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The Beer Production-Distribution Game
Nice discussion of running the supply chain game
MBA  Education  Supply  Chain  Distribution 
july 2009
10 Ways Universities Are Engaging Alumni Using Social Media
Excellent piece on how universities are using social networks h/t @mashable
Education  Media  Social  Network  Casestudy  Alumni 
july 2009
The Mac Versus PC Debate Has Never Been Clearer
Excellent simple analysis of the false Windows-Macintosh "competition"
Apple  Microsoft  Dell  market  competition  strategy  ValueProp  Analysis  Statistics 
july 2009
Twitter 101 for Business — A Special Guide
Just released: the official business guide to Twitter h/t @mashable !
2tw  Twitter  Guide  Business  b2b  b2c  tactic 
july 2009
Study: Facebook use cuts productivity at work | The Industry Standard
Interesting but brain dead study.. how do you measure "producitivity"?
2fb  facebook  employee  productivity  statistics 
july 2009
Ad Folks, Public Disagree About Twitter
Nice post on "general public" and ad pro views of Twitter h/t @pab5482
Twitter  2tw  Advertising  Marketing  cmo  vision  statistics  2009 
july 2009
CEO Letter |
Awesome "employee communication" that gets the legal stuff done but is human. Well done @zappos !
Merger  Employee  Culture  Exceptional 
july 2009
quirky | social product development
Curiosity, products seem frivolous but neat idea
crowdsourcing  Product  Development 
july 2009
Wrote "the strength of weak ties"
Social  Network  analysis  Theory 
july 2009
Online Journalism
Basic intro to journalism's evolution during Web 2.0
Publishing  News  Analysis  Crowdsourcing  Transformation  Web2.0 
july 2009
Want to Find Marijuana? There’s an App for That
It's obvious that our devices will know our preferences and find everything for us
iPhone  Culture  technology  Mobile 
july 2009
Bombings Raise New Fears -
Note new level sophistication: bomb assembly at target site
terrorism  2ghcj  indonesia  asia  Executive 
july 2009
MediaPost - news and directories for media, marketing and online advertising professionals
Pithy on-point analysis of the coming power of the omnipresent tribe.. digital edition
Social  Network  vision  marketing  empowerment 
july 2009
10 secrets airlines don't want you to know --
Tactics for traveling smarter and more comfortably for less
Travel  Airline  hack  Guide 
july 2009
Alltop, All the top Stories
General rules for how to use Twitter for business
Twitter  Guide  Business  HowTo 
july 2009
MyRaganTV - Broadcasting news and ideas for communicators worldwide
Vid interview w SouthwestAir's approach to Twitter h/t @infosourcer !
Twitter  2tw  Casestudy  marketing 
july 2009
Genius idea: Zappos' social shopping in beta!
Casestudy  retail  apparel  exceptional 
july 2009
Mommy Needs A Cocktail
An absolute scream ht @jeanneleez !
blog  Culture  Family  Humor 
july 2009
Twitter’s Security Meltdown Explained
Good example of Web 2.0 era crisis communications
Crisis  communications  Twitter  Web2.0  hack  Security 
july 2009
Want the Best Deals? Check Twitter, Facebook - US News and World Report
Summary of how brands are using social networks to engage customers.. discounts
Social  Media  brand  Casestudy  twitter  facebook 
july 2009
Twitter Dominates CMO Social Network Plans - BusinessWeek
Interesting info on paltforms as marketing vehicles.. light on analysis
2tw  2fb  2li  linkedin  twitter  facebook  marketing  cmo  2009  news 
july 2009
The Support Economy
One of the best blogs to address real problems, written in an engaging, terse style
blog  Culture  Politics  Terrorism  Disruption  Exceptional  Vision 
july 2009
Hillary: Sexism or Self-Sabotage?
Disarming, poignant tale of executive women, beautifully done
Culture  Sexism  Experience  Politics  Business  Executive  Humor 
july 2009
Tumblr Submissions: Create Your Own Community-Powered Blog
New Tumblr feature: group microblogging, & crowdsourcing your Tumblelog
Micro.blogging  Tumblr  Posterous  Collaboration 
july 2009
Slashdot Science Story | Swearing Provides Pain Relief, Say Scientists
Connexion between swearing and pain management h/t @dearyvette !
Humor  Culture  Pain  Brain 
july 2009
Secure wireless email on Mac OS X | stopdesign
Gr8 thread although dated.. good ideas, explanations
security  MacOSX  email  ssh  tunnel  2005 
july 2009
Wordpress: A Gentle Introduction
Excellent; offers recommended permissions for files, folders, addresses security
Wordpress  security  permissions  guide 
july 2009
How to prevent your website from getting hacked. Repair damaged site.
Superb malware virus bot attack explanation and remediation guide- in plain language
wordpress  malware  guide  exceptional 
july 2009
YouTube - United Breaks Guitars
Hysterical! The irony would be if it went top ten!
empowerment  airline  luggage  humor  video  exceptional  Casestudy  exposé 
july 2009
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