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European debt worries: Europe eyes bullet, considers bite
Europe's lack of political will exposes Eurozone false assumption: "We can have economic integration w/o political" #li
eurozone  q2  2011  policy  Europe  Economy  Greece  Ireland  Portugal  Sovereign  Debt  Restructuring  Crisis  2ghcj 
may 2011
from Mercurio, John
Email exchange in which Burston-Marsteller trying to arrange negative story abt Google
blog  reputation  google  facebook  negative  email  integrity  2csrollyson  q2  2011  exposé 
may 2011
Facebook Busted in Clumsy Smear Attempt on Google - The Daily Beast
Some good facts re: Facebook's secret campaign to attack Google's reputation; PR firms don't learn #li
google  facebook  competition  publicrelations  gaffe  2011  q2  exposé  negative  2csrollyson  professional  service  reputation 
may 2011
10Minutes on doing deals in China: PwC
Exec. summary of M&A opportunities & challenges in China for foreign investors; several asset classes #fb
china  merger  acquisition  usa  privateequity  analysis  2011  q2  2snr 
may 2011
CIO's approach to innovation is on the frontlines of business
Nice case for BPM in RI Blues org: CIO interview; beware popups tho #li
insurance  cio  casestudy  business  process  transformation  rhodeisland  bpm 
may 2011
Converts between Apple tiger mail format and Linux formats to import and export
tool  email  converter  macosx  linux  unix  mail 
may 2011
Mail won't retrieve but the iphone...: Apple Support Communities
Mail won't get new mail when iPhone works with same credentials; other accts on Pbook work, too
apple  tiger  mail  2.1.3  discussion  problem  iphone 
may 2011
Syria 'tortures activists to access their Facebook pages' - Telegraph
Ominous post of Syrian oppression, torture and use of social networks to make arrests Thx @jpbarlow
revolt  social  media  network  syria  protester  torture  password  video  image  suppression  q2  2011  2ghcj 
may 2011
Social Media Headhunter
Solid analysis of new Twitter micropymt tool: netnet, a tip jar Thx @smheadhunter #li
twitter  2tw  startup  micropayment  q2  2011  analysis  valueprop  tip  blog  tactics  monetization  2snr 
may 2011
France: Reforming gloomy France | The Economist
France 2.0? Interesting glimpse into growing hightech entrepreneurship, contrast w "old France" stereotype #li 
France  startup  entrepreneur  government  gouvernement  policy  economie  economy  innovation  2011  Q2  transformation  culture  insight  France2.0  hightech  2snr 
may 2011
Pakistan PM says bin Laden accusations absurd | Article | Top News |
Interesting points: Pakistan bin Laden fallout, many provoked by Pakistan govt opposition
2ghcj  pakistan  usa  binLaden  2011  q2  government  opposition  insight 
may 2011
Reconciling Attention Scarcity with Cognitive Surplus | OnTheSpiral
MUSTread: Incisive, dispassionate dissection of attention scarcity & cognitive Surplus thx @jhagel
cognitive  surplus  attention  scarcity  behavior  adoption  exceptional  insight  analysis  higher  education  product  marketing 
may 2011
Social Media as a Tool for Protest - Trading Forum and Blogs
Excellent analysis of social media's value proposition for protesters; examines many of the issues
social  media  network  protest  analysis  2ghcj  facebook  twitter  2fb  government  iran  egypt  tunisia  china  revolt  valueprop 
may 2011
Steve Jobs On The Difference Between A Vice President And A Janitor
Characteristic clarity on management/ream roles from Steve Jobs; pithy, powerful read #fb
management  stevejobs  role  executive  accountability  Clarity  Apple  2snr 
may 2011
Timeline: Violence in Syria | Article | Top News |
Syria timeline: note how "sources" are highly partisan altho don't doubt general direction
syria  protest  assad  2ghcj  military  killing  revolt  northafrica  q2  2011 
may 2011
10 Questions to Evaluate a Social Media 'Expert' | Internet Marketing Strategy: Conversation Marketing
A humorous light-weight take on evaluating social media "experts," for mainstream users Thx @ericttung
