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Treasury to cut AIG stake in big stock sale |
AIG planned stock offering, Q1 2011: analysis of AIG recovery, US Treasury stake
bailout  usa  government  stock  sales  aig  2011  recapitalization  workout  analysis  2ghcj 
december 2010
China hits back at criticism over North Korea |
Good analysis of Korea standoff and why it probably won't change any time soon
korea  north  south  q4  2010  usa  china  japan  analysis  2ghcj 
december 2010
Photoblog - Pilot ejects an instant before fighterjet crashes
Spectacular photo montage of fighter jet crash and ejection Thx @CharlesS!
Photo  Gallery  Crash  Fighter  Pilot  Ejection  CF-18  2csrollyson 
december 2010
Obama to push for South Korea trade approval
South Korea trade deal looks imminent: before Congress Q1 2011
korea  south  trade  usa  q4  2010  obama  2ghcj  economy 
december 2010
From WikiChina -
Biting sarcasm for sources of USA decline, to the betterment of China, American self-destruction 
usa  china  wikileaks  irony  decline  government  parody  policy  2010  2ghcj  politics  START  Russia 
december 2010
Something's happening - The Cloud Blog
Rare personal insight into cloud and where it's going: read to understand its meaning Thx @jimworth #li
cloud  virtualization  history  insight  perspective  salesforce  csrblogcomment  i.t.  infrastructure 
december 2010
Corporate America's lost laptop epidemic | Data security - InfoWorld
Intel's solution: let employees use corporate laptops for personal & business; they feel more ownership & are more careful #fb
security  enterprise  laptop  theft  data  2csrollyson  Mobile 
december 2010
Tastefully Offensive | This is funny: Frienditute
MUST see new social network meme by Dilbert: frienditute [digial escort] Thx @caline #li
social  media  network  humor  satire  irony  Friend  cartoon  sponsor  tweet  manipulation  2snr 
december 2010
Have you made your site mobile-ready?
Discussing the rise of the 3rd screen: yes, even finally in the USA #li
mobile  prediction  2010  q4  wordpress  plugin  casestudy  example  csrblogcomment  usa  3rdscreen  guide  2snr 
december 2010
MillionBrains | Make Innovation Happen
Enterprise collaboration platform addresses internal & external projects #fb
enterprise  innovation  platform  emea  social  network  enterprise2.0  collaboration  2snr  vendor 
december 2010
Shareable: 10 Hypotheses About Abundance and the Commons
MUSTread: "the commons" and its significance as economic and cultural artifact: profound
insight  vision  philosophy  owner  earth  environment  internet  web3.0  web2.0  exceptional  collaboration  disruption  semiotics 
november 2010
Tragedy of the commons - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Classic and more relevant than ever: one way to think about managing finite resources and infinite demand
economics  scarcity  plenty  philosophy  exceptional  environment  resource  pollution  carbon  pasture  England  Boston  Common  Human  Morality  freeloader  Greed  Destruction  Earth  Water  Air  Software 
november 2010
Starting a Global Business With No U.S. Employees -
Example of no-employee startups: the Knowledge Economy's virtual firms #fb
smb  virtual  usa  employment  contractor  business  entrepreneur  exceptional  knowledge  economy 
november 2010
Internet global adoption report Q4 2010 & strategic questions: penetration of mobile/ computer/ operating system Thx @jhagel #li
2010  Q4  prediction  vision  research  statistics  adoption  global  bric  usa  internet  mobile  social  network  strategy  growth  market  share  Operating_systems  computer  desktop  laptop  iphone  android  exceptional  innovation  filetype:pdf  media:document 
november 2010
Sociable Labs' Intelligent Social Plugins can unleash your site's word of mouth potential
Uber-connected vendor bolts on web 2.0 features to websites, principally using Facebook Connect
social  media  ecommerce  web1.0  web2.0  vendor  Facebook  Connect  graph  siliconvalley  VCs.angels 
november 2010
Long Live the Web: A Call for Continued Open Standards and Neutrality: Scientific American
MUSTread: Berners Lee reflects on past, present & future of The Web: you need to read this Thx @jalasica #fb
web1.0  web2.0  web3.0  Analysis  History  Policy  Government  Privacy  Freedom  Standards  Universality  Pointofview  exceptional  Future  Prediction 
november 2010
What your e-mail address says about you -
Tickle yr funny bone w this analysis: what yr email domain says abt u Thx @charlesstromwall #fb
email  humor  analysis  psychology  domain  2csrollyson  geek 
november 2010
Case Study: Toyota’s Social Media Outreach | SixEstate Communications and Newsblogging
Scant details but provides high-level view of Toyota's social media response to 2010 recall crisis; shows many parts of the campaign but doesn't go into detail
casestudy  automotive  2010  crisis  Toyota  social  media  twitter  outreach  111cruc  b2c  blog  digg  msm  integration 
november 2010
Yoostar: Outreach Case Study - Samir Balwani
Excellent personal analysis from blogger courted by Web 2.0 firm in outreach campaign
outreach  blog  casestudy  111cruc  Lessonslearned  web2.0  hightech 
november 2010
CDC - Widgets
CDC in the forefront of using widgets, harnessing the p2p motor
widget  casestudy  government  healthcare  example  111cruc 
november 2010
Living with rats: July 2010
Inspiring insight into the need for urban renewal & self-sufficiency; with crumbling government backdrop #fb
local  economy  urbanism  15caw2  casestudy  exceptional  insight  disruption  transformation 
november 2010
The future of Japan: The Japan syndrome | The Economist
3 suggestions for righting Japan's boat which is listing due to an aging population
Japan  economy  demographics  2010  analysis  entitlement  2ghcj 
november 2010
The Israeli-Palestinian peace talks: Can Israel now say boo to America? | The Economist
Analyzing several threads & motivations within the US-brokered "Mideast Peace Deal, Q4 2010 edition"
israel  palestine  usa  neogitations  politics  irony  analysis  2ghcj 
november 2010
Groupon considers sale to Google: reports | Reuters
Rumored: Groupon in talks for $3 billion acquisition by Google #fb
chicago  hightech  startup  google  acquisition  rumor  2010  q4  news  2snr 
november 2010
Secrets of the LinkedIn Data Scientists
Behind the curtain: how LinkedIn uses its rich data to innovate services: crowdsourcing key Thx @infosourcer #li
2li  LinkedIn  Algorithm  Mechanicalturk  Twitter  2tw  Innovation  SNA  social  network  analysis  service  Group  Profile  Business  Career  Development  Crowdsourcing 
november 2010
Only One End Zone to Be Used for Football Game at Wrigley Field -
Hacking a football game in Wrigley Field: How Northwestern & Illinois support Cubs by squeezing football into baseball #fb
College  University  Sport  Football  Baseball  Professional  fundraising  2010  Q4  Analysis  Business  2csrollyson  innovation 
november 2010
Too Good to Check -
Analysis of politically motivated rumor masquerading as news; readers need to hold journalists to acct Thx @johnpetrini #fb
analysis  politics  usa  obama  teaparty  journalism  rumor  exposé  2010  q4  india  asia  entourage  2csrollyson 
november 2010
Can Yahoo find its inner 'wow'? | Adventures in IT - InfoWorld
Healthy skepticism, tongue in cheek, about Yahoo's latest innovation chest thumping #li
yahoo  innovation  analysis  irony  humor  hightech  2010  q4  strategy  valueprop  internet  2snr 
november 2010
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