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Bank of America Chicago Marathon | Press Center
Nice timeline about Chicago Marathon and ups/downs in establishing an expensive event with global visibility
History  Marathon  Running  Chicago 
october 2008
FT Alphaville » Blog Archive » Lombard: The US bail-out explained
LOL that subtle, not-quite-sardonic wit adds a sweetness to bitter uncertainty
humor  Bank  crisis  2008  exceptional 
september 2008
35% of BlackBerry users would choose their PDA over their spouse | Gulliver |
,-D a *scream*! The comments are the best, reflecting many sides of cultural and relationship issues of "being connected"
Culture  Humor  Exceptional  Mobile 
september 2008
Business -
The bulge bracket ceases to exist..presages further carnage? Definitive acknowledgement that no light at end of tunnel for leverage, short-term financing..these guys have *such* different DNA from commercial banks and for them to pursue this is a true last resort
Bank  Crisis  Merger  2008  News  Analysis  Exceptional 
september 2008
Clay Shirky at Web 2.0 Expo SF 2008
Introduces the concept of "cognitive surplus" + clueless Media_1.0
Web2.0  Transformation  Conference  2008  Media  Exceptional  knowledge  economy  Industrial 
september 2008
Lauri's Veeps
Awesm site features orig portraits & musings on U.S. vice presidents
Election  2008  History  Executive  USA  Exceptional  Humor 
september 2008
Facebook | 1,000,000 Strong Against Sarah Palin
Example of people using social networks for politics
Election  usa  2008  Republican  Web2.0 
september 2008
Facebook | Sarah Palin
Example of people using social networks for politics
Election  usa  2008  Republican  Web2.0 
september 2008
Salesboost Homepage
Interesting go-to-market proposition
Professional  Service  Design  SMB  Web1.0  B2B  B2C  Marketing  news  2sbs 
september 2008
World Names Profiler
Simple tool suggests where surnames pervail
Tool  Family  Culture  History  Global 
september 2008
Ultimatum by Paulson Sparked Frantic End -
Nice behind-the-scenes acct of Paulsen's Friday mtg w Wall St. execs: "No LEH bailout"
Bank  wallstreet  USA  Crisis  Executive  Exceptional 
september 2008
After Frantic Day, Wall St. Banks Falter -
Lehman Brothers bankrupt, more on Merrill Lynch and AIG
Bank  Crisis  2008  Bankruptcy  News 
september 2008
Ahead of the Tape -
quick note on industry cycle for 2009
Bank  2008  Crisis  Analysis 
september 2008
Social Media Marketing Mastermind
A lot going on & good place to study how to integrate social media tools
Social  Network  Facebook  Twitter  Casestudy 
september 2008
iPhone Apps For Social Networks - ReadWriteWeb
Tidbits on iPhone apps for Twitter, MySpace, Facebook
Social  Network  Software  iPhone  Guide 
september 2008
Searching for the best Twitter app | Degutis Insights
Excellent overview of Twitter apps, looking for the best client to deal w multiple accts, on iPhone & Powerbook
Twitter  Rating  Comparison  Software  Exceptional 
september 2008
allstate "social network" - Google Search
c-level social network appointment; various articles
Enterprise  Social  Network  2008  Executive  Search 
september 2008
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