for 20-something men anymore. Darn."
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october 2009 by cote
City of Austin - Commission for Women
Working from home today. @AustinsVeryOwn has an Austin Women's Commission meeting (, I get to watch @CormacCS. Yay!
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september 2009 by cote
Young, white and super skinny? We don't buy it, women tell advertisers
"The women wanted models who looked like they were part of the fashion industry but also looked like them. It made them feel that they, too, were included in the industry and were considered beautiful. It's not just about taking a plain mugshot of a real woman." Kinda "Birth of Tragedy": the audience envisions themselves as the star, is happy, buys clothes.
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january 2009 by cote
The Feminine Critique - After all these years, we've confirmed that we treat women as lessers...but have yet to do enough about it
"[These studies] gives women absolutely no way to 'fight back.' 'Most of what we learn shows that the problem is with the perception, not with the woman,' he said, “and that it is not the problem of an individual, it’s a problem of a corporation.'"
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november 2007 by cote
We Are All In A State Of Arrested Development
"As long as teen tastes continue drive pop culture, and as long as the mass media rejects the reality of women aging, we'll all be in a state of arrested development."
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october 2007 by cote
D: Time Inc. CEO Anne Moore On Magazines And The Internet
Nice comments on women's reading patterns, media consumption in general, video, and online ads.
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june 2007 by cote
A question of gender | Information Age
This article should have been writen as "How Women Will Save IT." First one to rewrite this long neglected meme this way wins a gold star.
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march 2006 by cote
NBC Universal to buy iVillage for $600 million this similar to NYTimes buying for $500m?  ivillage  nytimes  m&a  nbc  portal  women  gender 
march 2006 by cote
Podcasts: A guy thing?
"Of the respondents who had listened to a podcast within the preceding week, 51 percent were women."
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december 2005 by cote
Male Domination of the Internet Is Over, Study Finds
"The research suggests men largely go online to pursue solitary pursuits, while women use the Internet to enrich their existing relationships." However, when it gets to teens, activities are more similer, so perhaps the gender diff is just generational.
internet  numbers  gender  women  men  web 
december 2005 by cote

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