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Bag Monster Blog
Movement to stop using plastic bags.. amazing statistics
trash  plastic  paper  environment  pacific  ocean  destruction  california  hawaii  cause  grocery  usa  global 
september 2010
Schumpeter: Declining by degree | The Economist
Outstanding! Lookg at US univs w performance glasses: not pretty Thx @om #fb
analysis  enterprise  performance  bloat  university  usa  culture  exceptional 
september 2010
Engaging Times – Alterian on Customer Engagement
Excellent knowledge source for emerging social business trends #fb
business  Social  Media  blog  ThoughtLeadership  alterian  research  2snr 
september 2010
Outstanding reasoning on how to apply past Econ crises to present Thx @markthoma
economy  crisis  analysis  policy  2010  1929 
september 2010
When Geeks Attack, Shanghai Edition (TCTV)
US geeks see China collaboration potential Thx @techcrunch
USA  geek  China  Cross-border  collaboration  innovation  outreach  2010  q3  2snr  2ghcj 
september 2010
Yammer 2.0 To Launch As A Powerful, Full-Fledged Social Network For The Enterprise
INTERESTING: Yammer builds off microblogging cornerstone, expands into social network platform play #fb
enterprise  Social  Network  WhiteLabel  twitter  vendor  2010  platform  strategy  news  2snr 
september 2010
Turn Your Head & Swipe: Doctors Love the iPad (Infographic)
Quick post on iPad adoption by medical professionals Thx @alexdc #fb
healthcare  ipad  adoption  medical  2010  Q3  2snr 
august 2010
The Business Of Football, 2009 -
2009 rankings of team value; note importance of city size
sport  professional  usa  football  business  value  list  2009  rank 
august 2010
Verve Remixed
Surprised but I really like some of these
music  jazz  remix 
august 2010
How to optimize your LinkedIn profile
Valuable guide: apply SEO to your Linkedin profile Thx @jdlasica @socialmouths
linkedin  2li  profile  seo  search  optimization  guide 
august 2010
CMO Matrix: How Social Technology Must Integrate with Traditional Marketing
Great thinking from Jeremiah: integrating social media w legacy marketing Thx @stefanw #fb
cmo  marketing  Social  Media  integration  print  email  events  ecommerce  model  strategy  2snr 
august 2010
Fed policy on right course, economists say
Economists validate US Fed core policies, characteristicallt dour on other initiatives
usa  economy  monetary  policy  2010  q3  economist  survey  2ghcj  congress  crisis 
august 2010
Patient Centered IT
Berlin physician's blog on empowering patients with technology
patient  empowerment  medical  tourism  insight  Germany  Berlin  hightech  blog 
august 2010
Consumer Directed Healthcare » Docs Say Keep Mum but Some Patients Want to Tell All
Some medical offices ask patients to sign waivers that they will not rate their doctors
healthcare  patient  empowerment  rating  physician  trust  web2.0  relationship  14nm 
august 2010
‘Nobody had any idea about my disorder’, Lifestyle - Health - Mumbai Mirror
Indian student doesn't get answers in India, ends up going to Germany for surgery
patient  medical  tourism  src  story  india  germany  empowerment 
august 2010
Terrific blog helps patients become more informed & proactive: expert bloggers
healthcare  patient  empowerment  exceptional  medical  blog  transformation 
august 2010
Arctic Business Travel: And You Thought Your Workplace Was Rough | Slow Travel
Personal account of time in the Arctic, working with natural gas installation; salty comments
arctic  survival  gas  story  death  bear  global  warming 
august 2010
Inbound US medical tourism
Excellent summary of 2010 Stackpole survey of USA hospital int'l depts
medical  tourism  usa  inbound  provider  research  2010  international  patient  department  hospital 
august 2010
Overwhelmed? Welcome the Age of Curation | Epicenter |
Insightful: post applies the concept/practice of curation to devices, software & information #fb
curation  ipad  apple  vision  insight  2010  iphone  application  2snr  software 
august 2010
Interest Rates: The Zero Percent Solution - BusinessWeek
short muse on contrarian view to raise interest rates Thx @markthoma
2010  q3  economy  monetary  pointofview  central  bank  policy  usa  uk  japan  china  europe  2ghcj 
august 2010
Factbox: What ammunition does the Fed have left?
