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How To Save Wilting Vegetables and Fruit
This Thrifty Trick Saves My Shriveled Produce, Every Time via Instapaper
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6 hours ago
BREAKING: Author and journalist Maria Konnikova becomes PokerStars Ambassador
On what she credits with her success so far
"I think it's a combination of factors. First, I've completely immersed myself in poker. When I'm not playing, I'm studying--8, 9 hours a day. It's an incredibly intense regime, but one that I determined was necessary if I had any shot of ramping up and improving in a short period of time. So, hard work is definitely a huge part of it.

"That, and the fact that I do have a different background from most players, in psychology and writing; I've tried to leverage that to poker to gain an edge at the table in situations where I don't necessarily have the same level of experience as everyone else.
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20 hours ago
What American inequality looks like from above
What American inequality looks like from above via Instapaper
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Book Review - Moonwalking With Einstein - By Joshua Foer - The New York Times
He submits to psychological testing and acquires a coach, Ed Cooke, himself a memory-games competitor. Meeting Cooke, who represents the crashing together of youthful exuberance and mind-boggling commitment to mnemonics, is one of the many pleasures of Foer’s book. This is a fellow who constructs a network of entrance tunnels to his own birthday party, through which guests must struggle on their bellies, in order to make the party maximally memorable.
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Augmenting Long-term Memory | MetaFilter
I have used Anki for memorizing facts for bar trivia. I had a deck with all the U.S. presidents, their terms of service, their parties, their home states, and a few other facts like information about assassinations and unusual elections. I also had a deck of U.S. states, their capitals, the year the entered the union, and stuff like “Which state is the granite state?” Etc. At one point I had a deck with all winners of the Best Picture Oscar going back to 1950. I really could recall all these things too. It is surprising and almost uncanny how Anki lets you cram random facts in your brain.
anki  learning  memorization 
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What It’s Like for Men to Be Really, Really, Really Ridiculously Good-Looking via Instapaper
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2 days ago
The hottest new board games from Gen Con 2018 | Ars Technica
As a big fan of Eurogames, I'm more interested in mechanics than components… but man are a lot of Eurogames drab. Coimbra understands that if you’re going to make a game's theme inconsequential, you might as well make the production beautiful.
Coimbra’s explosion of color and fun art serve the theme of… like, becoming a powerful person in 16th-century Portugal? Or something? Doesn’t matter. What you’re really here for is the gameplay, which revolves around drafting dice and cards. Each die you draft determines a multitude of knock-on effects—what order you pick character cards in, how much they cost, what faction they can be from, and what resources you generate that round. In addition to giving you special powers, the character cards you pick determine in which of the game’s four “factions” you will gain reputation.

Every decision you make affects just about every other thing you can do in a round, so something as simple as picking a single die can be an excruciatingly difficult calculation (in a good way). Coimbra was definitely the most-hyped Euro at Gen Con, and there’s a good reason for that—it’s fantastic.
games  boardgame 
4 days ago
New Details About Wilbur Ross’ Business Point To Pattern Of Grifting
New Details About Wilbur Ross’ Business Point To Pattern Of Grifting via Instapaper
corruption  politics  fraud  twitter 
4 days ago
West Nile virus found in three Utah counties - The Salt Lake Tribune
In 2017, the West Nile was also detected in mosquitoes in Cache, Carbon, Davis, Duchesne, Salt Lake, Uintah and Utah Counties. Hillcrest High School football coach Cazzie Brown died of meningitis believed to have resulted from West Nile in August 2017.
utah  health 
4 days ago
Trump blasts Omarosa as 'lowlife' after reports on new tell-all book - Business Insider
Manigault Newman also wrote in the book she was offered $15,000 a month contract to sign a nondisclosure agreement after she was fired from the White House last year, which she said she turned down.

