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Twitter faces a battle for tweets - Top Stories -
Twitter competitor in Japan, battle of value prop, culture, tech
Twitter  2tw  Japan  Competition  Language  Celebrity  Culture  Valueprop 
march 2010
Lehman file rocks Wall Street - Top Stories -
Smoking gun candidate for lehman meltdown, blackeye for e&y
Bank  Crisis  2007  Report  Legislation  Coverup  Usa  London  Wallst  2ghcj 
march 2010
The Truth About the Average Twitter User
More social media guru backlash & discussion of Twitter's perceived lack of value Thx @jimworth
csrblogcomment  Twitter  2tw  Analysis  valueprop  research  statistics  adoption  backlash 
march 2010
Facebook Will Allow Users to Share Location - Bits Blog -
News: Facebook to offer location checkins, status - Thx @clarashih
Facebook  2fb  Web3.0  Geoweb  LBS  News  Feature 
march 2010
Pencil Art | netsperience 2.x
Amazing art; like sea creatures Thx @decibelplaces
Art  Gallery  Pencil  Sculpture  Figure  2csrollyson 
march 2010
Bicycling Directions, Trails Come to Google Maps
Calling all cyclists ! Can't wait to try this HATSoff googleThx @sumaya
Cycling  Map  Service  Google  Beta  Trail  Exceptional 
march 2010
The Treadmill Sensei: Treadmill and Elliptical Rating and Review
Commercial, but some good content; very few/no reviews, most interaction via "Mailbag"
13brandx  Bullsi  Rating  Comparison  review  blog  88srsp 
march 2010
Rt @vark How 2punish mobile phone cold callers
Mobile  Phone  Spam  Donotcall  Fcc  Fine  2csrollyson 
march 2010
Finding Your Roots - Opinionator Blog -
Complex numbers in pictures! Noodling on i h/t @guykawasaki
math  art  speculation  culture  analysis  exceptional 
march 2010
Vintage Model Upkeep | Perfume Posse
Awesome niche example: power blogger on perfume and beauty
longtail  perfume  Rating  Comparison 
march 2010
Fitness News - Tonic
Too entertainment focused but has fitness channel
13pread  fitness  88srsp  gameroom 
march 2010
Swistle: Coming Out
Presents point of view that social ideal of thin is warped
fat  acceptance  blog  culture 
march 2010
Three to Four Hours a Day « Kate Harding's Shapely Prose
Takes the point of view that your body is okay no matter how it looks
fat  acceptance  blog  satire  cynicism  culture  women 
march 2010
ProBlogger Blog Tips – The Blog
Storehouse of excellent blogging advice
blog  strategy  tactic  guide  casestudy  story  2li 
march 2010
35 Great Social Media Infographics | pamorama
Full spectrum fr blah to awesm; sm good insight h/t @tedsimon
Media  web2.0  Social  Network  graphic  map  chart  facebook  twitter  adoption  2csrollyson 
march 2010
Courts finally catching up to texting jurors - Yahoo! News
Courts starting to bar jurors from using e-devices AND e-devices fr court
law  court  web2.0  legal  policy  jury  2csrollyson 
march 2010
Home Fitness
Barely any comments, no community
fitness  88srsp  blog 
march 2010
january one: Baby? OH BABY! Archives
Quality, personal blog, good community
mommyblog  photo  knit  boston 
march 2010
Read: reflections w historical perspective on India's 2010 economy and recovery and prospects
India  China  Bric  Uk  Economy  2010  Analysis  History  Policy  2ghcj 
march 2010
Turkey summons US envoy over Armenia vote - Top Stories -
Clear followup on USA turkey armenia dustup: us congress butts in on foreign affairs
Usa  Turkey  Armenia  Azerbaijan  Congress  Asia  2ghcj 
march 2010
Greeks strike over austerity package - Top Stories -
Labor in greece doesn't yet get that the fat life is over
Greece  Labor  Strike  Austerity  2010  Q1  Crisis 
march 2010
Chinese Green Teas
Nice selection of green Chinese tea
Tea  Vendor  China  Africa  e-commerce 
march 2010
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