social  media  consultant  evaluation  humor 
may 2011
Kalamazoo Seasons
Check this out: Fantastic photo blog of wildflowers & excellent notes on seasons, natural beauty #fb
photo  blog  wildflower  bird  wood  nature  michigan  Kalamazoo  gallery  season  kzoo 
may 2011
Latin America’s Silicon Valley: where is it? - TNW Latin America
Review of Latin America Silicon Valley hopefuls; survey of govt devt @mldlca Thx @melanie_adcock
latin  america  brazil  brasil  chile  mexico  startup  siliconvalley  government  development  hightech  2csrollyson  americas 
may 2011
Pakistan threatens U.S. on cooperation if more raids | Article | Top News |
Captures sm of the complexities of binladen operation & USA-Pakistan relations
2ghcj  pakistan  usa  binladen  military  q2  2011  attack  reaction 
may 2011
How the Fed triggered the Arab Spring uprisings in two easy graphs - Telegraph
Interesting idea but far from proved in the post; looks like sloppy journalism
economy  libya  tunisia  Fed  speculation  2011  q2 
may 2011
Ten reasons to blog even if nobody reads it
Short list of some blog value props even if you have no community
blog  list  valueprop  marketing 
may 2011
Social Flights
Roll your own junket! [Groupon for private air travel] Thx @jpbarlow #fb
airline  disruption  flight  social  network  travel  group  buy  q2  2011  2snr  conference  reunion  vacation  groupon  charter 
may 2011
Google Hides Tethering Apps on Android Market for Carriers - Linux and Open Source - News & Reviews -
Telecoms mkt dysfunctionality: Govt carrier mobile os cocktail drags on USA competitiveness & innovation #li
telecoms  usa  carrier  google  handset  ios  android  tether  customer  insight  2snr  mobile  lbs  location  competition 
may 2011
Startup Makes Facebook Likes Searchable
Startup makes it possible to search and track Facebook Likes
facebook  2fb  Likebutton  startup  search  location  2011  q2 
may 2011
You Can Now Shop Express's Entire Catalog on Facebook
Milestone: Express puts entire catalog 4 sale on Facebook #li
facebook  2fb  ecommerce  apparel  news  casestudy  2011  q2  milestone 
may 2011
Facebook to Buy Skype? [REPORT]
Interesting speculation [ongoing] about skype relationships with Google and Facebook Thx @jdlasica
facebook  google  skype  acquisition  partner  speculation  news  q2  2011  ipo 
may 2011
» the most minimal blog :mnmlist
Zen: check this out: blogging insight that will surprise you #fb
2snr  blog  insight  zen  vision  philosophy 
may 2011
Timeline & insights into Facebook social widgets (Like button) Thx @webtechman #li #fb
facebook  2fb  strategy  social  widget  Likebutton  sendbutton  analysis  email  software  web2.0  interoperate  ecosystem  2snr 
may 2011
Speakers "becoming a social business"
Adoption snapshot: IBM & InfoWeek produce vision of social business, enterprise collaboration; foundation is collab software #fb
software  enterprise2.0  conference  q2  2011  adoption  social  business  2snr  analyst 
may 2011
How to Style an Application Like Facebook - Devtacular
Helpful guide to Facebook's core stylesheet, so you can make your tab or page (or anything else) look like FB
facebook  2fb  design  application  page  tab  guide  howto  style 
may 2011
Coming soon to a Mac near you: serious malware | ZDNet
Sounds nasty but doubt the source; good to think about in any case
macosx  malware  prediction  q2  2011 
may 2011
Web 2.0 Investment Strategy: Outperform Rivals by Using Adoption Cycle | The Social Network Roadmap
Adoption model and strategy for outperforming competitors during early social business adoption by the enterprise
adoption  model  strategy  web2.0  social  business  media  network  enterprise  competitor  cioexforum 
may 2011
Comparing Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter for Developing Business Relationships | The Executive's Guide to Social Networks
Compares LinkedIn Twitter & Facebook for developing executive relationships; how are they similar & different?
