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Strong Opinions Loosely Held Might be the Worst Idea in Tech
On a certain kind of team, where everyone shares that ethos, and there is very little power differential, this can work well. I’ve had the pleasure of working on teams like that, and it is all kinds of fun. When you have a handful of solid engineers that understand each other, and all of them feel free to say “you are wrong about X, that is absolutely insane, and I question your entire family structure if you believe that, clearly Y is the way to go”, and then you all happily grab lunch together (at Linguini’s), that’s a great feeling of camaraderie.

Unfortunately, that ideal is seldom achieved.
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The Gig Economy is Actually Pretty Tiny - Nextgov
> According to the data, in May 2017, just 1 percent of workers were “gig economy workers whose tasks were electronically mediated,” or sourced through technology platforms like Uber, Upwork or TaskRabbit.

> Moreover, in the workforce as a whole, 89.9 percent of people had a standard work arrangement as their main job, slightly up from 89.1 percent in 2005. Put another way, “nonstandard work arrangements," such as independent contractors, amounted to less than 11 percent of jobs in 2017, the analysis says.
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march 2019 by cote
Why the eight-hour workday doesn't work
> The ideal work-to-break ratio was 52 minutes of work, followed by 17 minutes of rest.
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march 2019 by cote
‘Inbox infinity’: is ignoring all your emails the secret to a happy 2019?
> Rather than trying to deal with every single email, let them pile up, and allow the digital tide to wash over you. Accept that the number of messages in your inbox will always be infinite because the time you have to deal with them will always be finite.

To use the term of _Make Time_, flake-out more often.
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january 2019 by cote
Transform Your Corporate Culture With These 5 Proven Steps
“A 2017 Gallup report found only 33 percent of US employees said they were engaged at work. This surprisingly low rate has serious consequences: their actively disengaged colleagues are estimated to have cost the US between $483 and $605 billion annually in lost productivity.”
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september 2018 by cote
Bulls**t Jobs (Part 1 of ∞)
“It’s too soon to have a good sample size. But it seems to usually work. I think it works because there is nobody at Mr. Smith’s workplace – maybe nobody in the entire world – who cares whether Mr. Smith brings a chair into work. Somebody wrote up a procedure for employees using special chairs, so that they’re not the sort of cowboys who make decisions without procedures. Somebody else feels like they have to enforce it, so that they’re not the sort of rebel who flouts procedures. But nobody cares.”
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august 2018 by cote
Employees should work on hard things, not easy things
‘For a business to thrive, each employee must ultimately be worth three times their wages to the business. That means if someone is getting paid $60k per year, their worth to the business likely exceeds $180k. People often underestimate what they are worth. One way people, especially more junior employees, underestimate themselves is by failing to spend most of their time on things that are really hard for them to do. All employees (not just entry level employees) should strive to have at least 70% of their time doing things that are really difficult. These are the tasks that require the most thought, rigor, and attention. And these are the tasks that result in the most growth.’

Of course, this assumes a capitalist view of work. Work is there to generate profit, not help people pass the time (find value in being alive) and making sure they have the means to eat and such.
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july 2018 by cote
US wages have been flat, despite growing economy
“The conundrum of stuck wages [for “non-managerial workers”?] has vexed economists for more than a decade, but their underlying assumption had been that as joblessness drops — it's at 4% now — companies will be forced to push up wages to attract and retain workers. Now that that hasn't happened, the feeling is beginning to creep in that this is the new normal.”
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july 2018 by cote
Employee Surveys Are Still One of the Best Ways to Measure Engagement
If people don’t fill out the HR survey, there’s a higher chance they’re about to punch-out: “People who don’t fill out either of our two annual surveys are 2.6 times more likely to leave in the next six months.”
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july 2018 by cote
The Smart, the Stupid, and the Catastrophically Scary
“Part of me likes being a programmer—because we're the last job. I can see a future—if we don't manage to blow ourselves up first—in the robot paradise where people are either robot engineers or programmers, or I guess do marketing. Or maybe bake pies, or smell things? Those are essentially the hardest things for a computer to do. But computers do everything else.”
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july 2018 by cote
Gartner Says Employees in Germany Report Lower Discretionary Effort than Global Average
“German employees’ discretionary effort fell below the global industry average, according to the latest worldwide research by Gartner. High employee discretionary effort, which is the willingness to go above and beyond in one’s job, was reported by 12.6 percent of employees in Germany in 1Q18, a nearly four percentage point drop from the previous quarter and below the global average of 15.2 percent.”