Manigault Newman also reportedly secretly recorded Trump, then used those recordings as leverage while shopping her book.
4 days ago
Seattle Airport Employee Takes Off In Stolen Plane, Crashes Nearby - Digg
An Alaska Airlines Plane Was Stolen From Seattle Airport And Crashed Nearby via Instapaper
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5 days ago
Frank Rich on the 2008 Financial Crisis
Frank Rich: In 2008, America Stopped Believing in the American Dream via Instapaper
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5 days ago
Who Is Marcus Hutchins? — Krebs on Security
However, multiple threads on Hackforums state that Hutchins around 2011-2012 switched to two new nicknames that corresponded to users who were far more heavily involved in coding and selling complex malicious software: “Element Products,” and later, “Gone With The Wind.”
crime  security  malware 
5 days ago
Graham Gladwell obituary
I could go on with more anecdotes
involving math challenges and lessons,
but I would like to focus the remainder
of this tribute on what I consider
to be one of Professor Gladwell’s
greatest attributes. He was perhaps
the most open-minded academic
I have ever encountered. His high
standard of excellence for himself and
others did not rely on adherence to
a particular style or a pre-conceived
set of superficial rules; his criteria
were pure and fundamental – clear,
concise descriptions and flawlessly
logical arguments. Beyond these
cognitive pillars, he was open to
various approaches and paths. So
often I would hear Graham firmly but
fairly challenge other academics to be
clear and informative. Upon hearing a
meaningful response, he was receptive
and gracious without fail.
5 days ago
Jury rules Monsanto liable in weed killer case, plaintiff awarded more than $289.2M in damages |
This is the first of thousands of cases like it against Monsanto. "I think it's exactly like the tobacco trials. Monsanto, for 40 years, has been taking the playbook from the tobacco industry, ghostwriting science, buying science, using all the different PR strategies and the legal strategies to confuse the science to blur the science and I'm so glad that this jury held them accountable," said Johnson's attorney, Robert F. Kennedy Jr.

Monsanto VP Scott Partridge said, "No, it's not a fair analysis at all. We all know tobacco causes cancer, glyphosate does not cause cancer. It's been perfectly safe and that's been demonstrated for more than four decades. I don't know how they got it wrong but they did, they got it wrong."
5 days ago
Administration of an Herbal Complex, Jakyak-Gamcho-Tang (JGT), for Plantar ...: OneSearch
Administration of an Herbal Complex, Jakyak-Gamcho-Tang (JGT), for Plantar Fasciitis in Military Medical Service: A Case Report
plantar  heal  medicine 
6 days ago
Ba ba ba ba ba ba ba ba ba ba ba ba ba ba ba lobsters ba ba ba | MetaFilter
I reckon I've met dumber people with PhDs than Peterson, but not that many. His philosophical arguments are facile, simplistic and unilluminating, regardless of their political content. Yeah, he occasionally says some things that aren't appallingly offensive per se, but they're basically either obvious and trivial or just nonsense.

Peterson infuriates me more than most, not just because he's a woman hating bigot (although he definitely is), but because he is selling a cheap s***ty knockoff of important and insightful ideas that he appears incapable of, and uninterested in, understanding.
6 days ago
The Quietus | Opinion | Black Sky Thinking | Why The Jordan Peterson & Mumfords Brodown Comes As No Surprise
The Quietus | Opinion | Black Sky Thinking | Why The Jordan Peterson & Mumfords Brodown Comes As No Surprise via Instapaper
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6 days ago
What Do 90-Somethings Regret Most? – Member Feature Stories – Medium
I began each conversation by asking if they had any regrets. By this point, they’d lived long enough to look at life from multiple angles so I knew their responses would be meaningful. Most of their regrets revolved around their families. They wished relationships, either with their children or between their children, turned out differently. These relational fractures, I could see on their faces, still caused them much pain and sorrow. One of my interviewees has two children who haven’t seen or spoken to each another for over two decades. She lamented that this, among all the mistakes and regrets she could bring to mind, was the single thing keeping her up at night.

