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2004 Harvard Study: Healthcare Administrative Costs, U.S.A. vs. Canada
Summary report: $1059 USA & $307 Canada (per capita usd)=31% U.S.A. healthcare cost vs. 16.7% healthcare cost Canada
healthcare  reform  administration  insurance  report  analysis  research  filetype:pdf  media:document 
august 2009
Organizing for America | | Health Care Forum with the President
Long but excellent feeling for the basic debate from Obama's point of view.. Obama's in his element here, fun to see and instructive to see how well he outlines complex issues for the average voter
usa  healthcare  reform  obama  policy  legislation  2009  exceptional  humor 
august 2009
15 easy fixes for Mac security risks
Valuable review of procedures to make your Mac more secure
MacOSX  Security  Guide  2009 
august 2009
Junta42 blog: 42+ Social Media Marketing Tools
Nice collection of sites/tools for marketing and productivity.. how many do you know?
Social  Media  productivity  marketing  Tool  directory 
august 2009
20 Simple Productivity Tools for Bloggers
Great basic guide for blogging productivity; platform-specific comments
blog  productivity  Tool  guide  2csrollyson 
august 2009
17 Web-based Twitter Products, Compared
fantastic guide/comparison of twitter clients (software)
twitter  2tw  Rating  Comparison  software  client  exceptional  guide 
august 2009
Alltop - Top Twitter News
Alltop is a crowdsourced "best of best" list of info all about Twitter
twitter  directory  2tw  exceptional  guide  crowdsourcing  Tool  news 
august 2009
Twitter / Downloads
Officially sanctioned, links to more
2tw  twitter  client  application  guide  Tool 
august 2009
Nice description and analysis of les bidonchon
Culture  France  French  parody 
august 2009
Dictionnaire argot français en ligne
Custom Google search finds all but unstructured
Tool  outils  France  french  dictionary  dictionnaire  argot  slang 
august 2009
Clinton's oily policy - Africa - World -
Short analysis on clinton's kissing up to Angola due to USA dependence on its oil
Angola  petroleum  USA  compromise  analysis  Clinton  despotism  Africa  2ghcj 
august 2009
China and Congo change tack on deal - Africa - World -
Details key issues for Congo managing aid, balancing china & IMF
Congo  china  economy  aid  IMF  negotiation  government  Africa  2ghcj 
august 2009
Reader’s Digest Headed For Bankruptcy
Another milestone for industry experiencing disruption
bankruptcy  publishing  usa  consumer 
august 2009
30 Days 3000 Fans
Report on how to attract Fans to your Facebook Page
Facebook  strategy  tactic  Page  Guide  HowTo 
august 2009
Toujours plus de cocaïne décelée sur les billets verts |
Recherche & bref analyse a-propos du cocaine sur les billets américains
culture  usa  drogue  drug  currency  billets  washington.dc  2ghcj 
august 2009
Sony, Stung by Losses, Delays Thin TV -
Sony, LG, Samsung compete for next generation thin TV
consumer  electronics  news  2009  manufacturing 
august 2009
Seattle executives use LinkedIn to find candidates
Good descriptions of linkedin tactics for hiring, searchng
Linkedin  2li  employment  recruiting 
august 2009
Twitter Cracks Down on Pay-for-Followers Scheme
Snippet on Twitter's displeasure with Usocial
2tw  twitter  vendor  Service 
august 2009
Marketers Embrace Twitter over Facebook - eMarketer
Light post on twitter v. facebook, use by corps; doesn't address why
2tw  2fb  twitter  facebook  statistics  competition  marketing  enterprise 
august 2009
Facebook’s New Privacy Features: A Complete Guide
Short guide to Aug 2009 new Facebook openness and impact on privacy
2Fb  Facebook  Twitter  2Tw  Analysis  Privacy  Competition  Guide 
august 2009
Video - Breaking News Videos from
Tourist video of Hudson River collision h/t @jerrymichalski
Citizen  Journalism  Aircraft  Crash  New.York.City  2009 
august 2009
LinkedIn for IBM Lotus Notes is Live « Psychohistory
Gr8 news for Lotus Notes users: invoke LinkedIn profiles from within Notes!