Sort of a weird survey, over 22,000 people globally.

Hot take: I’m sure employees would be very willing to go “above and beyond” if employers compensation also went “above and beyond.”
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june 2018 by cote
Hey Boss, You Don’t Want Your Employees to Meditate
“Mindfulness might be unhelpful for dealing with difficult assignments at work, but it may be exactly what is called for in other contexts. There is no denying that mindfulness can be beneficial, bringing about calm and acceptance. Once you’ve reached a peak level of acceptance, however, you’re not going to be motivated to work harder.”
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june 2018 by cote
Reaching Peak Meeting Efficiency
‘Whiteboards are a tool used by a certain type of person to “take over” a meeting. Simply going to the board and picking up a pen changes the whole dynamic of meeting ownership, agenda, control and creates a power-dynamic that is pretty hostile to collaboration. The worst part of whiteboards is that some people just don’t have the ego or personality to go to a whiteboard so they will never contribute that way. The real problem is that whatever gets written on a whiteboard can have more weight than what is said by others or than it deserves simply because it was “written”. I’ve seen whole product positioning statements upended because someone stood up at a whiteboard and rearranged the 3x3 and bullied everyone by controlling the board.’

A whole about corporate meetings in the rest of the article.
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may 2018 by cote
Write it down
“Whenever someone asks me to do something that I think seems ill-conceived in some way, I ask them to write it down. That's it. Because writing is high effort. Making sentences is the easy bit, it's the thinking I want them to do. By considering their request it slows them down. Maybe 30% of the time or something, they come back and say 'oh, that thing I asked you to do, I've had a think and it's fine, we don't need to do it'.

“This little method isn't about doing less. Well, actually it is. It's about doing less important things instead of important things. It's not about being obstructive. I certainly don't ask someone 'why?' five times (which is a shortcut to being called a smart-arse in my experience). This is about a light-touch way of asking someone to slow down.”
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may 2018 by cote
Measuring Trust and Its Impact on Leadership and Organisational Change
'trust enables teams to "make decisions faster (and revisit them less often)." He pointed out that it encourages teams and individuals to "proactively admit to and learn from mistakes instead of scrambling to hide them.”'
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may 2018 by cote
A 2-Year Stanford Study Shows the Astonishing Productivity Boost of Working From Home
“the robust, nearly two-year study showed an astounding productivity boost among the telecommuters equivalent to a full day's work. Turns out work-from-home employees work a true full-shift (or more) versus being late to the office or leaving early multiple times a week and found it less distracting and easier to concentrate at home.”
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april 2018 by cote
For Women and Minorities to Get Ahead, Managers Must Assign Work Fairly
“For many women, the disparity in assignments comes back to what we’ve called maternal wall bias — a set of negative assumptions about mothers’ competence and commitment. After having a child, mothers come back to work to find that their best projects and clients have been reassigned to colleagues. In some cases, women report that it takes years to get back to the type of work they were doing before taking maternity leave. As a white female lawyer reported, “I made partner in the shortest time of any female. Things were great. I had my son. I worked part-time during leave and came back in nine weeks. My work was gone. It has taken two years and a change in focus to get back to the level I was at.”
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april 2018 by cote
“I can run a lot of windows on my screen, but eventually the screen fills up and I’m doing more clicking than viewing just to see everything that’s going on in my head. Which means that less is going on in my head because I’m doing more clicking than looking. Something like that.”
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april 2018 by cote
Cutting ‘Old Heads’ at IBM
“ProPublica estimates that in the past five years alone, IBM has eliminated more than 20,000 American employees ages 40 and over, about 60 percent of its estimated total U.S. job cuts during those years.”
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march 2018 by cote
IT staff will need to retrain when automation deskills their jobs
Gartner “predicted that, by 2020, 75% of organisations will experience visible business disruptions because of I&O skills gaps – a big jump from less than 20% in 2016.”
surveys  work  gartner  ops  digitaltransformation 
march 2018 by cote
Why men need more consideration in the women in tech debate
Having to watch the kids is a big problem
For gender imbalance in the workforce. Maybe dads can step the fuck up: "It’s also about asking men to ask for paternity leave. The amount of men that I know that say, well I’m given two weeks and that’s it. They don’t push it, they don’t even have the conversation with their boss. If they don’t step up to also try to equalize it, things won’t change.... I was asked time and time again who’s going to look after my kid. The attention went too far."

