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IPhone and Android Apps Breach Privacy -
How iPhone Android apps violate users' privacy: how many of these apps do you use? Thx @dsearls #fb
iphone  android  exposé  application  software  snoop  research  privacy  security  2010  q4  2csrollyson 
december 2010
Pinboard - antisocial bookmarking
Looks to be the best Delicious alternative; love their "simple interface" pitch
social  Bookmarking  tool  website  web2.0  Delicious  competitor 
december 2010
Smart Automatic Bookmarks - favbot
Automatically "bookmarks" sites based on your browsing history; not a Delicious replacement, but substitute
social  Bookmarking  delicious  competitor  flock  tool  software  web2.0  internet 
december 2010
The Best Alternatives to Delicious
Comparing best alternatives to Delicious Thx a ton! @mklopez #li
howto  social  Bookmarking  Delicious  competition  comparison  Export  exceptional 
december 2010
Facebook Now Letting Brands Claim Community Pages
How brands can merge Community Pages into their Official Pages: overview of the process
Facebook  Community  Page  Brand  Official  Administration  Claim  2fb 
december 2010
A guide to recent changes to Facebook Pages
Excellent post deciphering the differences between Community Pages and Official Pages
Facebook  Community  Page  Official  Analysis  guide  2fb 
december 2010
Act now to minimize the damage to users from Gawker hack | Authentication and authorization - InfoWorld
Understand Gawker hack & how it could affect you & yr firm: good links & tools #fb
security  gawker  2010  Q4  Guide  Hack  Help  tool  2snr 
december 2010
Pourquoi la police tente d'éloigner ses troupes des réseaux sociaux -
A noter: à propos de la gestion de la "vie publique" de la police; et la vie publique de la publique? thx @patrickchareyre
facebook  police  français  gestion  management  policy  social  network  media  entreprise  enterprise  pointofview  PointdeVue  impeccable 
december 2010
The Real Lessons of Gawker's Security Mess
Nice lessons and drama around Gawker's major breach Thx @rycaut #fb
security  enterprise  hack  customer  breach  user  executive  casestudy  exceptional  exposé 
december 2010
The Good Risk
Makes the case for insurance industry adoption of social business media
insurance  blog  b2b 
december 2010
How To Recreate That Facebook Profile Picture Hack
Awesm tutorial for pushing the envelope w yr Facebook Profile; very custom, but doable w tools Thx @jdlasica #fb
Facebook  Customization  Profile  Photoshop  Guide  Tutorial  Video  Blog  2fb  Tool  exceptional 
december 2010
163413_479288597199_9445547199_5658562_14158417_n.jpg 2368×1179 pixels
Awesm image shows #Facebook activity globally; simulates a satellite photo Thx @jdlasica #fb
facebook  2fb  image  photo  adoption  activity  graphic  exceptional  filetype:jpg  media:image 
december 2010
Where did you hang out?
Columbians reminiscing about teen hangouts
15caw2  teen  discussion  15ygen 
december 2010
Innovation Watch
Tons of links to fascinating things driving disruption & changing rules Thx @olairanloye
futurist  Innovation  Vision  Transformation  Disruption  Enterprise  government  2ghcj 
december 2010
Why are so many geeks also musicians? | Education and skills - InfoWorld
Quick riff on the link between IT/coder/geek/architect and musicians
i.t.  music  geek  musician 
december 2010
Warrior Dash | Home
Short courses focused on overcoming obstacles
running  warrior  race  usa  australia 
december 2010
Adjusting to the 'New Normal': The Consequences of Long-term High Unemployment - Knowledge@Wharton
Discussing a "new normal" of persistent high unemployment; referencing NABE survey Thx @TimMoffit
economy  usa  2010  analysis  survey  economist  employment  prediction  Government  2ghcj 
december 2010
Facebook Fan Pages Reveal Tabs – Show to Fans – Hide from Non-Fans | HyperArts
Guide to creating a Landing Tab on your Facebook Page-and displaying different content to Fans and non-Fans
Facebook  FBML  Developer  exceptional  Guide  Fan  Like 
december 2010
FBML - Facebook Markup Language
Basics of FBML; only useful really if you know php or html
FBML  Facebook  Developer  guide 
december 2010
Good Grammar Is Old Fashioned, Unnecessary and Bad for Your Career | BNET
How relevant is grammar anymore; tune into this passionate debate (not kidding ;^) Thx @infosourcer #fb
grammar  language  pointofview  csrblogcomment 
december 2010
Treasury to cut AIG stake in big stock sale |
AIG planned stock offering, Q1 2011: analysis of AIG recovery, US Treasury stake
bailout  usa  government  stock  sales  aig  2011  recapitalization  workout  analysis  2ghcj 
december 2010
China hits back at criticism over North Korea |
Good analysis of Korea standoff and why it probably won't change any time soon
korea  north  south  q4  2010  usa  china  japan  analysis  2ghcj 
december 2010
Photoblog - Pilot ejects an instant before fighterjet crashes
Spectacular photo montage of fighter jet crash and ejection Thx @CharlesS!
Photo  Gallery  Crash  Fighter  Pilot  Ejection  CF-18  2csrollyson 
december 2010
Obama to push for South Korea trade approval
South Korea trade deal looks imminent: before Congress Q1 2011
korea  south  trade  usa  q4  2010  obama  2ghcj  economy 
december 2010
From WikiChina -
Biting sarcasm for sources of USA decline, to the betterment of China, American self-destruction 
usa  china  wikileaks  irony  decline  government  parody  policy  2010  2ghcj  politics  START  Russia 
december 2010
Something's happening - The Cloud Blog
Rare personal insight into cloud and where it's going: read to understand its meaning Thx @jimworth #li
cloud  virtualization  history  insight  perspective  salesforce  csrblogcomment  i.t.  infrastructure 
december 2010
Corporate America's lost laptop epidemic | Data security - InfoWorld
Intel's solution: let employees use corporate laptops for personal & business; they feel more ownership & are more careful #fb
security  enterprise  laptop  theft  data  2csrollyson  Mobile 
december 2010
Tastefully Offensive | This is funny: Frienditute
MUST see new social network meme by Dilbert: frienditute [digial escort] Thx @caline #li
social  media  network  humor  satire  irony  Friend  cartoon  sponsor  tweet  manipulation  2snr 
december 2010
Have you made your site mobile-ready?
Discussing the rise of the 3rd screen: yes, even finally in the USA #li
mobile  prediction  2010  q4  wordpress  plugin  casestudy  example  csrblogcomment  usa  3rdscreen  guide  2snr 
december 2010
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