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Why Islamism Is Winning -
OUTSTANDING analysis of why Arab Spring is bringing Islamists to power legitimately
north  africa  arab  spring  revolt  revolution  analysis  q1  2012  history  europe  liberalism  election  islam  politics  tunisia  egypt  morocco  2ghcj 
january 2012
What is Inflammation? | Mark's Daily Apple
GREATread: Explains physiology of inflammation & differences between acute and chronic #fb
inflammation  physiology  diet  lifestyle  medical  health  humor  2csrollyson  csrblogcomment 
january 2012
Your Problem Isn't Motivation - Peter Bregman - Harvard Business Review
Oversimplifies but useful comment on dichotomy between thinking/strategy & habitual execution/tactics
management  discipline  workout  strategy  tactics  process  mind  body  motivation 
january 2012
4 obsolete things your business should ditch now - CBS News
Riffing on how to modernize simple business processes & phase out equipment
csrblogcomment  productivity  business  2012  office  integration  management 
january 2012
Confirmation | Facebook shows how to monetize the like button | Tiffany Chang Black | Facebook
Superb design integrates pre-recorded webcast in chunks (chapters) w 2 white papers, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter
facebook  omniture  whitepaper  video  design  packaging  organization  webcast 
january 2012
The Groupon Effect in China - Knowledge@Wharton
INDEPTH post on group buying in China; also see Thx @encouragizers #fb
group  buy  groupon  china  prc  2012  analysis  restaurant  realestate  tuangou  2snr 
january 2012
Gaming the Standardized Tests for College | Points and Figures
SOBERING-but-unsurprising: How a high portion of parents game the college admissions process [statistics] