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A Guide to Tokyo Pen shops

Juzen-sha is in the southern part of Tokyo, near Omori station on the JR Keihin Tohoku Line. Although it looks like an average stationery store from the outside, they actually sell vintage pens as well. I was surprised to see a whole tray of Vacumatics displayed among the modern pens for sale with no sign indicating these were even vintage!

They also have custom pens made for Juzensha by Pilot, which are sold no where else in the world. These pens have a slightly different design, including flat cap ends rather than the standard Pilot round end.
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11 weeks ago by craniac
CLOSE TO HOME - Just a Pen, You Say? Not to Bic Boy -
Like my writer friend who says magazine redesigns give him anxiety attacks, or the legions of M&M traditionalists who freaked out when they brought in blue, I realized that the god of small things is vengeful indeed.
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february 2015 by craniac

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