Also: "I’m particularly interested in, and in support of, AbdulJaleel’s comment around seeing more men leaving leadership roles as a way of tackling the gender imbalance."
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march 2018 by cote
Foreign-Born Engineers Dominate Bay Area Tech Jobs
“Nearly three-quarters of Silicon Valley women who work in computer, mathematical, architectural, and engineering occupations were born outside of the U.S., mostly in Asia. That includes nearly 79 percent of those in computer and mathematical professions. The data showed slightly more than 70 percent of men in those professions are foreign born.”
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march 2018 by cote
Working remotely, 4 years in
Yup, this is the thing: "I think this is actually a really important point to understand about remote work – on the remote teams I’ve been on, the the whole team has adopted a working style where all important team communication happens over Slack / video calls / email. IMO if your team is mostly remote, you’re forced to adopt a remote-first working style."
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march 2018 by cote
Why Are We Still Talking About the 'Millennial Problem' in the Workfore
“All the ‘demands’ millennials have that people think are so outrageous are things everyone wants--work/life balance, recognition when they do a good job, a sense of purpose--this is all stuff managers should be giving to their employees, anyway,” says Michael Greer, a digital marketing consultant who has led employee training and development initiatives for over a decade. “The complaints and demands you’re hearing from your millennial employees are the same ones everyone else is grumbling about where you can’t hear them.”
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february 2018 by cote
America's bias against working moms comes down to one question: Do you value your female employees or not?
Based on a 2013 survey, but still, fucked up:

“According to Pew, some 40% of Americans believe it is bad for society if women work, despite the fact that 40% of American households are supported by female breadwinners.”
gender  diversity  work 
january 2018 by cote
The Problem With Courting Amazon
‘The question of whether, or how much, incentives actually spark a community’s economic growth is still unsettled. That’s partly because coming to any bottom-line answer is extremely difficult given all the possible variables in any scenario. “The overall conclusion is that effectiveness is there,” says Peter Fisher, a professor emeritus at the University of Iowa and the research director of the nonprofit Iowa Policy Project. “But it’s pretty small, and small enough that incentives end up being a very costly strategy.” In his opinion, far too many state and city boosters indiscriminately spray financial giveaway packages, which ends up costing them more than it should.’
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january 2018 by cote
The surprising thing Google learned about its employees — and what it means for today’s students
While I don’t disagree with this kind of ASTOUNDING FINDING, what it usually means that in addition to engineering, it turns out you need these other skills. I sure STEM is necessary, but not sufficient to be a good nerd in corporate America:

“among the eight most important qualities of Google’s top employees, STEM expertise comes in dead last. The seven top characteristics of success at Google are all soft skills: being a good coach; communicating and listening well; possessing insights into others (including others different values and points of view); having empathy toward and being supportive of one’s colleagues; being a good critical thinker and problem solver; and being able to make connections across complex ideas.”
skills  google  work  studies 
january 2018 by cote
Is everything you think you know about depression wrong?
‘between 2011 and 2012, the polling company Gallup conducted the most detailed study ever carried out of how people feel about the thing we spend most of our waking lives doing – our paid work. They found that 13% of people say they are “engaged” in their work – they find it meaningful and look forward to it. Some 63% say they are “not engaged”, which is defined as “sleepwalking through their workday”. And 24% are “actively disengaged”: they hate it.’