I then moved on to the happiest moments of their lives. Every single one of these 90-something-year-olds, all of whom are widowed, recalled a time when their spouses were still alive and their children were younger and living at home. As a busy young mom and working professional who frequently fantasizes about the faraway, imagined pleasures of retirement, I quickly responded, “But weren’t those the most stressful times of your lives?” Yes of course, they all agreed. But there was no doubt that those days were also the happiest.
aging  love  regret 
6 days ago
Billy Ray Irick execution: Inmate says "I'm really sorry" before death - CBS News
At first he appeared to sigh and say "no." But then he said, "I just want to say I'm really sorry and that, that's it." 

A minute later, his eyes closed. Snoring and heavy breathing were heard. Then at 7:34 p.m., there was coughing, huffing and deep breaths. An attendant began yelling "Billy" and checked the inmate and grabbed his shoulder, but there didn't seem to be any reaction. Two minutes later, Irick was not making any noise and began to turn dark purple.
6 days ago
Every Culture Appropriates - The Atlantic
A Canadian university cancelled its yoga classes as culturally appropriating—notwithstanding that most of the strenuous moves taught in a modern class actually originate in Danish gymnastics and British army calisthenics, which were in turn appropriated by Indian entrepreneurs seeking to update yoga from a meditative to an active practice for the body-conscious modern age.
culture  pc 
7 days ago
Bari Weiss, Outrage Mobs, and Identity Politics - The Atlantic
Bari Weiss and the Left-Wing Infatuation With Taking Offense via Instapaper
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7 days ago
58 years ago | Seth's Blog
Diabetes and obesity were relatively rare.
diet  health  diab 
7 days ago
Buried in Indonesia Earthquake, He Dug Out With Chunk of Debris - The New York Times
An Indonesia Quake Buried Him in a Mosque. He Dug Out With a Chunk of Debris. via Instapaper
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8 days ago
iPhone (
Ozma, observing this action in her Magic Picture, at once caught up a similar instrument from a table beside her and held it to her own ear. The two instruments recorded the same delicate vibrations of sound and formed a wireless telephone, an invention of the Wizard. Those separated by any distance were thus enabled to converse together with perfect ease and without any wire connection.

“Do you hear me, Shaggy Man?” asked Ozma.

“Yes, Your Highness,” he replied.
8 days ago
God and the Good Life // University of Notre Dame
Home // God and the Good Life // University of Notre Dame via Instapaper
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10 days ago
This Insane Little League Play Involves A Kid With A Cannon For An Arm And A Crazy Tag - Digg
A Crazy Little League Throw, A Wild Little League Leap And An Insane Little League Tag via Instapaper
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10 days ago
Fatal motorcycle accident in Orem |
OREM, Utah — A 20-year-old man from Saudi Arabia was killed in a motorcycle crash Saturday night in Orem.

The crash took place just before 10 p.m. near 300 South State Street.

Investigators say two motorcyclists were speeding on State Street and one of the bikes crashed into a Ford Expedition that was in the process of turning left at 300 South.

Other than releasing the man’s age and country of origin, police have not released any more information about the man who died.
safety  ksa 
10 days ago
Michigan quarterly review: Vol. 30, No. 4
CHARLES SIMIC OBSCURE BEGINNINGS I was a winter fly on the ceiling In the house of arachnids. Silence reigned. Queen Insomnia Sipped tea in the parlor, Death and Judgment by her side. The ceiling like a polar expedition. The window like a theater of cruelty With its view of the fields: Sheep nibbling wild flowers, And the sky beyond them, vast and empty. Death notices posted in every room. The old woman dressing a small child for slaughter In a convent's school uniform. The ceiling pale as the flowers. The red parrot screaming in the parrot house.
11 days ago
Disposable Ballpoint Pen History: Pennies on the Dollar
Disposable Ballpoint Pen History: Pennies on the Dollar via Instapaper
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11 days ago
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