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Economist Education - e-learning for people who work across borders
Knowledge Economy business model: interesting, packaging & delivering knowledge #li
service  global  publishing  business  model  2ghcj  2csrollyson  innovation  Newspaper  knowledge  economy 
april 2011
Axelrod speaks: Obama Rahm Daley
Axelrod remarks about serving Obama Rahm Daley at Chicago lunch
politics  democrat  executive  daley  obama  rahm  blagojevich  chicago  illinois  campaign  2012  2ghcj 
april 2011
Study: AT&T, not Apple, is to blame for dropped iPhone 4 calls | Iphone - InfoWorld
Study of USA mobile carriers compares dropped calls; focus on #iPhone 4 #fb #li
iphone  at&t  verizon  sprint  tmobile  research  2011  mobile  call  statistics  2snr 
april 2011 Femmes De Paris V.1: Various Artists: Music
Hysterical, so retro it's campy, French bubble gum pop
music  musique  francais  1960  1950  humor 
april 2011
Andy's Jazz Club & Restaurant - Chicago Jazz
Sometimes jazz at lunch, too! Always good, reasonable cover, unpretentious & authentic #fb
jazz  chicago  nearnorth  bar  restaurant  club  pub  lunch  dinner  exceptional  ac12vis  cnoc 
april 2011
Behind Anheuser’s Goose Island Beer Acquisition - Deal Journal - WSJ
Inbev's acquisition of chicago's goose island brewery; comments add perspective
q1  2011  chicago  enterprise  acquisition  beer  brewery  analysis  craft  executive  #li 
april 2011
Rate My Professors | Find and rate your professor, campus and more -
Good quality comments overall; useful potential insight into personality, approach, character
rating  professor  university  teacher  comparison  student  empowerment 
april 2011
Yemen: update on negotiations
yemen  usa  executive  protester  negotiation  middleeast  revolt  q1  2011  2ghcj 
march 2011
WordPress › Role Scoper « WordPress Plugins
Looks fantastic; assign granular permissions to blog readers and writers-on top of WP's roles; think community team
wordpress  plugin  permissions  role  team  blog  exceptional  reader  community 
march 2011
Fiat's Petite Italian Model Seeks Love in America -
Fiat 500 in USA [Cinquecento ancora negli Stati Uniti]! Fiat500 historical pix too Thx @charles #fb
automobile  usa  fiat  500  cinquecento  history  2011  review  2csrollyson 
march 2011
mixtent | Where do you stand in your industry?
Startup crowdsources ranking of people's skills, using LinkedIn Skills as launchpad
rank  business  professional  skill  crowdsourcing  linkedin  startup  reputation 
march 2011
Create tours for your friends; met at sxswi 2011
application  tour  social  geosocial  travel  city  iphone  2011 
march 2011
Innovations in Health Care -
Several useful articles on healthcare innovation, emerging trends #fb #li
healthcare  innovation  medicine  report  hospital  usa  2011  q1  cost  mobile  2snr 
march 2011
What Is an ACO? -
Basic description of ACOs, a management body encouraged by 2010 US Healthcare Law
healthcare  hospital  management  payer  collaboration  massachusetts  model  ACO  Innovation  Cost  cut  Medical  physician  2ghcj  obama  2010  law 
march 2011
Peter Pronovost and the Checklist -
Attacking 31,000 hospital deaths from infection due to IVs and non-compliance by MDs and RNs
healthcare  medicine  hospital  statistics  infection  innovation  patient  nurse  physician  death  preventative  leader  interview  management  airline  2ghcj  research 
march 2011
Robin Williams’ early commercial career [video] - Holy Kaw!
Funny & historical: Bell Telephone commercial w Robin Williams, click thru 4 more Thx @guykawasaki #fb
video  robinwilliams  tv  commercial  1977  History  Telephone  2csrollyson  humor 
march 2011
Mahayana Mahaparinirvana Sutra - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
"There are no opposites, only relationships." -- Lankavatara Sutra
India  China  Tibet  philosophy  religion  Nirvana  Sutra 
march 2011
Georges Moustaki
Paroles des chansons françaises
mousaki  chanson  parole  musique  français 
march 2011
Caterpillar CEO's letter talks of leaving Illinois
Inevitable when IL raises tax AND has no vision or reliable timeline Thx @topalovich
industry  equipment  manufacturing  illinois  q1  2011  income  tax  competition  ceo  caterpillar  governor  executive  negotiation  2ghcj 
march 2011
West strikes Libya forces, NATO sees 90-day campaign | Article | Top News |
Clegg: ""There are risks. It is going to be untidy.." master of understmt! (re Libya)
libya  2ghcj  uk  analysis  nato  gaddafi  war  rebel 
march 2011
The New Facebook Groups: All You Need To Know
Explanation of new Groups intro'd in Q4 2010; some comparison w Pages
facebook  2fb  group  page  guide  2010 
march 2011
why i am never going to own a home again: Tech Ticker, Yahoo! Finance
Light humorous debunk of the home ownership myth; interesting corporate angle Thx @gennadyshenker
realestate  opinion  pointofview  rental  employment 
march 2011
John-Michael Cortez (JMVC_ATX) on Twitter
Transit tweep has awesm feed re: Austin TX transit
Austin  Transit  Twitter  CapMetro  2tw  Texas  Bus  Train 
march 2011
Questions raised about U.S. role and goals in Libya - The Washington Post
