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Libyan rebels await counter-attack by Gaddafi forces
Libya update: behind the lines + diplomatic response
q1  2011  libya  revolution  news  2ghcj 
february 2011
Fascinating hobo slang dictionary; part of a global budget travel site
culture  travel  hitchhiking  hobo  budget  language  slang  dictionary  global  history 
february 2011
Fiscal policy: The right to be certain | The Economist
Dispassionate, solid reasoning about why USA will accept austerity, too; simple explanation of risk in terms of employees #li
usa  security  social  contract  2011  Q1  Analysis  Wisconsin  Pension  Union  wallstreet  Budget  healthcare  2ghcj 
february 2011
Search Results |
Excellent 3rd party source of events; tricky data though
15caw2  event  fitness  calendar  15yfam 
february 2011
Why I Bike in Really Cold Weather--And How You Can Too |
Great description of gear required for rides in sub-freezing weather
cycling  winter  gear  clothing  guide  fitness 
february 2011
Wordpress Plugin: Category Templates - Plugins
Looks promising but requires php building of templates
wordpress  plugin  theme  category  template  tool  guide 
february 2011
Everything You Need to Import and Display RSS Feeds with WordPress
Excellent guide for importing RSS feeds via sidebar widgets or as blog entries
rss  wordpress  category  guide  import  calendar  plugin  howto 
february 2011
Reflection on 2011 trends in using socialtech for political activism
politics  global  social  network  media  facebook  twitter  votizen  2011  q1  egypt  tunisia  disruption  2ghcj 
february 2011
Import Multiple RSS Feeds on your facebook wall « Dev Dream Blog
Bookmark this! Brief but thorough suggestions for importing multiple RSS feeds into Facebook
rss  import  facebook  page  2fb  syndication  google  reader  application  howto  calendar 
february 2011
Unplugging in Chicago
Hysterical & sobering: Web2.0-izen tries "digital detox" in Chicago: can she make it 3 days? Thx @charles #fb
culture  blackberry  iphone  android  social  network  facebook  twitter  mobile  chicago  vacation  2fb  2tw  2snr  hotel  restaurant 
february 2011
In Wisconsin and Washington, budget battles reshape political landscape
Imagine reading this with "tip for tiny belly" ad alongside as I did ;^) people need to get that there's no money in the till; tighten up
usa  politics  budget  deficit  federal  state  wisconsin  government  protest  republican  democrat  2011  q1  humor  2ghcj 
february 2011
How Google Can Beat Facebook: No, Its Not on the Web: Tech News and Analysis «
Superb piece on Google core competency; If Google's a baseline player, Facebook's forced it to the net since 2009ish #li
google  facebook  unified  messaging  vision  insight  exceptional  social  iphone  android  application 
february 2011
This is the Creepy, Super Cool Future of Smartphones & Social Networks
MUSTread: "privacy" tilt: facial recognition software 4 mobile takes yr picture, interacts w social networks to id you Thx @jimworth #li
privacy  face  recognition  q1  2011  social  network  csrblogcomment  security  exceptional 
february 2011
Pages « WordPress Codex
Just what you hope for: clear description of the differences between Wordpress Pages and Posts; options, creating multiple Page templates
wordpress  page  post  comparison  guide  howto  template 
february 2011
Cruce de los Andes 2011 – 10º edición |
fantastic event, crossing the Andes trek Thx @jaime
race  trail  andes  chile  hike  run  2011  photo  trek 
february 2011
McKinsey Quarterly: The Online Journal of McKinsey & Company
McKinsey Quarterly's approach to allowing readers to customize their feeds
rss  customization  example  strategy  marketing  innovation  subscribe 
february 2011
Gemalto Brings Facebook® to All Mobile Phones
NEWS: social dialtone strategy: Facebook to be available to non-data plan mobiles via SIM card #li
Emerging_markets  facebook  2fb  news  sim  mobile  2011  Q1 
february 2011
Facebook on a SIM Card Chip Now Available
HUGEnews: #Facebook SIM to enable basic mobiles to interact w FB - even w/o data plans! #fb
facebook  2fb  news  sim  Emerging_markets  mobile 
february 2011
WordPress › WP More Feeds « WordPress Plugins
Works as advertised! Install, set settings and you can call RSS feeds of any category or tag!
wordpress  plugin  category  tag  blog 
february 2011
WordPress › SoJ Tag Feed « WordPress Plugins
Don't like it: makes you alter template/theme stylesheet; probably works though
rss  wordpress  tag  feed  plugin 
february 2011
15 ways to increase your brand’s impact on Facebook
Well researched valuable how-to post on using #Facebook #Page features: one of 4-part series
2fb  brand  guide  howto  tactic  feature  2011  q1  research  marketing 
february 2011
15 ways to increase your Facebook stature
MUSTread: 15 quality tips on boosting Facebook reputation: for firms and individuals #fb
2fb  facebook  tactic  research  2011  Q1  marketing  reputation  guide  howto  exceptional 
february 2011
Search Optimization and Its Dirty Little Secrets -
Excellent post on blackhat campaign involving JC Penney Thx @jeffmusson
google  blackhat  whitehat  SEO  search  optimization  exposé  casestudy  retail  2010  Q4  2snr 
february 2011
The Apple doctrine | asymco
Pithy insight into how Apple leads: by focusing on product, not sales (I also argued, on experience) Thx @monkbent #fb
apple  insight  stevejobs  leadership  csrblogcomment  2snr 
february 2011
End of Mubarak era as protests topple president | Reuters
History! Although next steps uncertain, people bringing down a ruler thru peaceful protest is exceptional! I'm moved
egypt  history  milestone  mubarak  q1  2011  revolt  military  coup  2ghcj 
february 2011
Rage in Egypt as Mubarak hangs on | Article | Top News |
Very pivotal point in Egypt's history; my heart w them in crisis
egypt  revolt  leader  2ghcj  crisis 
february 2011
Dealing with mistakes — JS Cournoyer
Insightful post about owning failure and apologizing Thx @jscoumoyer ! @mldlca
mldl  csrblogcomment  Apology  performance  mistake  exceptional  innovation  risk 
february 2011
iteration6; excellent base search (1 year)
mldl  search  blog  website  media  canada  entrepreneur  VCs.angels 
february 2011
Factbox: Evolution of U.S. stance on Egypt | Article | Top News |
Excellent contribution: timeline of official USA responses to Egypt revolt Well done @reuters! #fb
2ghcj  exceptional  egypt  revolt  q1  2011  usa  timeline  obama  biden  clinton  mubarak  diplomacy  middleeast 
february 2011
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