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Making a Business Case for Mobile Marketing | Emilio Castellanos' Blog
Short salient treatment of how to think abt mobile marketing investments
mobile  marketing  geosocial  business  case  valueprop  exceptional  2010  CMO  ROI  statistics  LBS 
may 2010
What's the hype about hyperlocal marketing? | LinkedIn Answers | LinkedIn
Brief discussion & salient points about business value of foursquare gowalla loopt twitter
geosocial  discussion  valueprop  marketing  pointofview  linkedin  twitter  LBS 
may 2010
Facebook | Friends GPS
Like a brightkite but leverages Facebook's huge trove of info
geosocial  facebook  LBS  Social  Network  application 
may 2010
Here’s what’s happening in geolocation | Geo App Lab
Excellent example of mining blogroll to create a post & publicize your favorite people
Blog  example  exceptional  tactic  News  geolocation  geosocial  LBS 
may 2010
All Destinations | Kosansh
Good site generally, India focused but good information
medical  tourism  src  provider  facilitator  directory  guide 
may 2010
Medical tourism: '5-star' care at a discount
Good general article on medical tourism trends; quotes
medical  tourism  src  news  patient  facilitator  trend  healthcare  usa 
may 2010
Aims to support providers, facilitators, insurance and employers
medical  tourism  src  software  enterprise 
may 2010
Facebook Privacy: A Bewildering Tangle of Options - Graphic
Facebook privacy & stats: Check out this useful graphic & analysis Thx @guykawasaki
facebook  2fb  privacy  backlash  management  Graphic  statistics  comparison 
may 2010
How secure is Flash? Here's what Adobe won't tell you | ZDNet
Journalist cites Symantec report, exposes Adobe sloppy management Thx @membrado
Adobe  Flash  exposé  2010  Symantec  Internet  Security  Plugin  Software  2snr 
may 2010
Illinois Melts Down: the Inevitable Result of Unchecked Democrat Rule
Dour report on Illinois fiscal (mis)management; note states w biggest cities have biggest deficits Thx @passepartout
Illinois  USA  State  Finance  Bankruptcy  Tax  Program  Management  2010  2csrollyson 
may 2010
Top 10 Most Likely to Default | CMA | Market Data
Interesting ratios showing deterioration in credit Thx @passepartout
Credit  bank  sovereign  2010  q2  comparison  rating  measurement  global  2ghcj 
may 2010
Twitter Syntax · Microformats Wiki
Excellent collection of Twitter commands; well organized, a real contribution
twitter  2tw  tool  syntax  standard  dictionary  guide  mobile  sms 
may 2010
Developer gives succinct description of how html5 more elegant than flash Thx @bs
Apple  Flash  html5  example  opinion  competition 
may 2010
Has Facebook gone too far this time? |
Level-headed analysis of unfolding Facebook privacy/trust crisis by my friend @jdlasica
Facebook  2fb  analysis  privacy  marketing  trust  prediction  crisis 
may 2010
SiliconANGLE — Blog — Analysis: Enterprise Wars - SAP Buys Sybase - Good Move For SAP
If you needed another sign that legacy enterprise software model is over: more consolidation Thx @furrier
Enterprise  Software  Merger  Consolidation  2010  Vendor  Competition  2snr 
may 2010
Marine Forecast : Weather Underground
Awesome! Weather Underground rocks! Great Lakes temps by zone!
Lake  Michigan  Temperature  2csrollyson 
may 2010
Five lessons Facebook needs to learn | Adventures in IT - InfoWorld
Cringley is hopping mad about Facebook's disregard for user rights; full of links
Facebook  2fb  backlash  analysis  campaign  Anger 
may 2010
How Facebook Was Founded
Even-handed reporting of investigation of Facebook's founding
Exceptional  facebook  2fb  history  executive  founder  zuckerberg  harvard  lawsuit  hack  server  analysis  investigation 
may 2010
Facebook founder called trusting users dumb f*cks • The Register
Zuckerberg unflattering blast from past: seemingly cavalier attitude toward trust
Facebook  2fb  executive  speculation  privacy  trust  Social  Network 
may 2010
The Evolution of Privacy on Facebook
GENIUS: interactive graphic shows opening of Facebook private data, 2005-present
Facebook  2fb  Exceptional  graphic  Interactive  privacy  backlash 
may 2010
How the Facebook Habit Happens
Interesting altho somewhat opaque analysis of Facebook's stickiness Thx @jdlasica
facebook  2fb  behavior  analysis  stickiness  friend  group  Social  Network 
may 2010
World -
Deflation prospect & budget cuts in Spain: more Eurozone thrashing
Eurozone  Spain  Fiscal  Deflation  Union  Economy  2ghcj  Policy 
may 2010
World -
Bumpy: good review global financal markets, euro sees more pressure
Euro  Market  Analysis  Global  2ghcj  Usa  Asia  2010  Q2 
may 2010
MUST read: analysis of Facebook Twitter convergence thx @jhagel
Facebook  Twitter  2fb  2tw  Convergence  Competition  2010  Feature  Strategy 
may 2010
Google Throws in the Towel on the Nexus One Web Store
Excellent news byte & quote of google closure of nexusone store, shift in Android strategy
Phone  Google  Android  Retail  Strategy  Reverse  Exit  Adoption  2snr  Telecom  Mobile 
may 2010
The Social - CNET News
Summary of facebook snafus: building discontent?