‘To them, finding an antidepressant didn’t mean finding a way to change your brain chemistry. It meant finding a way to solve the problem that was causing the depression in the first place.’
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january 2018 by cote
Donald Trump Didn’t Want to Win – and Neither Did His Campaign
“During that first month, Walsh’s disbelief and even fear about what was happening in the White House moved her to think about quitting. Every day after that became a countdown toward the moment she knew she wouldn’t be able to take it anymore. To Walsh, the proud political pro, the chaos, the rivalries, and the president’s own lack of focus were simply incomprehensible. In early March, not long before she left, she confronted Kushner with a simple request. “Just give me the three things the president wants to focus on,” she demanded. “What are the three priorities of this White House?”

It was the most basic question imaginable — one that any qualified presidential candidate would have answered long before he took up residence at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue. Six weeks into Trump’s presidency, Kushner was wholly without an answer.

“Yes,” he said to Walsh. “We should probably have that conversation.””

** Managing is complex, but starts with some pretty simple tasks.
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january 2018 by cote
Diversity in Tech Remains Elusive Due to Racism, Lack of Representation and Cultural Differences
‘As a self-proclaimed Black “nerd” and active social media user, Moore also cites cultural differences as one of the main reasons tech companies don’t hire more people from underrepresented minorities groups. She herself remembers laughing awkwardly alongside white college peers and classmates to jokes she didn’t necessarily find funny due to cultural differences in social cues and communications styles: “If you weren’t friends with a Black woman in your class partly because there were no Black women in your class or partly because your interests, maybe her interests aren’t the same, if you’re not even friends with those people, you’re definitely not going to start a business with those people. You’re not going to think about those people when you’re creating your technology.”’
Tech  diversity  gender  work 
december 2017 by cote
Fear of Automation
“What this ignores, for the 50% that thinks the Internet is good, is that without it, and the automation and communication it has enabled, the workplace would be very different today. And that is one way the creep of insidious automation has been taking over.”
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december 2017 by cote
Report: Women make up just 17% of IT workforce, paid 15% less than men • The Register
Fewer than one in five IT workers in the UK are female and those that do carve a living from the industry are paid – on average – 15 per cent less than men, a…
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december 2017 by cote
Tech Ageism and the Myth of the ‘Digital Native’
“According to the data, he said, older workers are more loyal, as measured by how long they hold a job. Once they get a job, they stay put. Contrast this to turnover rates for mid-twenties, which are up to 40 percent. By the late twenties, this rate drops to 20 percent and drops again to 10 percent for employees in their early 30s.... The cost of replacing a tech worker, as measured in lost productivity and new employee ramp up, is generally ballparked at around 150 percent of base salary, said Weisbeck. So this should not be an insignificant consideration when hiring, since companies who often cite lower employee costs for hiring younger workers.”
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november 2017 by cote
Segregated Valley: the ugly truth about Google and diversity in tech - The Guardian
“Google’s workforce is, by its own accounting, 69% male and just 2% African American. Just 20% of technical jobs are held by women. Google may be unequivocal in its “belief” about diversity, but the figures make its shortcomings clear. The company tends to hire white and Asian men over women and other racial minorities.”
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august 2017 by cote
A better salary negotiation starts with a simple question
"Salary discussions are forgotten five minutes after they are completed."

