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Emerging Technologies Community - Toolbox for IT
Social presence related to IT expertise: msm declining share: Research on IT profs adoption h/t @rawn
Research  msm  web2.0  Media  Social  Network  adoption  2010  q1  i.t.  2csrollyson 
march 2010
Greece prepared to turn to IMF - Top Stories -
Ongoing drama in Europe, interesting interaction: EU IMF USA pension issues
2ghcj  Economy  Europe  Imf  Finance  Crisis  Greece  Q1  2010  Strike  Pension 
march 2010
How Companies Are Using Your Social Media Data
How friends drive your brand: collecting word of mouth to form behavior profiles h/t @joipod
Media  data  mining  analysis  Social  Network  2csrollyson 
march 2010
AE Schmidt Billiard Co. | AE Schmidt
5 generation family business, servicing billiards and gaming
billiards  history  st.louis  usa  artisan  gameroom 
march 2010
Kalamazoo College PDI 2010 - a set on Flickr
Winter scenes of K: Quick gallery shot with iPhone: Feb 2010
Kalamazoo  College  Photo  kpdi10  Winter  2010  2csrollyson  kzoo 
march 2010
Twitter: Quick Launch Guide | Executive's Guide to Twitter
How to launch Twitter right.. and keep it up very efficiently
Twitter  Guide  kpdi10  sncar10 
february 2010
Blogging: Quick Launch Guide | Executive's Guide to Twitter
Your first step to launching a blog that's practical & effective
Blog  Guide  2egw2  kpdi10  sncar10 
february 2010
New U.S. Military Policy Opens Up Social Media to the Troops
Key reversal; UK actually encourages soldiers to use social networking
News  usa  army  military  Social  Media  policy  2010  q1  2csrollyson 
february 2010
Wasp 101
Barrington squire.. perfect except age
13jack  Style  Designer  88srsp  gameroom 
february 2010
Awesome emerging singer; check her out!
february 2010
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