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Review: Richard Powers’s ‘The Overstory’ - The Atlantic
Review of dour dystopic view of humans’ egocentric march toward destruction #lemming
forest  environment  climate  change  human  ego  destruction  review  book  novel  Q1  2020  extinction 
2 days ago
The Difference between Soul and Spirit – Jessica Davidson
Rare post on body, soul, spirit and their interrelationships. History and touches of wry humor, too
soul  spirit  metaphysics  history  christianity  egypt  greece  plato  celt  religion  mysticism  god  universe  bullsi  exceptional 
7 days ago
13 Ways to Move More Throughout the Day (Even While at Work) | Mark's Daily Apple
Great ideas for incorporating body movement into your workday: how to design it into work and home
paleo  primal  movement  body  howto  stretch  barefoot  hack  list  walking  standing  desk  work  carrying  workout  pullup  hiking  floor  squat  couch  apparel  design  home 
7 days ago
The American Life Is Killing You - Erik Rittenberry - Medium
Polemic on soul-robbing consumerism ironically gives little insight, no pain, just anger. I feel it’s very accurate, a good summary
culture  pointofview  USA  manipulation  publicrelations  Marketing  consumer  materialism  environment  alienation  existentialism 
10 days ago
Creative Coworking
Locations at Sheridan/Granville and downtown Evanston
cowork  edgewater  evanston  office 
13 days ago
'Empathy' for independent Scotland joining the EU says Tusk - BBC News
European Union official gingerly commenting on the question of an independent Scotland joining the EU
scotland  europe  Q1  2020  brussels  membership  speculation  politics 
15 days ago
Europe, Scotland and Brexit - what next?
Reflecting on what the certainty of brexit means for Scotland
scotland  uk  europe  Q1  2020  pointofview  referendum  independence  brexit 
15 days ago
5 Reasons to Eat Cabbage | Health Benefits & More | The Old Farmer's Almanac
Cabbage is magic: I eat several pounds per week, and it’s delicious raw and cooked—But NOT using trad methods (*never* boil anything)
paleo  cooking  growing  farming  howto  cabbage  health 
17 days ago
Our Desperate Need for Reviving the Divine Feminine
A call to express whole humanity, to stop repressing feminine energy and power
pointofview  female  archetype  leadership  power  mythology  politics  society 
18 days ago
US killing of Qasem Soleimani is good news for IS jihadists - BBC News
Useful analysis of likely blowback against Trump’s assassination of Soleimani
iraq  iran  shia  sunni  germany  netherlands  assassination  trump  Q1  2020  analysis  military  coalition  islamic  state 
5 weeks ago
How to Prune Hibiscus: 10 Steps (with Pictures) - wikiHow
Useful reference post for how and when to prune hibiscus
garden  hibiscus  howto  prune  trim  season  reference  home 
5 weeks ago
John Townley's AstroCocktail: Soul Mates
Astrological contact points that can indicate intimacy or enmity between people + Tongue in cheek look at the “soul mate/true love” business, and astrologers are in the thick of it
astrology  relationship  humor  satire  soul  mate  history  business  composite  synastry  reference 
5 weeks ago
John Townley's AstroCocktail
An hors d’oeuvre explanation of the astrological vertex and its value in composite and synastry charts
vertex  reference  astrology  bullsi  value  proposition  relationship  fate  composite  history 
5 weeks ago
John Townley's AstroCocktail
Brilliant take on the power of composite charts for relationships—and insight on natal charts
astrology  relationship  chart  comparison  natal  transit  progression  insight  bullsi  reference  history  context  composite 
5 weeks ago
The Composite Chart - Liz Greene | Astrodienst
Superb article on composite charts: How they compare to synastry and natal charts, and how to use them
composite  synastry  comparison  reference  bullsi  natal  howto  relationship  partner  lover  children  family  value  proposition  usecase 
6 weeks ago
The Wood Wide Web: How trees secretly talk to and share with each other | The Kid Should See This
Short video explains and shows graphically some of the mechanics of communication and nutrient sharing among trees
forest  tree  fungi  video  exchange  sharing  environment 
6 weeks ago
Astrology Definitions – A
Fantastic resource: a relatively large dictionary of astrological terms
astrology  reference  definition  glossary 
7 weeks ago
Trump impeachment and a US state divided - BBC News
Some clear thinking for and against #trump #impeachment from New Hampshire voters
trump  impeachment  pointofview  new  hampshire 
8 weeks ago
Reed biology grad discovers plastic-eating bacteria
These bacteria actually break down PET plastic, and they are naturally occurring, not human-made!