I think what you find is that most procedural conflict is like that.
salary  conflict  wages  BigCo  work  negotiating 
march 2016 by cote
Banking time
If time is money, you should "save" it as much as possible, which means "spending" it wisely. Check out these meaningful, brief tips.
work  vacation  time  wp  timemanagement 
january 2016 by cote
If nearly 40% of Americans aren’t working, what are they doing?
"Unemployment held steady at 5.1%, but only 59.2% of Americans have a job."
work  jobs  USA  numbers  students  charts 
october 2015 by cote
Why you should start work at 10am (unless you're in your 50s)
"The 10-year-old and 55-year-old wake and sleep naturally at the same time."
work  sleep  numbers  studies 
september 2015 by cote
Getting Mad at Work Can Cost Women $15,000 in Annual Pay
"If a woman comes across as angry or critical, she is rated as 35% less competent and worthy of $15,088 less in pay than a woman who doesn’t rock the boat."
gender  work  numbers  surveys  conflict 
august 2015 by cote
Want a promotion? Cheer up and be on time
Beards considered a career retardant: "For men, that may mean getting rid of a beard or mustache, since almost one-quarter (24%) of these managers objected to facial hair." Other fun facts like don't be a sour-puss.
promotions  surveys  work  hr 
july 2015 by cote
Minute-Zero In The Gender Pay Gap
As always, applies to all genders.
salery  gender  work 
june 2015 by cote – Dealing with old people at work.
Dealing with old people at work. - April 22, 2015 at 08:22PM
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april 2015 by cote
"We are afflicted with the same disease. It’s hard (impossible?) to find a day job that is..." - April 03, 2015 at 11:21AM
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april 2015 by cote
Flexibility over more money - March 30, 2015 at 08:36AM
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march 2015 by cote
In order to do that thing - which I’m not really sure why I’m doing - I need two cups of coffee.
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february 2015 by cote
Are emails about missing sandwiches the biggest workplace time sink? | Information Age
But despite 53% of those polled in the Sennheister study saying they wished everyone picked up the phone more rather than clogging up inboxes with wasted emails, many are reluctant to go retro and pick up the phone- 67% of workers said they send more emails than they make phone calls because it’s easier, and one in five confessed they were not confident about speaking on the phone. So are there better ways of keeping everyone in the loop about mundane things such as fire drills, whip rounds, new starters and lottery syndicates? I always feel like people just need to learn how to communicate in the written word better. Often, there’s no conventions explicitly stated about how to use email. I don’t think I’ve ever started a job that had “here’s how we use email around here” training. If you have no shared process - and training to get everyone using the process - of course it sucks, no matter what “it” is.
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january 2015 by cote
How Paul Graham Is Wrong | Hacker News
That Paul Graham piece has dusted up a bunch of links on remote working. This thread at HN has some good points in the usual sea of spew, including this point: I think you’re underestimating the degree to which day to day office crap weighs on people and makes them far less effective than they might otherwise be, even if they get to have someone come over and “pair” with them. I generally find being “in the office” very time consuming and distracting. For collaboration it’s great, but the value of that is way over estimated vs. the “cost” of wasted time driving, chatting with people, getting lunch, etc. To put it another way: getting things done in “the office” is hard. There’s too many white-collar vampires who want to suck up your time and cycles.
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january 2015 by cote
To Raise Productivity, Let More Employees Work from Home - HBR
[W]e found that people working from home completed 13.5% more calls than the staff in the office did—meaning that Ctrip got almost an extra workday a week out of them. They also quit at half the rate of people in the office—way beyond what we anticipated. And predictably, at-home workers reported much higher job satisfaction
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january 2015 by cote
As the new space intended, I’ve formed interesting, unexpected bonds with my cohorts. But my personal performance at work has hit an all-time low. Each day, my associates and I are seated at a table staring at each other, having an ongoing 12-person conversation from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. It’s like being in middle school with a bunch of adults. Those who have worked in private offices for decades have proven to be the most vociferous and rowdy. They haven’t had to consider how their loud habits affect others, so they shout ideas at each other across the table and rehash jokes of yore. As a result, I can only work effectively during times when no one else is around, or if I isolate myself in one of the small, constantly sought-after, glass-windowed meeting rooms around the perimeter.
