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Rioting spreads as UK
Good update combines news & soul-searching (why?); good quotes
uk  riots  social  q3  2011  london  corruption  geny  police  politician  banker  journalist  2ghcj 
august 2011
Chart index | State of Working America
Excellent trove of economic statistics & tables
economy  research  USA  chart  statistics  income  growth  1950  1960  1970  1980  1990  2000  2009  tool 
august 2011
Mark Sisson: Barefoot Shoes? The Primal Reason You Want to Take Off Your Shoes
Mark Sisson (Primal Blueprint) riffs on shoes & feet: click thru on1905 research on feet/shoes! #fb
barefoot  shoes  primal  pointofview  evolution  2csrollyson 
august 2011
Fascinating study of barefoot and shod populations: published in 1905 journal orthopaedics
1905  research  shoe  foot  barefoot  usa  africa  philippines  health  anatomy  filetype:pdf  media:document 
august 2011
ADVENTUREinPROGRESS | Pursuing adventure. Together.
Useful site for barefoot lifestyle, rationale & tools
barefoot  guide  philosophy  tool  outdoor 
august 2011
Why Process People Are Second-Class Citizens - The BrainYard - InformationWeek
Dealing w immensity: "the heart of a business" & how "process people" are clueless
enterprise  pointofview  reflection 
august 2011
20 years ago today, the World Wide Web was born - TNW InsiderTNW Insider
The "World Wide Web" 20th birthday today: wow that means my 1st website is 17! Thx @jhagel #fb
2csrollyson  internet  history  web  3.0  video  milestone 
august 2011
A Deep Dive Into Today
Skewering the "positive" jobs report: why it's not true #li
employment  usa  q3  2011  analysis  statistics  2ghcj 
august 2011
The Tea Party, Take Two -
We need more of this: unusual apology & comment on US politics, economy
usa  politics  q3  2011  economy  teaparty  republican  democrat  congress  budget  2ghcj 
august 2011
DVD-ripper roundup | Video | Playlist | Macworld
Detailed review of DVD ripping software; also references the legal context (why the situation is so convoluted)
dvd  quicktime  conversion  tool  review 
august 2011
how can i convert a DVD(video_ts, vts,...: Apple Support Communities
Some useful approaches; there doesn't seem to be an elegant way to do it; DVD seems to be a dead end format
video  dvd  conversion  tool  discussion  quicktime 
august 2011
S&P cuts U.S. credit rating to AA-plus -
Inevitable but still shocking: USA debt downgraded by S&P [maybe they need to lower stds ,-(] Thx @coloneltribune #fb
History  USA  credit  debt  rating  q3  2011  s&p  Treasury  News  2csrollyson 
august 2011
eMarketer Mobile - Article
Some current stats on how USA users use LinkedIn: nothing on tactics, strategy tho Thx @markevans #li
linkedin  2li  advertising  statistics  q3  2011  marketing  executives 
august 2011
Special report: The Shorts who popped a China bubble | Article | Top News |
Backgrounds of 5 shortsellers of Chinese US-listed stocks they saw are fraudulent
stock  equities  usa  china  fraud  trading  short  innovation 
august 2011
Socialbrite » 5 WordPress plug-ins to turbo-charge your blog
How many do you know? Useful review of #wordpress plugins Thx @jdlasica
wordpress  plugin  review  guide  nonprofit  mobile  security 
august 2011
Social Networking for Law Firms Intro and Chp 1
In-depth discussion, strong content; sadly, tied up in Scribd's clunky interface; virtually useless, must read online slow, flash, yech
social  network  whitepaper  headshift  law  firm 
august 2011
Workplace 'social networks' could boost productivity
Quotes law firm's knowledge manager on impact of social networking
social  network  enterprise  2.0  toronto  collaboration  casestudy  valueprop  vendor  law  firm 
august 2011
SelectMinds: When Businesses Need More Than Facebook or LinkedIn
Interview w SelectMinds' founder & CEO touches on value proposition of investing in alumni by creating alumni social networks