Debating Obama's decision to contribute to coalition forces in No-fly campaign Thx @charles #fb
USA  military  libya  q1  2011  france  uk  denmark  aviano  F-16  USAF  Congress  debate  War  Mission  gaddafi  obama  2ghcj 
march 2011
Rad Geek’s Projects » Add Attribution for FeedWordPress
Feedwordpress + this plugin enable you to syndicate indiv RSS items to your blog, have full comments AND link back to orig
RSS  wordpress  plugin  comment  feedwordpress  blog  tool  2tw 
march 2011
XCom Global offering free MiFis to relief workers in Japan
Xcom helps Japan aid workers w free wifi + excellent no-roaming wifi solution for teams abroad
japan  q1  2011  earthquake  wifi  donation  Europe  Asia  team  International  wireless  solution  2ghcj 
march 2011
Free GPS Navigation with Turn by Turn - Waze |
Users agree to share their speed & location to know traffic patterns real-time, avoiding congestion
traffic  startup  realtime  geolocation  israel  crowdsourcing  highway  global  city  Metropolis 
march 2011
Japan Quake/Tsunami Relief
Lions Clubs locations in Japan, helping with earthquake assistance
japan  earthquake  q1  2011  ngo  assistance  disaster  map  news 
march 2011
Google Chicago alum to lead Chicago Entrepreneurial Center
chicago  startup  news  executive  q1  2011  google  association 
march 2011
SXSW wrap: Tuesday's highlights
Useful perspective about eyepopping growth of sxsw interactive
conference  festival  sxsw  2011  statistics  q1  analysis  austin  texas 
march 2011
Gaddafi pummels rebels as war outpaces diplomacy | Article | Top News |
Grim news from Libya: "The world" looks corrupt, relying on excuses but it's complicated
libya  q1  2011  revolution  usa  france  uk  unitednations  nofly  intervention  2ghcj 
march 2011
Japan scrambles to avert nuclear disaster, global fears mount
Good update on Japan nuclear crisis: policy and markets as well as safety, global ramifications
japan  nuclear  tsunami  q1  2011  news  analysis  economy  safety  russia  china  radiation  2ghcj 
march 2011
Good intro on techniques for password security
munge  passwird  security 
march 2011
QR code readers for your iPhone | Webware - CNET News
Useful review & guide to QR code reader apps for iPhone #fb
iphone  application  review  guide  reader  2csrollyson 
march 2011
The groupon model for artistic, philanthropic or cause-based initiatives
Group  Buy  Groupon  Luxury  Retail  Disruption  Margin  Collaboration  Demand  transformation  Vendor  Web2.0  2snr  philanthropy  art  NFP  Funding 
march 2011
About Gilt Groupe
Another sign that the Industrial Economy product age is over #li
Group  Buy  Groupon  Luxury  Retail  Disruption  Margin  Collaboration  Demand  transformation  Vendor  Web2.0  2snr 
march 2011
Banyan: More black tea than jasmine | The Economist
Speculating on now North African revolts might affect central asian rulers
central  asia  politics  regime  government  pointofview  analysis  2011  q1  revolt  libya  egypt  tunisia  2ghcj 
march 2011
Arab media says Gaddafi looking for exit deal | Reuters
Posturing & negotiating; reportedly Gaddafi looking for exit package
libya  news  gaddafi  negotiation  2011  q1  rebel  government  family  exit  2ghcj 
march 2011
The Pros And Cons Of Facebook Comments
MUSTread: 1st look at Facebook's integration for BLOG comment integration Thx @jdlasica #fb
facebook  web2.0  SingleSignon  2011  q1  blog  comment  software  feature  news  google  twitter  2fb  analysis  2csrollyson 
march 2011
Degrees and Dollars -
Good source for showing Industrial Economy wane and need to transform education in the Knowledge Economy
higher  education  usa  disruption  transformation  pointofview  employment 
march 2011
Bad news for cities, good news for urban centers | New Urban Network
Quick riff on urban developmt research: int'g tho no surprise 4 us café-sippg cityrats Thx @richard_florida #fb
usa  city  research  analysis  chicago  philadelphia  StLouis  washington.dc  urbanism  15dvp  15ygen  2011  q1  2csrollyson 
march 2011
Extreme winter weather linked to climate change | Article | Top News |
Speculating on link between wacky winter, climate change; comments remind how personally ppl take it
weather  climate  change  usa  winter  research  q1  2011  speculation 
march 2011
Gaddafi strikes town, rebels call for foreign help | Reuters
Short summary/analysis/reportage: Fast-moving, reports of revel groups organizing
libya  revolution  news  gaddafi  2011  q1  usa  uk  United.Nations  military  intervention  government  african  union  2ghcj 
march 2011
The Misguided Debate on Cellphone Safety | SiliconANGLE
Even-handed analysis of "debate" on cellphone radiation; useful scientic details Thx @kristennicole
mobile  radiation  debate  SanFrancisco  analysis  2011  research  engineering  convention  2snr 
march 2011
Revealing the Man Behind @MayorEmanuel - Alexis Madrigal - Technology - The Atlantic
MUSTread for Chicago & Twitter case: reflecting on @mayoremanuel twitter case study Thx @harper
twitter  2tw  casestudy  chicago  politics  q1  2011  story  @csrollyson 
february 2011
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