Knowingly on not, article shows US Fed tools are paper tigers
usa  central  bank  2010  q3  economy  crisis  intervention  government  2ghcj 
august 2010
Bernanke says Fed to act if needed
My read: "don't expect any significant improvement & don't count on any1 except yourself ti improve yr lot"
2ghcj  economy  2010  q3  bernanke  outlook 
august 2010
Facebook: All your books belong to us
Sardonic take on Facebook's defence of trademark
facebook  2fb  trademark  teachbook  humor  irony 
august 2010
radicalcartography: Chicago
Awesm map shows ethnicity/geo in Chicago + other cities Thx @sfioritto & @ericolson
map  enthnicity  chicago  usa  black  white  hispanic  asian  household  Hightech 
august 2010
Dunning–Kruger effect - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Fascinating research: incompetent overrate themselves while competent underrate, especially US Americans
competence  psychology  judgment  research  American  Asian  European  paradox  perception 
august 2010
Welcome - The Brown Corporation
Unquestionably vulgar but I think clever marketing, use of humor, transparency Thx @patrickchareyre
marketing  case  study  toilet  portable  green  humor  camping  festival  UK  2csrollyson 
august 2010
WikiLeaks releases CIA memo on U.S. terror recruits |
Wikileaks "red team" CIA memo: downplayed by latter but thought provoking: " us & them" complicated
2ghcj  CIA  usa  wikileaks  terrorism  al-qaida  export  citizen  recruit  disruption 
august 2010
When Free Is No Longer Free
Predictable but good things to keep in mind about #freemium
freemium  vendor  model  business  management  migration  Social  Network  2snr 
august 2010
Guardian to launch new team concentrated on multimedia and crowdsourcing - Editors Weblog
Major UK media #proam initiative: what I've called for 4 years! Thx @Patrickmeier #fb
proam  example  2010  q3  msm  newspaper  crowdsourcing  video  podcast  2snr 
august 2010
Social Networks in Health Care 2010 Deloitte Study
New study on how medical professionals and patients are using social networks Thx @strollyson !
Social  Network  healthcare  medical  research  survey  2010  collaboration  2csrollyson  filetype:pdf  media:document 
august 2010
Gapers Block : Mechanics : Chicago Politics - Pittsburgh, and the Magic of Failure
MUST read: how the USA can use the "downturn" to transform, not hold on to the past Thx @Richard_Florida
usa  economy  transformation  disruption  innovation  policy  government  failure  pittsburgh  city  2ghcj  2csrollyson 
august 2010
Philippines defends handling of bus hostage crisis |
Diverse article discusses hostage bus incident, draws conclusions abt Philippines govt; PRC weighs in
philippines  china  hongkong  security  2010  q3  hostage  manila  crime  government  2ghcj 
august 2010
Social Media Marketing - Engage the Social Web - Jive Software
Have bolted on a monitoring solution to their white label solution
Social  Media  monitoring  vendor  WhiteLabel 
august 2010
Facebook (11) | Model Railroader magazine
One of the most active railroader facebook Pages
model  railroad  facebook  13hob  Bullsi  Page 
august 2010
Schumpeter: In search of serendipity | The Economist
Quips about new management book on relationships & serendipity Thx @bussgang
vision  pointofview  review  book  Social  Network  irony  Transformation  Relationship  serendipity  management 
august 2010
Q+A: Blackberry security explained |
Interestg data points abt how RIM blackberry security keys work re: govt security flap
security  enterprise  privacy  counterterrorism  india  saudiarabia  guide  2ghcj 
august 2010
BlackBerry assures India on access to services |
RIM India showdown: enterprise bows to major market govt pressure #fb
india  RIM  blackberry  enterprise  privacy  counterterrorism  2010  Q3  encryption  2ghcj  2snr 
august 2010
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