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Twitter Passes NYT, WSJ in Unique Visitors - ReadWriteWeb
Amazing milestone: hear ye, people like to contribute & share: MSM doesn't allow it; Twitter multidimensional
Twitter  MSM  2Tw  Analysis  Disruption  milestone  Exceptional 
may 2009
Facing the haters at Facebook | Adventures in IT - InfoWorld
Nice short piece on interests trying to bully Facebook into regulating content they don't like
Facebook  Ethics  Policy  Community 
may 2009
Twitter Paid $6 or Less for Crowdsourced ‘Birdie’ Graphic | Epicenter
The crowdsoucing story & legal status on Twitter's bird graphic (it's not a logo)
Twitter  2tw  Crowdsourcing  Design  Policy  Stockphoto  Legal  story 
may 2009
WatchThatPage - Monitor web pages extract new information
Receive notification when content changes on your selected pages
Website  Monitoring  Service  Tool 
may 2009
The 6 Most Common Facebook Photos : College Candy
Tongue in cheek light analysis of facebook profile, culture.. don't overlook the comments
Facebook  Culture  Profile  PointofView  Analysis 
may 2009
Are You Breaking the Law with Social Media Marketing?
Nice summary of recent guidance from FCC on shilling
Social  Media  marketing  ethics  legal  guide 
may 2009
Home — BackType
Track, consolidate and share blog comments
blog  Comment  syndication 
may 2009
8 Essential Free Social Media Monitoring Tools
Nice summary of starter social media measurement tools
Social  Media  monitoring  report  guide  exceptional  cdb9 
may 2009
Obama sushi - Boing Boing
Amazing artistry! h/t @sernovitz
Exceptional  culture  Obama  Japan 
may 2009
10 Privacy Settings Every Facebook User Should Know
Excellent summary/guide to FB privacy+good discussion
Facebook  Privacy  Guide  2fb  Exceptional 
may 2009
This is Your Brain On Caffeine
Interesting studyon caffeine withdrawal and net benefits h/t @guykawasaki
Caffeine  Productivity  Research  ValueProp 
may 2009
10 Signs You’re A Facebook Noob
Excellent summary: use Facebook socially while having business sense
Facebook  guide  2fb  Analysis  Culture  Etiquette  Exceptional 
april 2009
TweetPhoto: TwitPic Finally Gets a Real Competitor
New entrant to twitter pix game h/t @infosourcer!
Twitter  2tw  photo  Vendor  Software  Web2.0 
april 2009
Apple plots course for middle of mobile -
Analysis/Speculation on Apple's plans for tablet computer: between iPhone and MacBook
Apple  Hardware  Design  Tablet  UMPC  Analysis  Mobile 
april 2009
Interesting blurb on Information Overload and possible links to Alzheimer's
Brain  Memory  Alzheimer  Research 
april 2009
11 Things to Avoid When Using Twitter | Tech N’ Marketing
Some good points; worth checking out the blog for other Twitter posts h/t Ayelet
Twitter  2tw  Guide  PointofView 
april 2009
SlideShare Upgrades Facebook App for Redistribution
Better interoperability between Facebook and Slideshare.. enables increased Facebook use for business
Facebook  2fb  Business  Adoption  Software  application 
april 2009
Social network - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Nice summary of SNA metrics and brief definitions
Social  Network  Analysis  Metrics 
april 2009
Facebook | Supply Chain
Don't overlook "groups like this" in right column
Facebook  Supply  Chain  Group  1ma9 
april 2009
Facebook | FreightOnWeb
Facebook Group promotes application for global freight
Facebook  Supply  Chain  Application  Global  1ma9 
april 2009
Chinese Social Networks ‘Virtually’ Out-Earn Facebook And MySpace: A Market Analysis
Social networks' growth in China.. and global brands like Facebook have a hard time penetrating
Social  Network  China  2009  Adoption  Facebook  MySpace 
april 2009
Proof B2B Social Networks Work | Social Media B2B
Example of B2B social network.. for food and hospitality
B2B  Social  Network  hospitality  1ma9 
april 2009
B2B Social Media Example: Siemens | Social Media B2B
Siemens' initial forays into social media + critique
chain  Sourcing  Social  Network  B2B  1ma9 
april 2009
Social network for sourcing professionals
Supply  Chain  Sourcing  Social  Network  B2B  1ma9 
april 2009
Sourcing Innovation: Supply Chain Social Networks: Useful Resource or Productivity Killer?
Criticism and good discussion of the concept of "supply chain social networks" - find the author is too inexperienced to understand the potential benefits but had several valid points; comments add significantly
Supply  Chain  Sourcing  Innovation  Social  Network  1ma9 
april 2009
B2B Presence » Social Network/Mobile Convergence
Passing mention of the idea to use Facebook to enhance supply chain communication
Facebook  Supply  Chain  1ma9 
april 2009
MedCommons Home Page
Note Medcommons' use of Facebook for cross-boundary collaboration & Amazon Web Services for secure hosting
Facebook  Casestudy  PHI  Healthcare  Collaboration  Cross.boundary  Family  1ma9 
april 2009
Facebook To Open Your Status Updates to Developers
Making Facebook members' information available (sans identity) to marketers h/t Mashable!
Facebook  2fb  News  Privacy  Marketing  Twitter  2tw 
april 2009
Inside the Minds of Twitter Users
April 2009 survey of 432 active Twitter users, good insight into motivations, attitudes.. h/t @jerrymichalski
Twitter  2tw  Analysis  Research  Insight 
april 2009
GM to pull the plug on Pontiac car brand - Apr. 24, 2009
Another one bites the dust.. too little true differentiation
GM  News  2009  Transformation  Restructuring  Automobile 
april 2009
HOW TO: Track Swine Flu Online
Quick story on site to track disease outbreaks
Disease  Track  Global  Health  Tool  Mashup  News 
april 2009
HealthMap | Global disease alert map
Track disease outbreaks globally h/t @mashable !
Health  Mashup  Disease  Global  Tool 
april 2009
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