alumni  2.0  selectminds  executive  valueprop  interview  facebook  linkedin  enterprise  social  network 
august 2011
Social World: Law Firm Taps Cisco Quad to Unify Global Workforce
Solid case study for global Australian law firm combining document management, unified communication and social networking
enterprise  2.0  casestudy  global  cisco  microsoft  connections  australia  Asia  pacific  CIO  Culture  social  business  adoption  unified  communications  law  firm 
august 2011
Tools |
In-depth comparisons of enterprise social collaboration software; tends to positive, though, doesn't identify weaknesses
enterprise  2.0  collaboration  software  comparison  sharepoint  connections  jive  social  business  2snr  confluence 
august 2011
Jive Community: Sharepoint 2010 vs Jive SBS
Superb thread compares Sharepoint w Jive for enterprise social & collaboration use cases; also SP Connector option #li
sharepoint  jive  enterprise  software  I.T.  casestudy  usecase  2snr  collaboration  comparison 
august 2011
Why Go Social with SharePoint 2010? – Sharepoint Blog
Short post on SP 2010 social features; a couple of references but short on specifics
sharepoint  2010  social  feature  productivity  wiki 
august 2011
Groupon’s Strikeouts Reveal an Unspoken Truth: Jonathan Weil - Bloomberg
CPAs & financiers, plz weigh in on his: Useful analysis of "creative finance," using Groupon as example #li
accounting  finance  startup  gaap  ipo  groupon  expose  analysis  exceptional 
august 2011
Bike Theft in the City of Vancouver
Fascinating & useful: intervw of prof bike thief, how they do it, how to lower yr risk Thx @dbarefoot #fb
bicycle  thief  theft  lock  tool  interview  vancouver  expose  exceptional 
august 2011
Egypt puts Mubarak on trial, transfixing Arab world | Article | Top News |
Of course it's theatre, all trials are! Very serious and significant drama
2ghcj  egypt  mubarak  trial  q3  2011  military 
august 2011
EU says capacity to solve debt crisis in doubt | Article | Top News |
Apparently Euro leaders the last to see the obvious: bailouts don't address root causes; they only fooled themselves
eurozone  italy  spain  confidence  bailout  q3  2011  crisis  2ghck  doubt  germany 
august 2011
Analysis: World poorly placed to meet new economic crisis | Article | Top News |
As I've predicted; his isn't a "downturn," it's a new economy requiring creating new types of value: experience not products
economy  analysis  crisis  q3  2011  g20  2ghcj  global  germany  china  usa  italy  eurozone 
august 2011
Analysis: Pakistan relying too much on China against U.S. | Article | Top News |
EXCELLENT: short analysis of new multipolar world: China USA India Pakistan dynamic
china  usa  india  pakistan  terror  military  intelligence  arms  q3  2011  coldwar  2ghcj 
august 2011
Special Report: China's shortcut to Wall Street | Reuters
Interesting story about Chinese reverse-merger boom/bust in US capital markets
reverse  merger  china  shell  company  innovation  audit  global  international  Cross-border  capital  market  regulator  usa  germany  exposé  2ghcj 
august 2011
House passes debt bill, wards off default risk | Reuters
The U.S. House passes debt ceiling thru 2013; Senate and Obama approval likely Tuesday; Russia/China reactions
usa  budget  debt  ceiling  deal  q3  2011  democrat  republican  obama  russia  china  2ghcj 
august 2011
A Chinese consumer’s unfortunate encounter with a fake Apple store | MediaFile
Interview w Chinese consumer that fears she bought fake Macbook Pro & iPhone
apple  counterfeit  China  q3  2011  retail  brand  consumer  2ghcj  Kunming 
august 2011
Sexual selection: The hunk and the show-off do not always get the girl | The Economist
Interesting research on reproductive strategy, told with The Economist's classic tongue in cheek!
