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Hank and Hannah's Story | Star Pupils
Testimonial menions Lions Club - mother of triplets needed glasses for all 3
12lc1  blind  vision  screening  Lions  Testimonial  12bli  Indiana  Bullsi  glasses  Service 
june 2011
Diabetes & Eye Health
Interesting niche: promotes vision screening for women with diabetes
blog  12lc1  12dia  women  community  screening  bullsi  12bli 
june 2011
DBlog week: 10 things I Hate about you, Diabetes | despitediabetes
Mom weighs in on her struggle helping her daughter grow up with diabetes
12lc1  12dia  parent  child  family  blog  diabetes  discussion  mother 
june 2011
Diabetes Daily - Recent Blogs Posts - Blogs
Some good engagement; irritating they keep popping the signup screen though :^(
12lc1  12dia  diabetes  blog  forum 
june 2011
Toddlers with Type 1
Awesome blogroll; mom with young daughter with diabetes
12lc1  12dia  diabetes  activist  diet  blog  bullsi  mother 
june 2011
Site Newbie - TuDiabetes
Personal account of life with diabetes 
12lc1  12dia  diabetes  story  blog  bullsi  family 
june 2011
First Field Trip With Diabetes. Any Suggestions? - TuDiabetes
Great thread in which teen is crowdsourcing advise for field trip
12lc1  12dia  diabetes  teen  forum  bullsi  school  trip  planner 
june 2011
Advice needed: fake service dog law - The DIS Discussion Forums -
Discussing trickery: people pretending to have "service dogs" so they can take their pets everywhere
forum  12lc1  12bli  guidedog  retail  public  ruse  trick  bullsi  disability 
june 2011
Asking parents about Puppy Raising - Service & Therapy Dogs Forum
Guide dog training is HUGE volunteering; dog sites talk about it in forums
12lc1  guidedog  dog  forum  discussion  volunteer  testimonial 
june 2011
Blind Babbles
Blind geek blogs about blindness and geekery
12lc1  blind  12bli  computer  macosx  Developer  Blog  uk 
june 2011
COCO WHO? « Tactile The World
Blind-Deaf blogger travels around the world
12lc1  blind  deaf  12bli  12dea  blog  nigeria  africa  canada  bullsi 
june 2011
Computer For The Blind
Website has personal accounts & vids by blind people
12lc1  blind  website  computer  electronics  equipment  Utah  discussion 
june 2011
Twitter is the new Facebook -
INTERESTINGif premature: Mashable offers simplistic presumptuous analysis of iOS5 - Twitter deal Thx @jimworth #fb
twitter  apple  ios  news  pointofview  q2  2011  facebook  competition  partner  2snr 
june 2011
Using iWork as an image editor | TUAW - The Unofficial Apple Weblog
Using iWork to do basic image editing you might normally do in Photoshop
tool  iwork  apple  macosx  image  photoshop  editing  hack  Pages  Numbers  Keynote  Preview 
june 2011
Get behind the Wall Street Journal paywall free with a single clickGoogle
2 more reasons paywalls don't work: free legal hacks to get behind Wall Street Journal paywallt Journal
paywall  hack  wallstreet  news  tool  2csrollyson 
june 2011
China warns U.S. debt-default idea is playing with fire | Article | Top News |
Chicken. But note backstory: the plight of "rich" countries w declining industry & entitled citizenry
2ghcj  economy  usa  dollar  q2  2011  bind  debt  congress 
june 2011
Answer | Open Community Service Questions – Yahoo! Answers
Yahoos Community Service Forum full of high school & Gen Y driven convos
yahoo  answers  forum  12lc1  community  service  volunteer  geny  bullsi 
june 2011
Community Service Hours
Dozens of links and suggestions for community service in this forum
12lc1  community  service  forum  discussion  student  directory  bullsi  local 
june 2011
American Red Cross
Another competitor for volunteer hours
12lc1  disaster  recovery  natural  volunteer  organization 
june 2011
Community Service: A Family's Guide to Getting Involved
Short value prop for parents: why families should volunteer together
12lc1  community  service  reference  family  valueprop 
june 2011
AmeriCorps - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Note: no stated partnerships w service clubs; govt another player in disrupting the community service market
12lc1  community  service  volunteer  government  federal  state  local  fundraising  process  transformation  disruption  organization 
june 2011
Scaling Impact
Discusses important trends changing the rules of social change, volunteering
12lc1  disruption  transformation  analysis  trend  social  entrepreneur  media  network  volunteer  advocate  web  2.0  3.0  bullsi 
june 2011
Waves of NATO aircraft intensify strikes on Tripoli | Article | Top News |
Libya update: Russia 180, China overtures; good general recap of hilevel policy envt
libya  china  russia  nato  military  gaddafi  attack  rebel  news  europe  2ghcj  q2  2011 
june 2011
Nokia Under Siege in Global Mobile Phone Markets -
MUSTread "1st world" Execs who think "emerging mkts" are demands 4 their mature businesses Thx @stefanw #li
bric  africa  mobile  competition  nokia  vendor  value  chain  china  india  asia  2ghcj  exceptional  globalization 
june 2011
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