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Awesome slideshow of; starts present, goes back in time
Apple  Website  marketing  History  Photo  2csrollyson 
november 2009
Sur Internet, le marché du luxe se tourne vers la personnalisation
Stratégie intéressant: donner aux clients la possibilité de déssiner leurs bijoux
Luxe  Mass.customization  Customer  client  Design  strategy  stratégie  Marketing  2snr 
november 2009
Les clients connaissent vos produits. Connaissez-vous vos clients?
Bien écrit, c'est l'heure canaliser sur le client même davantage que le produit
innovation  empowerment  open  Customer  PointdeVue  PointofView  client  2snr 
november 2009
Comment l'avenir de Twitter s'invente au Japon
39% non-usa Twitter traffic in Japan; Japan twitter's lab
Twitter  Japan  Innovation  Alliance  PointofView  Strategy  2tw 
november 2009
Smoking Near Computers Voids Warranty
FAScinating story abt how smoking affects computers; don't miss comments; who knew?
Computer  Apple  Smoking  Warranty  Service  Consumer  2csrollyson 
november 2009
Google Embarrassed By Nasty Michelle Obama Image | The Big Money
Mystery of Michelle Obama/Ape mashup: manipulation and Google rankings
Politics  SEM  usa  Photo  Manipulation  Google 
november 2009
iPhone Discover/DiskAid/Briefcase: Cjed Audio blog
Wirelessly transfer files from/to computer & iPhone AND share w other iPhone users
iPhone  Software  P2P  Tool  Guide  hack 
november 2009
Facebook Marketing: IKEA’s Genius Use of Photo Tagging
Brilliant example of crowdsourcing store opening, using Facebook infrastructure
Retail  Facebook  Photo  Campaign  Sweden  88srsp  Social  Network  Casestudy  Crowdsourcing  2snr  Marketing  Promotion 
november 2009
What Facebook Can't Give You: the Wednesday 10
Another useful case of legacy media criticizing digital social networks
Social  Network  downdraft  New.York.City  Executive  MSM  PointofView  Media 
november 2009
Le Figaro - Web : Quand Facebook piège les fraudeurs
La loi évolue à propos des enquêtes dans les réseaux sociaux; fraud and social networks in France ht @patrickchareyre
2fb  Facebook  Social  Network  réseauxsociaux  privacité  privacy  fraud  legislation  2csrollyson 
november 2009
Que risquez-vous à dormir dans le métro ? « Buzzman TV
portraits of subway snoozers: regardez ces photos des endormis dans le métro ht @patrickchareyre
métro  photo  subway  endormi  sleep  humor  2csrollyson 
november 2009
Shop Talk » facebook | Blogs |
Quick look at Walmart's holiday support plans for social media
Retail  2009  88srsp  iPhone  Network  Social  Media  Twitter  Facebook  Holiday 
november 2009
Holiday shoppers' search extends to social media| Reuters
USA retailers' planned use of social networks for 2009 holiday support
Adoption  Holiday  Marketing  Promotion  Retail  2009  Network  88srsp  Social  Media  Analysis 
november 2009
Virtual Worlds News: Intel CTO: Virtual Worlds Tech to Save Industry
Snapshot: whence demand 4 hi performance computing will emerge ht @epredator
PointofView  Telecom  Demand  Virtual  World  2csrollyson 
november 2009
Caricature Map of Europe 1914
Must-see! Masterpiece + tongue in cheek
History  Humor  WWI  Europe  Exceptional  2ghcj 
november 2009
The National Collection of Aerial Photography
InCREDible Must-see catalog of aerial photos h/t @jerrymichalski
Exceptional  History  Photo  Europe  Landscape  Skyline 
november 2009
Facebook's Bikini-Wearing Worm -
Another Facebook malware; worth a read to raise yr awareness thx @infosourcer !
Facebook  2fb  Security  Malware  Virus  News  2009 
november 2009
Skype CEO Outlines Platform Ambitions, Hiring Plans
Enthusiastic post on Skype's plans now it's spun off from eBay
Strategy  Executive  Voice  VoIP  Europe  Estonia  Platform  2snr 
november 2009
HOW TO: Use Twitter's New Retweet Feature
Perfect amount of granularity, well done pointers for using new RT feature
Twitter  2tw  HowTo  Guide  Software  Feature  News  Social  Network 
november 2009
Push starts to make 'Digital Britain' law - UK -
Anoher uk move to use regulation as competitive advantage
Uk  law  policy  digital  rights  2009  legislation  2ghcj 
november 2009
Click | The Conversation Prism
Interesting categorization of Web 2.0 sites, nifty graphical representation
Web2.0  Map  Category  Tool 
november 2009
The Medium - Facebook Exodus -
Opinionated piece on how Facebook "failing"; clueless 2010 downdraft example
Downdraft  Facebook  Social  Network  Culture  Adoption 
november 2009
Oxford Word of the Year 2009: Unfriend
Awesm post on Word of the Yr, incl those passed over h/t Charles S!
Network  Social  Media  Culture  Language  Contest  Humor  2009  2csrollyson  Downdraft 
november 2009
Federal ‘improper spending’ surges to $98bn - World -
The sorry state of "public virtue" Hobbes was right: omenous for healthcare reform?
Government  USA  spend  fraud  2008  healthcare  2csrollyson 
november 2009
5 Impressive Real-Life Google Wave Use Cases
Early examples of business applications of Google Wave h/t @techstrategist !
Google  Software  Wave  Casestudy  Collaboration  2csrollyson 
november 2009
Illinois economic woes continue
Solid terse analysis of Illinois' fiscal challenges
Illinois  Legislature  Budget  Crisis  2009  Analysis 
november 2009
How Blogging Has Changed Over The Last 3 Years (Stats)
Nice recap of research on Web 2.0 content and blogging, 2007-2009
Research  blog  Engagement  Adoption  Twitter  Social  Network  Content  Web2.0  2snr 
november 2009
Metropolitan Tenants Organization - Chicago, Illinois
"Plain English" assistance with understanding tenant/landlord rights & responsibilities
Chicago  Tenant  Landlord  Law  FAQ 
november 2009
Videos: Iran of early 1970s
1970s era depictions of Iran before Islamic Revolution
Iran  Persia  History  Culture  Video  1970  Shah  2ghcj 
november 2009
Energy Fiend - Obsessed With Caffeine
Definitive interesting/sobering site ranks drinks & foods by caffeine + death by caffeine widget
Caffeine  Energy  Humor  Rating  Comparison  Food  Beverage  Coffee  Tea  Candy  2csrollyson 
november 2009
Telegraph: Incredible bike stunts
Incredible bike stunts (i.e. riding on iron fences) h/t @edcallahan !
bicycle  stunt  UK  Acrobatics  Culture  video 
november 2009
Social Media Monitoring Comparison: Scout Labs vs. Radian6 | Social Media Explorer
Nice detail in comparing 2 different class types; read the thread.. a ton more detail, pricing, although old now
Network  Social  Media  monitoring  analytics  Tool  Rating  Comparison  guide 
november 2009
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