Facebook  Timeline  2fb  2010  Backlash  Customer  Privacy  History 
may 2010
UK suffers hedge fund blow - Top Stories -
Europe: federalism v state rights tilts to former; hedge fund constraints in offing
Hedge  Fund  Uk  Europe  Union  Regulation  Conflict  2010  Q2  2ghcj 
may 2010
Blog - An Easter Communication Breakdown
HYSTERICAL: one of the best, funniest graphics I've seen in ages
Easter  chocolate  humor  cartoon  2snr 
may 2010
15 secrets to mastering the phone interview - Feb. 4, 2010
Good reminder and tips on successful phone interview technique Thx @judiwunderlich
jobsearch  telephone  interview  tips  guide  career  employment  2csrollyson 
may 2010
HOW TO: Avoid a Sausage Fest on Foursquare
Another wrinkle in mobility: 4square app monitors gender balance at bars
romance  dating  application  bar  2csrollyson  Mobile  Foursquare  Geosocial 
may 2010
Lying: Kids vs. Adults -
Developmental research into lying Thx @simoleonsense
lying  trust  children  research  development  psychology  brain  parent  2csrollyson 
may 2010
The pros and cons of financial innovation : The New Yorker
Questions value of "financial innovation" Thx @simoleonsense
finance  bank  innovation  backlash  2010  wallstreet  bourse  2ghcj 
may 2010
Top American Hospitals - US News Best Hospitals
Interesting: searchable directory; patients can serarch by specialty; enables intra-country tourism
usa  hospital  rank  comparison  rating  2009  medical  tourism  src  intrabound  directory 
may 2010
Older Users Hear Facebook Is Bad News [STATS]
Implies successful MSM campaign vs. Facebook or higher sensitivity to privacy
Facebook  2fb  news  sentiment  boomer  genx  msm  privacy 
may 2010
The top ten hospitals for medical tourism: Fact or fiction?
Questions medical tourism association's ranking process of "world's top ten"
Medical  Tourism  Src  Analysis  rating  comparison 
may 2010
Thailand's two leading hospitals for Medical Tourism
More of a marketing piece for Thailand; compares its two best
Medical  Tourism  src  Thailand  Hospital  comparison 
may 2010
Best ten hospitals for medical tourism
Top hospitals for medical tourism by med tour journal
medical  tourism  src  hospital  rating  comparison  list 
may 2010
The Worst Drinks in America | Eat This, Not That
How many of "Worst Drinks in America" do you know? Appalling..
usa  restaurant  food  list  rating  comparison  humor  obesity  2csrollyson 
may 2010
Europe is unprepared for austerity - World -
MUST read: astute analysis of Europe entitlement & looming austerity that will surprise
Europe  Analysis  Economy  Model  Lifestyle  Austerity  Greece  Germany  France  Italy  Spain  Disruption  Exceptional  2ghcj 
may 2010
Resignation seen as potential masterstroke - Top Stories -
Political analysis of turnin pt in British 2010 election: 2 grooms fighting over the bride
Uk  Election  2010  Q2  Analysis  2ghcj  Resignation  Politics 
may 2010
» we are not consumers :mnmlist
Superb vision about culture of buying: stop & think Thx @zen_habits
transformation  vision  ThoughtLeadership  Disruption  Society  economy  culture  exceptional  frugality 
may 2010
Bezos And Mohr Davidow Back Stealthy Paperless Billing Startup Doxo
Want to know about life in the cloud? Here's a glimpse. Note adoption (last mile) focus
administration  empowerment  startup  billing  cloud  web3.0  vision  adoption  2snr 
may 2010
Attensity Buys Biz360 for Social Media Monitoring -
enterprise social tech/business adoption, Chap2, the bolt-on: Attensity buys Biz360 Thx @echoch
enterprise2.0  Media  Social  Network  vendor  acquisition  2010  q2  adoption  2snr 
may 2010
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