environment  biology  discovery  plastic  bacteria 
9 weeks ago
An octopus is the closest thing to an alien here on earth — Quartz
Octopi show many signs of intelligence: Have we humans been defining “intelligence” too subjectively?
octopus  animal  intelligence  science  research  pointofview  human  definition  evolution 
9 weeks ago
A debate over plant consciousness is forcing us to confront the limitations of the human mind — Quartz
Scientists argue over whether plants are intelligent + the uncomfortable moral questions this raises
plant  intelligence  science  pointofview  research  ethics 
9 weeks ago
14 Scenarios When Fasting Might Be Your Best Approach | Mark's Daily Apple
Excellent description summaries for 15 use cases for #IF - #intermittent #fasting. My favorite is freedom from my perceived “need” to eat; I truly only eat when I want; I can fast many days with full mental and physical performance, and you probably can too.
intermittent  fasting  reference  usecase  value  proposition  howto  food  paleo  primal  health  wellness 
9 weeks ago
This One Simple Trick Will Make All Your Meals Taste Better | Mark's Daily Apple
Rich post on various use cases for IF (intermittent fasting) along with
links. don’t be put off by the restau tricksterism, the best is below
intermittent  fasting  reference  usecase  value  proposition  restaurant  food  appreciation  paleo  primal  health  wellness 
9 weeks ago
Icebound: The climate-change secrets of 19th century ship’s logs
Superb story of volunteers transcribing old ship logs for weather data and observations offering new data on climate change
arctic  ocean  history  ship  journal  log  volunteer  climate  change  data  record  exceptional 
9 weeks ago
The Deep Sea infographic: see what life lives at each depth by simple scrolling
How deep do you want to go? MUSTsee scrolling infographic reveals ocean life at each depth
exceptional  ocean  milestone  life  whale  shark  fish  animal  infographic  environment  biology  expedition  design 
10 weeks ago
WritersUA - Agile Technical Documentation
Well-rounded intro to #agile #technical #documentation
agile  documentation  howto  technical  writing  csr19  scrum  role  reference 
10 weeks ago
Marijuana tech company Leaf Trade raises $4.5 million - Chicago Tribune
Cannabis supply chain software startup expands ahead of illinois’s imminent sales via legalization of marijuana
chicago  startup  software  cannabis  news  Q4  2019  platform  supply  chain  dispensary  illinois 
10 weeks ago
The first ever photograph of light as both a particle and wave
Physics experiment hacks method to capture light behaving as particle and wave simultaneously
physics  light  particle  wave  experiment  milestone  Q4  2019 
11 weeks ago
This Girl’s Therapist Suggested Drawing On Her Body Instead of Cutting, And It Worked Beautifully
One therapist suggests to young woman who was cutting herself to draw on her skin instead, sparking a new movement. “7% of (USA) population cuts”
howto  cutting  drawing  skin  tattoo  social  media  example  zentangle  design  Q4  2019  doodling  self  harm  injury 
11 weeks ago
Saturn Transits: 12th House – Jessica Davidson
MUST read: Superb summary of Saturn's transit of your (natal) 12th house, which lasts 2-3 years. This post can help you ground yourself in the process
12th  house  astrology  reference  saturn  exceptional  transit  consequences  disruption  transformation  cycle  journey  ego  spirit 
12 weeks ago
He Walked by Night - Wikipedia
Superb crime noir about an ingenious murderer and criminal who always seems one step ahead of the LAPD. They later discover he was a radio operator and listened to their communications
noir  1948  losangeles  police  robbery  storm  drain  radio  technology  army  gadget 
12 weeks ago
Divorcing parents who poison children against their former partner could lose custody | The Independent
UK agency tries to counter primary custody parent’s demonizing to other parent: “alienation” to the point that children refuse to see the
non-custodial parent
divorce  uk  parent  custody  government  agency  Q4  2019  children  conflict  coercion 
12 weeks ago
Wikipedia's Jimmy Wales has launched an alternative to Facebook and Twitter - TechSpot
Would you pay [$10] a year for a Facebook or twitter without advertising? here is your chance!