science  research  crickets  guppies  fish  mating  strategy  male  female  reproduction  humor  2ghcj 
august 2011
IE Users Have Lower IQ Than Users of Other Web Browsers [STUDY]
What browser do u use? Study finds IE browser users hv lower IQs [OUCH]; compares IQs of browser users #fb
internet  browser  q3  2011  research  intelligence  IQ  opera  safari  chrome  firefox  camino  explorer  microsoft  2006  2csrollyson 
july 2011
HOW TO: Choose the Right Office Space
Covers the basics in selecting an office space; good logic, fr macro to micro #fb
realestate  buy  guide  office  startup  2snr 
july 2011
Job advice that was true 20 years ago, but not today
Basic comparison; good idea but feels dated and imcomplete
career  resume  1991  2011  comparison  history  jobsearch 
july 2011
Compare Miele Vacuum Cleaners - Compare Miele Canisters -
Most useful for basic info; covers most of the Miele lineup and hits the main points for each model
vacuum  miele  buy  guide  comparison  model 
july 2011
Miele Vacuums Product Reviews and Prices -
Side-by-side compare several Miele models; don't have the full line-up or complete information but still quite useful
miele  vacuum  guide  comparison  matrix 
july 2011
Miele Canister Vacuums - 1-800-221-8227
Somewhat useful but sabotaged because you can't choose what models to compare
vacuum  miele  model  comparison 
july 2011 Guide to Buying a Miele Canister Vacuum Cleaner
Useful buyer's guide explains many of Miele's models and key features; a bit dated but still useful
buy  guide  vacuum  miele  model  comparison  usa  2007 
july 2011
Schumpeter: How to make college cheaper | The Economist
MUSTread: suggests how higher ed. will be disrupted (& trend to free in the Knowledge Economy, altho it doesn't go that far) #li
analysis  usa  college  university  higher  education  casestudy  example  entrepreneur  exceptional  2ghcj2blog  disruption  knowledge  economy 
july 2011 It's Not the Tools; It's About the People
Reflecting on executive social network adoption, and where relationship building is going Thx @jimworth #li
relationship  social  network  reflection  pointofview  csrblogcomment  twitter  facebook  linkedin  adoption  executive  google  plus  networking  insight  exceptional  news  google+ 
july 2011
Special report: Is Israel Inc. too powerful? | Article | Top News |
Israel Inc: parallels w Italy, UK, India? Special report questions concentration of power #li
israel  press  government  business  report  expose  q3  2011  economy  politics  development  2ghcj  competition 
july 2011
InfoWorld review: Mac OS X Lion, more than multitouch | Applications - InfoWorld
Definitive review: MacOSX Lion: learn the breakthrus ahead of the crowd #li
apple  macosx  guide  review  q3  2011  enterprise  ios  exceptional  network  server  feature 
july 2011
Facebook for Business (2)
New guide/trove for how to use Facebook for business
facebook  guide  business  2011  Q3  marketing 
july 2011
URL Encoding
Excellent guide for understanding code & syntax within URLs
URL  tool  guide  reference  Code 
july 2011
U.S. Congress Republican Democrat "Fail Whale"
PRICELESS: USA Congress "fail whale" Thx @infosourcer #fb
usa  politics  congress  q3  2011  humor  irony  satire  comic  2csrollyson 
july 2011
What's Your Social Media Strategy? - Harvard Business Review
Offers 4 org "types" for adopting #socialbusiness; ironic, tho, no comments! #li
model  adoption  social  business  media  strategy  q3  2011  analysis  casestudy  example  enterprise  brand  2snr 
july 2011
Google Plus Has A Problem. Fear Not: I Have A Solution | TechCrunch
Rousing discussion re: Google+ and identity enforcement; some pearls amid grumbling #fb
google  plus  identity  discussion  q3  2011  pointofview  social  network  2csrollyson  news  google+ 
july 2011
Network Hippo Revamps, Relaunches | TechCrunch
Similar to Plaxo w more social features; hooks into Mailchimp, Salesforce, etc.
network  social  business  startup  siliconvalley  Cloud 
july 2011
Mac OS X Lion
Another Cat: Apple Mac's new OS is out: incorporates features fr iPhone & iPad into yr computer #fb
apple  macosx  lion  2csrollyson  iphone  ipad  ios  software  review  q3  2011 
july 2011
Lion letdowns: The new Mac OS X
Good discussion of Mac OSX Lion weaknesses; it integrates iOS (iPhone, iPad) devices in neat ways #fb
macosx  lion  review  guide  q3  2011  iphone  ipad  ios  integration  2csrollyson 
july 2011
Good introduction to channels of value: functional/utilitarian, hedonic, within a luxury context
brand  hedonic  utilitarian  functional  valueprop  research  luxury  marketing  filetype:pdf  media:document 
july 2011
Mandated community service for graduation from a public high school:
Excellent forum; includes a teacher with mandatory and voluntary experience
12gny  bullsi  forum  12tlk  discussion  community  service  school  12lc1 
july 2011
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