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Ahead of the Tape -
quick note on industry cycle for 2009
Bank  2008  Crisis  Analysis 
september 2008
Social Media Marketing Mastermind
A lot going on & good place to study how to integrate social media tools
Social  Network  Facebook  Twitter  Casestudy 
september 2008
iPhone Apps For Social Networks - ReadWriteWeb
Tidbits on iPhone apps for Twitter, MySpace, Facebook
Social  Network  Software  iPhone  Guide 
september 2008
Searching for the best Twitter app | Degutis Insights
Excellent overview of Twitter apps, looking for the best client to deal w multiple accts, on iPhone & Powerbook
Twitter  Rating  Comparison  Software  Exceptional 
september 2008
allstate "social network" - Google Search
c-level social network appointment; various articles
Enterprise  Social  Network  2008  Executive  Search 
september 2008
The Travelin' Librarian: How to create a Twitter conference feed
Decent how-to on creating a Twitter feed.. some gray space but the info's basically there
Twitter  Conference  Marketing  Community 
september 2008
"facebook pages" compare "facebook groups" - Google Search
Excellent collection of articles comparing Facebook Pages vs. Facebook Groups, most from a marketing perspective (users, not so much)
Search  Facebook  tactic  Marketing  Page  Group 
september 2008
My little research on Facebook Page V.S Facebook Group
Excellent comparison table enables you to come up to speed quickly, from a business management perspective
Facebook  tactic  Marketing  Campaign  Group  Page  Rating  Comparison 
september 2008 / World - Protests bring Bolivia's reforms to a standstill
Struggle between indigenous Evo Morales supporters and Eastern landowners
Bolivia  Latin  America  politics  Policy  Disruption  2008 
september 2008 | CNBC in tie-up with LinkedIn
brief analysis LinkedIn's potential value to enterprise partners
linkedin  media  Strategy  Alliance  2008  Executive 
september 2008
Chapter 10 Perl
Nice level of detail.. probably everything I need to get a decent understanding of Perl and Mysql
Tutorial  Tool  PERL  Script  HTML  Form  MySQL  Exceptional 
september 2008
Perlmasters Perl Script and CGI Script Resource Site
Some useful mysql contextual info.. but it's centered on their products
MySQL  Guide  Tool  Tutorial 
september 2008
Connecting to a MySQL Database Using CGI/Perl -
Promising example of how to use a PERL script to accept form data and write to mySQL
Tutorial  Tool  PERL  Script  HTML  Form  MySQL 
august 2008 | Merrill losses wipe away longtime profits
oh, the devastation, somehow reminds me of the Hindenberg
Bank  Crisis  2008 
august 2008
New Credit Hurdle Looms for Banks -
Good analysis of banks' financial juggling act for the foreseesable future
Banking  FSI  Bank  2008  Crisis  News  Analysis 
august 2008
HTML menu, HTML FIX IT . COM Tutorial index.
A great step-by-step series of short guides for tech-inclined but not necessarily programmers.
Tutorial  PERL  CGI  PHP  Exceptional 
august 2008
Perl/CGI on Unix :: Unix@CMS :: University of Greenwich
Ideas for how to interface html forms to MySQL databse
Tutorial  Tool  PERL  Script  HTML  Form  MySQL 
august 2008
Google Answers: Perl script to insert data from HTML form to MySQL
Ideas for how to interface html forms to MySQL databse
Tool  PERL  Script  HTML  Form  MySQL 
august 2008
A Few Good Event-Registration Tools
Excellent, mentions and positions the major brands.. highly recommended!
Conference  Event  Management  Tool  SaaS  Comparison  Analysis 
august 2008
Demystifying On‐Line Registration Systems
Discussion of event management systems.. good for overall view.. disappointing did not actual comparisons
Conference  Event  Management  Tool  Online  E-Commerce  filetype:pdf  media:document 
august 2008
KPMG in Canada | Web 2.0: The Benefits and Challenges of Adoption
Suggests high-level opportunities and threats.. KPMG obviously can help w risk management, wonder if they will address the opportunity side of the ledger?
Web2.0  Vision  Strategy  2007  Adoption  Enterprise 
august 2008
FT Alphaville » Blog Archive » The Bove note on Lehman, in full
Pithy with grins account of Lehman's fate in August 2008.. classic
Bank  Merger  USA  subprime  Crisis  Exceptional 
august 2008 | The return of the state: How government is back at the heart of economic life
Excellent essay on the prospect that USA and UK "unbridled capitalism" might tarnish free markets in the medium to long term; well worth a read
Government  economy  economie  report  analysis  exceptional 
august 2008
Bootstrap Institute: About BI
Extraordinary thought and mission of Dr. Douglas C. Engelbart; check it out!
Collaboration  Disruption  ThoughtLeadership  Innovation 
august 2008
Foreign Policy: Your portal to global politics, economics, and ideas
Conservative pop ("accessible ,^) journal of US-centric policy; quite good
Global  Policy  USA  Economics  Analysis 
august 2008
Trove of Latin American executives interested in foreign posts or business
Brasil  Brazil  America.Latina  LatinAmerica  Executive  Community 
august 2008
Secure Enterprise 2.0 Resource Central
Trove of white papers by leading analyst firms.. many require subscriptions, though
Enterprise2.0  Reports  Web2.0  Analyst 
august 2008
hospital impact
Excellent blog with topical posts, a bit of wit and a mission
Hospital  Management  Healthcare  Vision  Analysis  Exceptional  14aug8 
august 2008
Hospital Rating Mashup
Awesome google maps mashup w hospital ratings..type in your zip code and read 'em and weep ,^0
Hospital  Rating  Comparison  Mashup  Exceptional  14aug8 
august 2008
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