social  media  Competition  wikipedia  facebook  twitter  business  model  advertising  community  launch  Q4  2019  news  curation 
november 2019
Scorpios, Meet Your Kindred Spirits! (8th House Sun people) |
Interesting useful opinion: How Scorpio (Sun) people relate to 8th-house people
scorpio  8thhouse  comparison  astrology  relationship  mkr  stgr  pointofview 
november 2019
The Phoenix Complex: Surviving Scorpio’s Death Instinct |
Descriptive personal description of Scorpio/Pluto/8th-house character and drives
astrology  scorpio  8thhouse  pluto  pointofview  death  regeneration  danger  compulsion  stgr  MKR  suicide  sexuality  phoenix  howto 
november 2019
Chicago's cold blast spells concern for the city's homeless - Reuters
did you know? Arctic cold is a bother for many, but critical for others: “16,000 people sleep each night on the #Chicago streets and shelters” #homeless
chicago  Statistics  homeless  arctic  weather  culture  mental  illness 
november 2019
Inner Sanctum (1948 film) - Wikipedia
Campy noir of an accidental murder on a train; see how the murderer makes out while hiding in a small town. In a twist, a "professor" on the train warns the victim not to get off the train, but she ignores him and gets killed
film  noir  1948  train  murder  town  journalist  seattle  clairvoyant 
november 2019
Mystic Warrior Practice – Introduction – Jessica Davidson
Exceptional: A beautiful description of a "mystic warrior" journey, letting go of Ego and reuniting with God
spirituality  csrblogcomment  ego  spirit  god  universe  journey  exceptional 
november 2019
Picnic Wine & Provisions – Wine, Food and Gifts
Wine tastings, coffee, art, music and cultural goings-on at Sheridan & Chase in #rogerspark #chicago
Rogerspark  wine  picnic  art  music  sheridan  coffee  gallery  tasting 
november 2019
Designing documentation for different user profile needs and expectations: process and purpose
Superb discussion and comparison of #DITA, #HATs and hard coding to manage huge volume of #documentation data #Technical #Writing
technical  writing  dita  single  sourcing  help  authoring  tool  comparison  value  proposition  example  reference  2004  robohelp  flare  user  persona  code  csr19  documentation 
november 2019
Guest Post: Justifying Single Sourcing, a Case Study – Vinish Garg | UX, Content Strategy, Narrative Strategy
Have you ever wanted to make the case for #single #sourcing? Here is an excellent #case #study that illustrates its value proposition #technical #writing
technical  writing  single  sourcing  csr19  casestudy  bullsi  flagging  tagging  robohelp  help  authoring  tool  code  image  example  user  usecase  documentation 
november 2019
Amazon's rising air shipments fly in the face of climate plan - Reuters
‪Do you really need that @amazon package next day? “A standard package flown on a plane in the United States creates an estimated 6-10 times more CO2 emissions than one traveling by truck” #environment #climate #change > Flying counter to climate plan
environment  climate  change  amazon  co2  Statistics  Q4  2019  package  delivery  logistics  distribution 
november 2019
Keystone pipeline spill hardens landowner opposition to proposed expansion - Reuters
Shocking: #Keystone #spills much higher than projected. Why I don’t trust management of any project like this. Too much self interest, bias
dakota  pipeline  environment  spill  Q4  2019  opposition  estimate  trump  oil  keystone  canada  usa  texas  farm  land  pollution 
november 2019
Getting started for new members | Slack
Onboard guide for the Social Channel App's collaboration spaces
slack  onboard  guide  collaboration  team  sochap 
november 2019
Everybody Lies in User Documentation | Technical Writing Blog
How technical writers short-change users in favor of their employers/clients
technical  writing  lie  user  omission  manual  help  online  onboarding  pointofview  software 
november 2019
Black-Owned Banks Fight to Bounce Back - NerdWallet
Sobering statistics about African Americans and banks - and how "black banks" aim to fill the gap
bank  black  brown  community  under  access  poor  2019  Statistics  race  culture  usa 
november 2019
A higher-tech walkie-talkie could free up dispatchers for true emergen
User research with #first #responders to design new #smartphone #walkie #talkie
motorola  fire  police  first  responder  radio  smartphone  q4  2019  innovation  user  Research  emergency  hightech 
november 2019
Never Underestimate the Intelligence of Trees - Issue 77: Underworlds  - Nautilus
“We just make these assumptions about them that they’re these benign creatures that have no emotion. No intelligence. They don’t behave like we do, so we just block it out.” #Forest #intelligence #research #neural #network
forest  tree  neural  network  research  fungi  community  emotion  bullsi  exceptional  offspring  children  kin  ecosystem 
november 2019
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