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Charting Utility Growth: Five Corporate Strategies and How They Play
Dated but great brief description of electric utility business models with EVA yardstick
9jun08  ValueProp  Electric  2000  Utility  Business_model  Exceptional 
july 2008
Hypericum ::
Compares Arnica, Rhus Tox Hypericum in context
Homeopathy  Rating  Comparison  Exceptional 
july 2008
Peoples prez Rogers heading to Allstate | Crain's
New Vice President Social Networking at Allstate Financial
Enterprise2.0  Social  Network  Executive 
july 2008
Social networks link workers --
Within the firewall social networking.. IBM, P&G, Nortel
Enterprise2.0  Social  Network  Innovation  Human  Capital 
july 2008
Bach Flower Remedies: Homeopathy & More
If you want to learn about Bach Flower Essences, here's a guide
july 2008
Homeopathy and More for All
Awesm resource for those tired of dead texts of Europe; these have a place but are limited; using this "living text" also can be very insightful and useful
Homeopathy  Guide  Social  Network  Exceptional 
july 2008
Enter Content Here: Web Content 2008 Notes
Excellent notes on many of the sessions I didn't cover
Web.Content.Conference  2008  Analysis 
june 2008
Identify and follow threads on Twitter
Twitter  Meme  Emergent 
june 2008
A little disorganized if you are looking for quick hit but some good stuff
Cycling  Homeopathy 
june 2008
Free! Why $0.00 Is the Future of Business
Must read; idea's simple but profound as it uncovers unconscious assumptions
Vision  Economics  economy  economie  ValueProp  Strategy  Exceptional 
june 2008
Sample Media Alert |
Quick example for how to do a media alert, invite media to an event
Media.alert  Tool  PublicRelations  Guide 
june 2008
Career Services Home - Alumni
Careercast: program for leaders and inspiration
Booth  Leader  Career  Employment  Service  Business 
june 2008 | Obama aims to calm fears over free trade
need to educate obama team to serve ppl better by moving to knowledge economy. This sounds too much like industrial economy reactionary thought.
Globalization  politics  Policy  Trade  Obama  USA 
june 2008
January 20, 2003
Sausage David Berg Chicago fire
Chicago  History  Germany 
june 2008
Today's Markets -
Brief overview of U.S. Fed decision leaving rates unchanged
2008  Capital_markets  Analysis  Stocks  Technology  Banking  Manufacturing  economy  economie 
june 2008 :: Twitter users organized into business categories
Sure sign of maturation: search twitter people by category, other
Twitter  Adoption  Search  Category  Tool 
june 2008
Building Blog Community by Setting Homework For Readers
Awesome idea to encourage interactivity and community
blog  Community  Guide 
june 2008
"Flexion-Distraction" therapy appropriate chiro - Google Search
Beginning search results for appropriate use of Flexion-Distraction
Search  Chiropractic  Therapy 
june 2008
Gonstead therapy appropriate chiro - Google Search
Beginning search results for appropriate use of Gonstead
Search  Chiropractic  Therapy 
june 2008
Dubious Use of Surface Electromyography (SEMG)
Good references, seems an honest appraisal; note lists other moneymaking "machine therapies"
Chiropractic  Therapy  Rating  Comparison  Exceptional 
june 2008
Infrared Thermal Imaging of Myofascial Trigger Points | David J BenEliyahu, DC, CCSP, DNBCT
Good references, beginning explanation of therapeutic value of infrared thermal imaging
Chiropractic  Therapy 
june 2008
Rowen Pfeifer Chiropractic
note absence of machine.. good thing?
chiropractic  directory 
june 2008
The National Directory of Chiropractic - ZipcodeSearch
In truth she only uses the adjuster; look under "technoloogies"
june 2008
National Directory of Chiropractors and Clinics
Seems dubious; no information except for paid listings
directory  Chiropractic  Health  Alternative 
june 2008
LinkedIn: Companies
In beta.. company profiles on LinkedIn
LinkedIn  Enterprise  directory  Guide 
june 2008
FT Alphaville » Blog Archive » Goldman, Citi slash heads, fuel job fears
More grim news, even at GS, which was relatively unscathed in CDO mess; layoffs
Bank  Crisis  2008 
june 2008
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