LinkedIn  Enterprise  IBM  Software  Cross.boundary  News  2li 
august 2009 The URL Shortener from Above
Interesting innovation to share Bible passages; think also about footnotes
Social  Network  Religion  Twitter 
august 2009
Get those Smiley Faces off Your Online Banking Website
Crisis in bank confidence, not being transparent with customers
fsi  Bank  PointofView  crisis  marketing  reputation  policy  experience 
august 2009
Facebook No Longer Converting Groups Into Pages
Big news for companies with major investments in Groups
2fb  Facebook  News  Enterprise  Brand  Group  Page  Engagement  Management 
august 2009
Facebook Grew Twice As Fast As Twitter In July
Compares FB and TW growth in July 2009. Hypothesizes impact of "everyone" option on FB
2fb  2tw  Facebook  Twitter  Rating  Comparison  Statistics  2009  Competition  Analysis 
august 2009
Facebook and Britney Spears Team Up to Monetize through Virtual Gifts
Milestone: hollywood entertainer offers virtual goods on Facebook
2fb  Facebook  virtual  Hollywood  Revenue  Model 
august 2009
How To Configure Your Facebook Page In Under 15 Minutes
Excellent, simple guide to cr8g a landing tab to increase converstions
2fb  Facebook  HowTo  Guide  Page  Brand  Enterprise 
august 2009
Moonfruit: A Twitter Marketing Campaign Analysis
Post mortem on successful twitter marketing campaign
Twitter  Casestudy  campaign  marketing  2tw 
august 2009
blackberry twitter client application - Google Search
Nice start for due diligence on which Blackberry client to use..
Search  Twitter  Blackberry  Software  Application  Rating  Comparison  review  2Tw 
august 2009
Sysomos | In-Depth Look Inside the Twitter World
Excellent study offering some interesting numbers of Twitter usage
2tw  twitter  statistics  report  analysis  exceptional  marketing 
august 2009
BREAKING: Facebook To Launch Facebook Lite
Wow, turmoil ! Twitter surprises and disrupts
2fb  facebook  2tw  Twitter  news  competition 
august 2009
In defense of Apple - Telegraph Blogs
Spiked with irony & sarcasm, shows Apple's priority (not techies)
Apple  Humor  Google  iPhone  PointofView  experience  consumer  2csrollyson 
august 2009
35 Greatest Works of Reverse Graffiti
Awesome concept: cr8 art w environmental dirt to pack a message
Environmental  Graffiti  Art  Protest  Global  2ghcj  Brazil  usa  exceptional 
august 2009
Is a Perfect Storm Forming For Distributed Social Networking?
Gr8 discussion; methinks it's premature; we need more pain and standards
Vision  Speculation  Twitter  Merger  Infrastructure  DDOS  2009  2snr 
august 2009
For Companies, a Tweet in Time Can Avert PR Mess -
Stories of Ford, Pepsi, SouthwestAir monitoring Twitter to get instant feedback
Adoption  Casestudy  Ford  Pepsi  CPG  Social  Media  Twitter  2tw  2snr  Enterprise  Measurement  Monitoring  Crisis  PublicRelations  Experience 
august 2009
Social Networking Watch: MySpace Helps News Corp Lose $363 Million
Murdock is cluess and desperate, reining over a 20th century empire
2csrollyson  myspace  publishing  2009 
august 2009
World's first 'divorce by Facebook'
I suppose it had to happen: divorce via status update
2fb  facebook  culture  romance  marriage  divorce  Social  Network 
august 2009
General Motors and eBay: Reinventing the Car-Buying Experience | GM FastLane
Challenge'll be back office processes; the eBay part is the tip of the iceberg.. bears watching!
alliance  online  Internet  e-commerce  2009  News  2snr  Automobile 
august 2009
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