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Great source for learning about water's impact on human lives *and* how you can help Thx @nikegoal
water  aid  organization  NGO  environment  global  asia  africa  SouthAmerica  central  america  NFP  2ghcj 
january 2011
Managing Your Money In Public View -
Trend & startups in anonymous collective hyperlocal money management
social  money  management  crowdsourcing  analysis  spend  community  hyperlocal  news  2007  startup 
january 2011
Kaarina Koskenalusta leaves Executives' Club - Chicago Tribune
Purportedly behind the curtain reportage of the changing of the guard at the Executives' Club of Chicago
chicago  executive  association  departure  2010  Q4  outsourcing  club 
january 2011
Interesting mashup of gaming & collaboration Thx @jimworth #li
collaboration  gaming  enterprise  startup  community  software  2snr  LBS  vendor 
january 2011
These Three Marketers Hate LinkedIn Ads
Read this along w discussion for context; helpful 2underst LinkedIn as a platform Thx @stefanw
linkedin  2li  advertising  pointofview  discussion  ROI  Google  clickthru 
january 2011
When Smart People are Bad Employees // ben's blog
Lessons learned about managing brilliant but flawed employees Thx @madmagz
startup  enterprise  organization  employee  management  i.t.  software  reflection 
january 2011
Twitter Click Through Rates
Riffing on Twitter clickthrough rates, compare to email, banner Thx @madmagz 
twitter  clickthru  statistics  campaign  results  reflection  2tw  social  media  measurement 
january 2011
100,000 Islam converts living in UK: White women most keen to embrace Muslim faith | Mail Online
Interesting but predictable: blowback against consumerist culture in the UK thx @passepartout
uk  culture  society  islam  conversion  women  corruption  2010  statistics  2ghcj 
january 2011
Starbucks cuts name and coffee from logo | Reuters
Starbucks changes logo: speculating on strategic significance; I think they're doing an Apple; what do u think? #li
starbucks  brand  logo  strategy  analysis  2snr  speculation 
january 2011
Analysis: Facebook fund tests SEC resolve | Reuters
Explains the basic quandry from SEC and investor points off view #fb
facebook  regulator  regulation  2011  q1  analysis  investor  Goldmansachs  2fb 
january 2011
Cellphone snooping now easier and cheaper than ever • The Register
Too predictable: new approach that grabs/decodes GSM calls & texts; much cheaper/easier Thx @jpbarlow #li
mobile  security  privacy  threat  2011  Q1  cellular  encryption  2snr 
january 2011
Belkin Car Stereo Cable 6' F8Z181tt06GLD-P
Great for connecting laptops, ipods, or iphones to portable speakers
home  theater  ipod  iphone  macbook  speakers  cable  tool 
january 2011
City of Chicago :: Comprehensive Chemical Analysis
Excellent collection of reports & analyses; some guidance in notes
chicago  drinking  water  city  chemical  analysis  test  2009  Q1  Q2 
january 2011 - Test Kits, Meters & Safety Products
Comprehensive site with several individual tests & kits for most contaminants
water  air  test  kit  drinking  ecommerce 
january 2011 Sensafe Total Water 15-in-1 (487986) Home Test Kit
Fairly comprehensive test; good instructions on website lets you know how to use the kit before you buy
water  drinking  test  guide 
january 2011
Innovators of Water Quality Testing & Test Strips | Industrial Test Systems, Inc.
Category killer: specializes in water testing products; very comprehensive, you can order strips for any contaminant; nominally useful blog
water  drinking  test  blog  laboratory 
january 2011
SenSafe Water Quality Test Kit, 487986 Only $32
Tests 15 contaminants; seems to be the limit of most home kits
water  drinking  test  kit 
january 2011
Analytical Quality Water Test Kits and Drinking Water Test Kits
Pretty basic, doesn't test enough contaminants for me but quality probably pretty decent for some uses
water  drinking  test  kit  ecommerce 
january 2011
3M - Chicago, IL, Illinois, City Drinking Water Report, Pollutants, Contaminants Detected, Atrazine, Nitrate, Nitrite, Lead, Lake Michigan, EPA, Chemicals
Quotes 3rd party reports; haven't verified elsewhere, although no surprises; 3M is marketing their filters, so possible conflict
water  report  illinois  drinking 
january 2011
Pondering developments in tablets, ipad & MSM obtuseness: Apple, Google & privacy #li
ipad  google  apple  android  privacy  publishing  subscriber  data  2csrollyson  competition  media  msm  strategy 
january 2011
Carbon Copy Cloner - Home
1 of the leading Mac disk cloners/backups for years; highly recommended
macosx  software  tool  disk  maintenance  management 
january 2011
Emeraldion Lodge .o. Software .o. Singular
Finds & eliminated duplicate files on your Mac
macosx  tool  software  maintenance  clean  disk 
january 2011
Useful review of Android 2.3 & compare 2 iOS; note carrier comments, could apply 2 iPhone Verizon
ios  android  iphone  nexus  review  comparison  hardware  software  2csrollyson  telecom 
january 2011
The Power of Twitter in Information Discovery | AlwaysOn
Don't get distracted by tweeting: usecase 4 using Twitter as yr editor Thx
twitter  2tw  valueprop  usecase  guide  relationship 
january 2011
Announcing Checkins for Ushahidi and Crowdmaps – The Ushahidi Blog
Check this out! Free Android mobile app enables a private foursquare for dispersed groups Thx @patrickmeier #fb
geosocial  ushahidi  mobile  application  software  Opensource  2011  q1  2snr  android  csrblogcomment  LBS 
