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Tweeting Too Hard
GROANERS #TTH ranks and displays narcissistic tweets, shockingly self-indulgent Thx @philgerb
twitter  2tw  egotism  humor  satire  surprise  rating  narcissism 
may 2010
Apple iPad frenzy spreads abroad; supplies limited
iPad mania in Tokyo Paris London Beijing Munchen #fb
apple  ipad  news  2010  launch  q2  2snr 
may 2010
India police say Maoists sabotage train
Maoist insurgency in India: good bkgd on terror orgn
india  security  terrorism  insurgency  train  rural  2010  2ghcj 
may 2010
Author Nicholas Carr: The Web Shatters Focus, Rewires Brains | Magazine
Reflect on this (if you can ,^) - How is the Net affecting our brains? Thx @jhagel #fb
brain  human  Internet  Intelligence  Research  pointofview  Learning  2csrollyson 
may 2010
Why MySpace Can Still Win as a Music Destination
Good analysis of MySpace value proposition for musicians; compare w Facebook #fb
myspace  facebook  2fb  valueprop  comparison  competition  music  Social  Network 
may 2010
Why Facebook's privacy war is not over
Cashmore thoughts on Facebook & privacy: trying to force people to share more #fb
facebook  2fb  privacy  pointofview  analysis  adoption  2010  q2 
may 2010
Another death at China iPhone maker
Emotional spillover due to Chinese migration fr provinces
china  manufacturing  suicide  apple  sony  partner  culture  2ghcj 
may 2010
10 Outstanding Social Media Infographics | @NowSourcing.Com
Very creative & useful graphical representation of social network adoption Thx @guykawasaki #fb #li
facebook  twitter  myspace  linkedin  Social  Network  history  statistics  map  graphic  2010  exceptional  Adoption  2fb  2tw  2li  2snr 
may 2010 Lacks Link Luster : CJR
Interesting albeit thin argument for paywall strategy: WSJ v NYT in study Thx @stefanw
msm  media  Business_model  pointofview  comparison  2010  paywall  blog  research  2ghcj  journalism 
may 2010
Facebook CEO: We Will Add Simpler Privacy Controls
Short post on Zuckerberg comments on new Facebook privacy controls
facebook  2fb  privacy  2010  q2  backlash  executive  zuckerberg  policy 
may 2010
The Third Disruptive Wave #tcdisrupt
Short insight, preview of Techcrunch Disrupt Thx @pierresc
innovation  disruption  conference  2010  q2  startup  Facebook  2fb  insight  Zynga  VCs.angels  SiliconValley 
may 2010
Reverse engineering the female orgasm
Pharma lost at sea, putting sex in a pill, This Perfect Day realized
pharma  science  research  development  women  sexuality 
may 2010
Facebook Shared Personal Data With Advertisers Without User Consent - DailyFinance
Another Facebook loophole that passed used information to advertisers Thx Evelyn!