facebook  twitter  linkedin  blog  compare  relationship  howto  cioexforum  executive 
may 2011
Randall Beard’s Blog
One of the best blogs by a CMO, a great contribution @beardrs #li
cmo  blog  marketing  strategy  transformation  vision  2snr  blogroll 
may 2011
How The Osama Announcement Leaked Out -
Retracing events of Twitter's breaking Bin Laden's death Thx @stefanw 
bin.Laden  death  media  leak  q2  2011  news  government  obama  twitter  2ghcj 
may 2011
The Scandal Of Toothless Social Media Representatives Ends… Now
Comment on post deploring shallow Twitter customer service that aims to contain-not resolve-problems; what do you think? #li
airline  customer  service  pointofview  csrblogcomment  vision  transformation  disruption  social  business  media  twitter  2snr  2sbs 
may 2011
Pictures of Bricks in Chicago (3)
@melanie_adcock reveals emotions in Chicago bricks; beautiful photo gallery!
gallery  photo  chicago  exceptional  Brick 
may 2011
Dagoba Organic Chocolate
Exceptional; here you taste the plant; minimal sugar; you've never tasted such deep choco flavor
chocolate  organic  freetrade 
april 2011
Green & Black | Organic Chocolate
Very good correct chocolate available at whole foods & other grocers
chocolate  organic  freetrade 
april 2011
Gotan Project Official Website
Sophisticated fusion tango-electronica music; check it out! #fb
music  culture  tango  nuevo  electronica  Paris  argentina  fusion  2csrollyson 
april 2011
Why Wall Street Is Betting Big on Your Social Media Data
Explores new idea of using social media data to feed high frequency trading models
wallstreet  trading  data  analysis  social  media  network  stock  equity  model  high  frequency 
april 2011
Mission creep in Libya: Getting around to boots on the ground | The Economist
Comments interesting, opinionated; what should policy be? Very disruptive, good thinking
libya  pointofview  military  q2  2011  gaddafi  usa  nato  intervention  2ghcj  policy  africa  arab  egypt  tunisia 
april 2011
Parents, don't dress your girls like tramps -
Plz RT: Beautiful, powerful, concise. The buck stops w parents dressing daughters like Britney; pawning yr gold--for what?
usa  culture  parent  girl  sexuality  opinion  insight  exceptional  2ghcj  hollywood  prostitution 
april 2011
Laurence Kotlikoff - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Dour but I feel accurate insight into USA prospects; if things better, good; if they are on par/worse, better to know :-|
economy  economist  usa  healthcare  bankrupt  research  insight  vision  2ghcj 
april 2011
Georillas - 800 LBS Marketing
Boutique advises management on LBS/geosocial strategy & tactics #li
LBS  location  geosocial  professional  service  consulting  management  latin  americas  America.Latina  usa  marketing  local  retail  strategy  promotion  2snr 
april 2011
Fascinating & unique flavor; check this out! Liqueur of elderflowers
liqueur  Cordial  France  français  artisan  culture  gastronomie  1920 
april 2011
A insider guide to an Illinois legislative session - Chicago Statehouse |
Deciphers IL state politics hairball: Recommend even tho site features popunders & other junk 
Illinois  Politics  Guide  Exceptional  Senate  House  Governor  Analysis  Executive  Legislative 
april 2011
Why is surprise the permanent condition of the... | Stowe Boyd
Reflecting on leaders' penchant for overlooking inconvenient disruptive forces; possible motivations & effects
csrblogcomment  economy  leadership  government  executive  elite  lockin  powerlaw  disruption  globalization  2ghcj  organization 
april 2011
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