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Boolean Searching on the Internet
Short review of boolean search and how integrated into search engines
Search  tactic  Guide  tool 
december 2009
15 Ways To Make Your Blog Appealing To Advertisers
Practical guide to attracting advertisers ht @guykawasaki
Advertising  blog  Guide  Strategy  tactic  2snr 
december 2009
Google Tried Last Minute to Steal LaLa from Apple
Good insights on market for cloud online music & location
Speculation  Strategy  Competition  Mobile  Cloud  Music  2snr 
december 2009
Logic+Emotion: Life After Social Media Snake Oil
Need more of this: connecting Web 1.0 & Web 2.0 disillusionments
Downdraft  PointofView  Vision  Social  Media  2009  Prediction  2snr 
december 2009
Fascinating and heartfelt discussion abt old love rivalries
Love  Retaliation  discussion  Culture  Romance  Relationship  MySpace 
december 2009
Dental Salon| Chicago Cosmetic Dentist Office
Web 2.0 Dental Office; check it out, where healthcare headed
Dental  Casestudy  Web2.0  Dentist  Facebook  healthcare 
december 2009
1st Jobs of 10 Wealthy Entrepreneurs | MintLife Blog
Good stories: the comments earned my "exceptional" tag ht @guykawasaki
Entrepreneur  Story  Philosophy  Humor  Work  History  exceptional 
december 2009
Turn Luck Into a Skill « The SiliconANGLE
Short muse on what makes people "lucky" Check it out!
PointofView  Entrepreneur  philosophy  Insight  Luck  2li  2fb  2tw 
december 2009
10 Web trends to watch in 2010 -
Well done analysis of web 2.0, prognostications
web2.0  Social  Network  Vision  Prediction  2010  Google  LBS 
december 2009
The Tao of Tweeting
Interesting & take on how to tweet well
2tw  twitter  PointofView  Guide 
december 2009
Syncserver CPU usage -
Nice thread abt high cpu usage by syncserver
MacOSX  CPU  Sync  Server 
december 2009
My Job Interview at Google - good coders code, great reuse
Great account of technical track interview at Google.. good discussion too
employment  Interview  google  Process  Example  Jobsearch 
december 2009
Facebook and MySpace Booting Sex Offenders in Droves
Banning sex offenders fr social networks; good intent but the right remedy?
Social  Network  Legislation  Control  Sexuality  Offender  Illinois  usa  government  news  ban  2csrollyson 
december 2009
15 Unfortunately Placed Ads
Hilarious examples of unfortunate juxtaposition ht @guykawasaki
Advertising  Photo  Humor  Billboard  Example  2csrollyson 
november 2009
How to Switch to the Mac - Tao of Mac
Exceptional trove, full of links, practical tips
MacOSX  Guide  HowTo  Apple  Hardware  Software  11apl  111cruc  switch 
november 2009
PC Magazine Buying Guide: Video-Editing Software - Reviews by PC Magazine
Helpful review discusses software in terms of work process, aspects of vid editing
Review  Windows  Video  111cruc  Software 
november 2009
swissmiss | Arial versus Helvetica
Full-spectrum example of geek thread on differences of 2 typefaces
typeface  font  geek  discussion  design  history  exceptional  Social  Network  p2p  web2.0 
november 2009
20 ways to speed up your Mac
Useful guide, clearly explained; Comments harsh but offer sm other useful info
MacOSX  Performance  111cruc  Guide 
november 2009
Q+A: Who is to blame for Russian train disaster?| Reuters
First details of major terror attack on one of Russia's high speed lines
Terrorism  Russia  Speculation  2009  Train  Moscow  StPetersburg  Bomb  2ghcj 
november 2009
The Social Network Roadmap » Increasing Customer Transparency: Real Threat or a Paper Tiger for Marketers?
How social networks are affecting business, what you can do about it and how to use increasing transparency to your advantage
empowerment  Customer  2egw2  Marketing  Twitter  2tw  Social  Network  Facebook  2fb  ValueProp  Analysis 
november 2009
The Social Network Roadmap » Post-Product Marketing and Engagement
For centuries, firms have been product-focused, but increasing commoditization is forcing change: here is how social networks can help, helping you to adopt a customer-centric vision for increasing and maintaining value
Customer  Experience  2egw2  Marketing  Transformation  Empowerment  Enterprise  Analysis 
november 2009
The Global Human Capital Journal » Wall Street Journal Claims Facebook Can’t Give You Relationships
Debunking uninformed media coverage of social networks: short analysis of offline and online social networking and how they both add unique value to 21st century executives
MSM  Media  Relationship  Facebook  2fb  Social  Network  ValueProp  2egw2  Analysis 
november 2009
Big mess at McPier - glimpse into decay
Facts & analysis of Chicago's decaying convention business
Chicago  Politics  Convention  Labor  Analysis  2009  Illinois 
november 2009 - Home Page Retrospective
Awesome slideshow of; starts present, goes back in time
Apple  Website  marketing  History  Photo  2csrollyson 
november 2009
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