Facebook  2fb  privacy  disclosure  consent  2010  advertiser  Q2 
may 2010
Social Page Evaluator
Interesting early effort: simple rating site for Facebook Pages
Facebook  tool  marketing  Social  Media  rating 
may 2010
The LinkedIn Blog » Personalize your meetings With TimeBridge and LinkedIn «
New LinkedIn productivity tool for scheduling meetings with LI Connections #fb #li
LinkedIn  Application  Tool  News  Software  2li  Cross.boundary 
may 2010
Miso Tunes Into Some Seed Funding For Check-Ins Based Around Content
Interesting: value prop only built around social process: checking in as metaphor #fb
Social  Network  checkin  news  startup  geosocial  innovation  valueprop  2snr  LBS 
may 2010
Payback Time - Deficit Crisis Threatens Ample Benefits of European Life -
Stating the obvious with conviction while missing the point: economic union w no political union untenable
Europe  Eurozone  Austerity  2010  Crisis  Government  Bank  2ghcj 
may 2010
what-chief-executives-really-want: Personal Finance News from Yahoo! Finance
New IBM research shows CEOs need creative leaders to disrupt organization Thx @lyneeliz #fb
CEO  enterprise  global  2snr  exceptional  leader  Disruption  Transformation  Research  Survey  Analysis  2010  knowledge  economy 
may 2010
Twitter Search Gets a Little More Powerful
Useful factoid on new capability of Twitter Search Thx @guykawasaki
twitter  2tw  news  software  search  SEO 
may 2010 - Instant Twitter Analytics
Awesm tool! Analyze tweets in one click: tweet cloud & other useful stuff Thx @twitterrati
Twitter  Tool  Analysis  Keyword  2tw  Dashboard 
may 2010
Analyze Words
Site analyzes tweets of any tweep in one click! Thx @twitterrati
Twitter  Tool  2tw  Psychology  Analysis  Emotion 
may 2010
Awesome site offers twitterverse take on travel Thx @leyla_a #fb
travel  twitter  crowdsourcing  news  conditions  @csrollyson 
may 2010
Answers Search Results | LinkedIn
Several very experienced people in this thread
medical  tourism  src  discussion  facilitator 
may 2010
Thailand in Crisis « The Global Rail
Excellent collection of thoughtful coverage of Thailand crisis
Thailand  Crisis  2010  Report  Analysis  2ghcj  Asia  Economy 
may 2010 – Genes reveal differences in breast vs. bottle
New research: how breastfeeding affects baby's developing intestines Thx @guykawasaki
breastfeeding  health  research  digestion  neonate  newborn 
may 2010
Do Not Covet Your Ideas
This'll make your day (or night ,^) Pearl of Ethos - Thx @zen_habits!
philosophy  ethos  pointofview  collaboration  attitute  uncopyright  creative  commons  exceptional  filetype:jpg  media:image 
may 2010
Google may be spicing up geosocial market
Geosocial  Google  2010  Q2  Competition  Speculation  2csrollyson  LBS 
may 2010
Ray's 2.0: Has @Twitter Declared War on Traditional Retweets? #TR
Preliminary convos on Twitter's changing how RTs are found or not
Twitter  controversy  customer  speculation 
may 2010
Top 20 Twitter Posts of 2008
Best 20 articles on Twitter; still relevant while reminiscing ,^) Thx @cbroudreaux
Twitter  2tw  tool  list  2008  reprise  history  directory  tactics  strategy  valueprop 
may 2010
Fast and Free Facebook Mobile Access with | Facebook
Free Facebook mobile app w 0 data charges in many countries worldwide Thx @cboudreaux
Facebook  2fb  global  Africa  Asia  Europe  mobile  free  telecom 
may 2010
Social Graphs: The Art and the Insights - Lithosphere Community
Fascinating, useful post of patterns of social networks' social graphs Thx @cboudreaux
Social  Network  SNA  analysis  analytics  model  graphic  exceptional  graph  2snr 
may 2010 ... where friends help friends shop
"Twitter for shopping" everyone, friends and individual streams Thx @vaninadelobelle
Social  Network  e-commerce  collaboration  retail  etail  Twitter  apparel  houseware  2snr 
may 2010
5 Things You Need to Know About Location-Based Social Media
Valuable chart showing LOW penetration of geosocial apps: very early days
geosocial  LBS  loopt  gowalla  business  case  statistics  chart  metropolitan  population  adoption  2snr  Foursquare 
may 2010
Making a Business Case for Mobile Marketing | Emilio Castellanos' Blog
Short salient treatment of how to think abt mobile marketing investments
mobile  marketing  geosocial  business  case  valueprop  exceptional  2010  CMO  ROI  statistics  LBS 
may 2010
What's the hype about hyperlocal marketing? | LinkedIn Answers | LinkedIn
Brief discussion & salient points about business value of foursquare gowalla loopt twitter
geosocial  discussion  valueprop  marketing  pointofview  linkedin  twitter  LBS 
may 2010
Facebook | Friends GPS
Like a brightkite but leverages Facebook's huge trove of info
geosocial  facebook  LBS  Social  Network  application 
may 2010
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