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"Must-know" Django features : django
Hi, I am currently learning Django framework and I really enjoy it. However, I would like to take my skills to next level, what features of Django...
django  lists  learning  discussion 
yesterday by cothrun
Structuring large/complex Django projects, and using a services layer in Django projects : django
Hi all, This is a long post so I've copied my two questions for a TL;DR. I've also bolded the questions within my post so you can grasp for any...
django  discussion  bestpractices 
2 days ago by cothrun
Against service layers in Django : django
News and discussion about the Django web framework.
django  discussion 
3 days ago by cothrun
For those that outsource your writing, can you describe your workflow? : juststart
I'm currently writing everything myself, but I'm starting to get burned out, and looking to outsource the writing aspect. I'm looking at doing the...
writing  discussion  freelance 
3 days ago by cothrun
Developers: what's your approach to building themes? : Wordpress
When you build WordPress themes, what's your approach? Do you start with one of the WordPress themes, make a child theme, and customize it? Do...
wordpress  theme  discussion 
17 days ago by cothrun
Making your Django app faster : django
News and discussion about the Django web framework.
django  performance  discussion 
4 weeks ago by cothrun
[D] What are some of the most impressive Deep Learning websites you've encountered? : MachineLearning
Hey all, So I've been looking towards showcasing DL to a non-technical group in my company and I would like to hear your suggestions for websites...
machinelearning  deeplearning  lists  discussion 
5 weeks ago by cothrun
Complete free course on Django 3 : django
News and discussion about the Django web framework.
django  learning  discussion 
6 weeks ago by cothrun
Wordpress Site Cluster? : docker
Does anyone know how you would do a high available cluster for a wordpress site? I know on the front end I would need a reverse proxy, to proxy...
wordpress  docker  discussion 
6 weeks ago by cothrun
Does anyone have a decent guide on how exactly to handle JWT tokens on the front end? : vuejs
Local storage and cookies are both insecure in their own way. I have seen discussions about using a refresh token every 15 minutes or so, or...
jwt  vue.js  authentication  discussion 
7 weeks ago by cothrun
How do you guys approach solving migration errors? : django
I experience a lot of problems related to migration and I always solve it using the nuclear option (deleting migrations or SQLite DB). I'm...
django  migrations  discussion 
7 weeks ago by cothrun
PDF Generator in C# : csharp
Hello everyone!! I need an advice... I googled a lot and I'm a bit lost right now. I'll try to give you all the infos, keeping it short and simple...
c#  reporting  ssrs  pdf  generation  discussion 
8 weeks ago by cothrun
What should be the roadmap in 2020 to learn data engineering and make a career switch by 2021? : dataengineering
Currently working as a web developer. Need suggestions on technologies, courses, books and learning path. Although the path could lead to Data...
dataengineer  career  advice  discussion 
8 weeks ago by cothrun
How to generate procedural pixel art planets? : gamedev
So i have decided to write generators for pixel art planets. My main goal was to generate planets like...
procedural  art  discussion  algorithms 
9 weeks ago by cothrun
CMV: The Tesla Gigafactory (and other big companies) has not been a positive for the Reno region. : Reno
My thesis: The factory was lured and approved by our "leaders" under the promise of tax breaks for Tesla, which of course Tesla loved. But Tesla...
reno  politics  discussion  economy 
10 weeks ago by cothrun
Fast ETL in Python. Ideas? : dataengineering
I’m working on an etl Pipeline that feeds a bunch on ML models. At the moment we extract data from a few sql dbs, do some feature extraction and...
pandas  python  etl  discussion  sql  airflow  elt  spark  datascience 
10 weeks ago by cothrun
What 90s song will always be a banger? : AskReddit
r/AskReddit is the place to ask and answer thought-provoking questions.
discussion  90s  nostalgia  music  lists  bestof 
10 weeks ago by cothrun
Learning Django - Beginner Mistakes I Made That You Can Avoid : django
I am a newbie to Django web framework. I am not a coder by profession too. I had no help whatsoever from anyone, and everything I learnt was...
django  discussion  learning 
10 weeks ago by cothrun
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