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december 2014 by cote
You want people to work as much as possible to push the product and company out of uncertain territory into profitability, right? Wrong. What you will do is push people to the edge of burnout and unhappiness. They’ll eventually leave your company.
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december 2014 by cote
Meetings are where I go to find out what kind of work I should have been doing while I was at the meeting.
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november 2014 by cote
Most of the hierarchy found in the traditional firm must be eliminated, and the walls between functional staffs must be destroyed. You can’t move fast, no matter how good the systems are, if turf fights among functions are the norm, and if even routine decisions must be processed through numerous layers of bureaucracy.
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october 2014 by cote
Business as usual is the only way rigid organisations can operate; workers are shown only what to do, but not why they do it. They are not paid to make value judgements; in fact they are forbidden to do so. When circumstances change, someone with a bit of wisdom would recognise the fact and perhaps act differently, whereas the rest carry on doing what they have always done
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october 2014 by cote
I think where people tend to end up results from a combination of encouragement, accident, and lucky break, etc. etc. Like many others, my career happened like it did because certain doors opened and certain doors closed. You know, at a certain point I thought it would be great to make film documentaries. Well, in fact, I found that to be incredibly hard and very expensive to do and I didn’t really have the courage to keep battling away at that. In another age, I might have been an academic in a university, if the university system had been different. So it’s all about trying to find the best fit between your talents and what the world can offer at that point in time.
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october 2014 by cote
I’ve gone back and forth on whether managers should code and my opinion is: don’t stop coding. Each week that passes where you don’t share the joy, despair, and discovery of software development is a week when you slowly forget what it means to be a software developer. Over time it means you’ll have a harder time talking to engineers because you’ll forget how they think and how they become bored.
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september 2014 by cote
I think having Jason spend less time being an administrator and more time writing is a huge win for all of us.
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september 2014 by cote
However, CEOs often just tell their companies that they “must execute the strategy better.” Clearly this advice isn’t very helpful, as it’s as obvious as saying, “Let’s all just do a better job!” What companies need is to identify specifically what it is that they must execute better. For example, “improve the speed of deliveries” would be a far more helpful instruction, one that could help a company achieve its strategic goal of improving customer service.
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september 2014 by cote
Creative People Say No — Medium
parislemon: Kevin Ashton: Saying “no” has more creative power than ideas, insights and talent combined. No guards time, the thread from which we weave our creations. The math of time is simple: you have less than you think and need more than you know. We are not taught to say “no.” We are taught not to say “no.” “No” is rude. “No” is a rebuff, a rebuttal, a minor act of verbal violence. “No” is for drugs and strangers with candy. I love and agree with everything about this post. Hey, it’s pretty good framing. It’s like the old programmer saw about how much interruption actually take - 2-3x the time spent in the interruption because you have to get back into “flow.” I spent a lot of time saying “no” the past week (mostly the email and my own desires to distract myself with meta-work), and ended up writing 5 or so reports. It worked out well. There’s a whole concept of that “meta-work” that needs to be explored: it’s “meetings,” analyzing team performance in spreadsheets and KPIs, dreaming up marketing support, etc. Stuff that isn’t core production. Once you master avoiding goofing off and get yourself some sort of GTD system in place, that meta-work is the next friendly assassin to watch out for.
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august 2014 by cote
“What if?” statements throw fuel on the fire of stress and worry. Things can go in a million different directions, and the more time you spend worrying about the possibilities, the less time you’ll spend focusing on taking action that will calm you down and keep your stress under control. Calm people know that asking “what if? will only take them to a place they don’t want—or need—to go. Just keep suckin’ on that chili dog.
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august 2014 by cote
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