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Outsourcing - Insurance Start-Up Quickly Succeeds Thanks to Back-Office Outsourcing Provider
Good story about Puerto Rico-based insurer entering the U.S. market quickly by outsourcing back end
Insurance  FSI  BPO  Sourcing  marketentry  Strategy  SMB 
march 2008
Waters magazine - Resourcing to India
In-sourced via India captive center formerly outsourced
Bank  Casestudy  BPO  ITO  Resourcing  JP_Morgan  UBS  Sourcing  India  Captive 
march 2008
Manulife, CGI open Halifax IT development centre
John Hancock Manulife merger offshores in Halifax; Service Oriented Architecture
Casestudy  Insurance  Sourcing  Merger  ITO 
march 2008
Mortgage Technology: After the subprime fallout
Discusses sub-prime crisis and IT ramifications in 2008, beyond
Mortgage  subprime  Technology  2007 
march 2008
Call Center Times
Excellent articles on call center operations and marketing
Sourcing  Casestudy  Call_center  Segmentation  Consumer  Customer  Service  Credit  Card 
march 2008
Insurance Outsourcing: India Gains Momentum as Offshoring Intensifies
Brief discussion of the development of value-added outsourcing industry
Sourcing  FSI  Insurance  india  Analysis  Prediction  2006 
march 2008
Offshoringtimes | News | IT Outsourcing
Directory of major vendors, sites, cities.. Blog | Whitepapers | Case Studies | Articles | Destinations | Companies
Sourcing  News  India  KPO  BPO  ITO  Directory  Guide  Location  Exceptional  Tool 
march 2008 - ITO | BPO | KPO
Excellent reportage of sourcing industry in India
Sourcing  Analysis  Reports  India 
march 2008
Knowledge Process Outsourcing: The Big Game
Excellent overview of KPO; good list of providers, including costs
KPO  Report  Analysis  Guide  Exceptional  2006  Sourcing  Cost  Billing.rate 
march 2008
Bridge Strategy Group
parent=Satyam Chicago India Connection Dave LaRue
Management  Consulting  Strategy  Sourcing 
march 2008
Resolve Business Process Outsourcing
Resolve. Business Process Outsourcing. Contact Center Services. Supply Chain Management. Financial and Administrative Solutions.
FSI  sourcing  Canada  Vendor  Financialservices 
march 2008
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