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How To Backup Your Twitter Archive
Several Twitter back-up tools to save locally in case of Twitter outage/datacenter crash h/t mashable
Twitter  2tw  Management  Backup  Tool 
may 2009
Ignoring your business's browser? That's a mistake | Browsers - InfoWorld
good argument for changing your firm's browser policy due to cloud computing trends
Enterprise  Browser  Productivity  Cloud 
may 2009
Facebook Turns 1,500 Users Into Spanish Translation Slaves
Web 2.0-led globalization strategy smart: create excited community to iterate "good enough" translation
Facebook  Strategy  Global  Localization  Crowdsourcing  Marketing  Casestudy  2FB  Web2.0  Social  Network  Community 
may 2009
Picasa Web Albums - Andrea - Cat Litter Cake
Tootsie Roll turds featured in cat box cake
mashup  Food  Empowerment  cdb9 
may 2009
Domino's booger scandal from MOPPIX
Employees doing disgusting things to food served to customers
fastfood  Employee  Video  Scandal 
may 2009
YouTube - Don't eat at McDonalds
Chicken head found in order of McDonald's Chicken "wings"
Exposé  fastfood  Video  MSM  YouTube  Scandal  cdb9  Platform 
may 2009
YouTube - Rats at Taco Bell/KFC in NYC
MSM stringer broke story; immortalized, internationalized on Youtube
Exposé  fastfood  NYC  Video  Rats  cdb9 
may 2009
BibliOdyssey: Sachsenspiegel
Chk this out: 1st legal text in Central Europe; beautiful pics + translation thx @infoman!
Europe  Medieval  Law  History  Exceptional 
may 2009
Tweet My Blog
Rex is using that new viral Twitter tool
Twitter  Marketing  tactic  Tool 
may 2009
mapmuslim.jpg 2480×1302 pixels
Population distribution in which Muslims are majority; Sunni Shiite
Muslim  Crescent  filetype:jpg  media:image 
may 2009
Surprise: Fox RENEWS 'Dollhouse'
Interesting strategy, not going only by ratings
MSM  Management  TV  Rating 
may 2009
iPhone 3.0 betaphiles upset the Apple cart | Mobilize - InfoWorld
Must-read: Yager analysis of mobile phone platform vendors' catch-22 situation, featuring negative developer comments
Exceptional  Software  Release  Lifecycle  Analysis  Wisdom  Empowerment  Social  Network  Apple  Android  Management  Development  Mobile 
may 2009
Twitter Blog: The Replies Kerfuffle
Explanation for replies issue, falling on the sword
Twitter  2tw  feature  Development 
may 2009
What are zoos for? - Reportage - Arts & Weekend -
Fascinating story on current and past purposes of zoos
Culture  Europe  History  exceptional 
may 2009
Twitter Passes NYT, WSJ in Unique Visitors - ReadWriteWeb
Amazing milestone: hear ye, people like to contribute & share: MSM doesn't allow it; Twitter multidimensional
Twitter  MSM  2Tw  Analysis  Disruption  milestone  Exceptional 
may 2009
Facing the haters at Facebook | Adventures in IT - InfoWorld
Nice short piece on interests trying to bully Facebook into regulating content they don't like
Facebook  Ethics  Policy  Community 
may 2009
Twitter Paid $6 or Less for Crowdsourced ‘Birdie’ Graphic | Epicenter
The crowdsoucing story & legal status on Twitter's bird graphic (it's not a logo)
Twitter  2tw  Crowdsourcing  Design  Policy  Stockphoto  Legal  story 
may 2009
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