january 2011
ATSDR - ToxFAQs™: Chromium
Great site for studying toxic chemicals & their effects
toxic  chemical  portal  database  directory  statistics  test  chromium  environment  agency  water 
december 2010
Thoughts on Selecting a FireWire or SATA Hard Drive
Excellent analysis & stats comparing use cases for Firewire and SATA external drives #fb
Peripherals  video  MBP  macintosh  Drive  External  SATA  Firewire  analysis  comparison  exceptional  statistics 
december 2010
Clout St: Moseley Braun, Davis not dropping out of mayor's race despite Jackson's plea
Shopworn politics & reportage; discussion reflects a gift of Obama's presidency: helping Americans move beyond race
politics  usa  chicago  race  discussion  mayor  2csrollyson 
december 2010
Apple, App Makers Sued Over User-Tracking | Epicenter |
Apple sued 4 not enforcing 2010 ban on Apps passing UDIDs to advertisers [another suit last wk named Google & Apple] Thx @roxana_vergara #li
privacy  iphone  Apple  lawsuit  tracking  advertising  disclosure  UDID  2snr  Mobile 
december 2010
The 10 dumbest tech moves of 2010 | Adventures in IT - InfoWorld
Classic Cringely spoofs tech CEO & gov't 2010 gaffes. Some good chuckles, check 'em out! #fb
humor  hightech  government  2010  gaffe  snafu  list  2csrollyson  google  apple  microsoft  CIA 
december 2010
Factbox: Five facts about rare earth elements |
Great perspective on mania around recent Chinese export restrictions
2ghcj  rare  earth  metal  guide  hightech  china  export  policy  q4  2010  green 
december 2010
NSF Certified Products - Drinking Water Treatment Units
Advanced search NSF's database to find third party certified filters
water  certification  database  directory 
december 2010
Water Filter - Forums
Discussion of reverse osmosis vs. distillation for purification and retaining trace minerals
water  filter  technology  comparison  discussion  distillation  reverse  osmosis  mineral  health 
december 2010
Abby's Guide: Water Filters
Smells sponsored but some useful info
water  filter  guide  rating  comparison 
december 2010
NSF International : Consumer
Excellent site for understanding drinking water politics, testing and features
water  certifications  Test  standards  filter  home  consumer  business  watchdog 
december 2010
How to automate Twitter content to other social networks | SNS Analytics
Disappointing; doesn't offer anything new & pitches itself too hard; still, potentially useful vendor
twitter  facebook  linkedin  syndication  tool  software  metrics  application 
december 2010
Scenarios: Likely outcomes of Khodorkovsky
Speculating on outcomes of Khodorkovsky trial & stakes for Medvedev & Putin
russia  government  trial  analysis  med  Khodorkovsky  Medvedev  Putin  Politics  2ghcj 
december 2010
Water Filter Comparisons & Reviews
Sponsored by Aquasana parent but has good info: side-by-side shootout top10 brands
water  filter  comparison  home  directory  vendor 
december 2010
Water Filters Information: Links for Water Filters
List of (presumably) decent water filter manufacturers
water  filter  usa  vendor  directory 
december 2010
Water Filters Reviews
Good starter for research on water filters; some detail, could be more
water  filter  tool  home  kitchen  carbon  osmosis  comparison  rating  report 
december 2010
The Blogging Secret "They" Forgot To Tell You
Great blog on blogging; short posts on tactics & skills Thx @socialmouths
blog  tactic  guide  practice  howto 
december 2010
Facebook vs Twitter Infographic -
Useful 2010 stats of Facebook & Twitter demographics Thx @socialmouths #li
facebook  twitter  2tw  2fb  statistics  2010  Q4  demographics  Comparison  Mobile  Engagement  infographic 
december 2010
Why We Fight (2005 film)
Expose on Military-Industrial Complex and propaganda
usa  military  defense  history  policy  film  industry  vietnam  veteran  soldier  expose  eisenhower  mccain  propaganda 
december 2010
All Household Appliances Should Be Made By Apple
Plaintive cry to eradicate obtuse design of consumer electronics; rings so true #fb
Consumer  electronics  Gadget  Design  Apple  Microwave  Gift  Complexity  Humor  2snr 
december 2010
Banks and WikiLeaks -
Raises questions abt large banks' collective decisions to bar Wikileaks fr payments system; suggesting banks are like utilities; good 2ponder
wikileaks  bank  pointofview  2010  q4  2ghcj 
december 2010
Monsoon Wedding - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Highly recommended by @jhagel - on my list to see, a rich film abt wedding drama of Punjabi family
wedding  film  india  marriage  family  culture  punjab  2ghcj 
december 2010 – read Twitter and Facebook as a daily newspaper
Check this out: publish your tweet &/or facebook stream as a newspaper Thx @fredcadena #fb
web2.0  tool  twitter  facebook  newspaper  transformation  startup  2tw  2fb  software  application 
december 2010
Cut Here. Invest There. -
FANTASTIC pithy take on reality: The age of leading by giving is over - Now our leaders must lead by taking things away
usa  economy  finance  pointofview  prediction  policy  leadership  atlanta  mayor  pension  2010  exceptional 
december 2010
'Holly' the coyote rescued from Lake Michigan - Chicago Breaking News
We saw this, involved several fire trucks, 2 helicopters and a huge fireboat
coyote  animal  rescue  Lake  Michigan  Chicago  Fullerton  Belmont  Harbor  Fireboat  2010  Q4 
december 2010
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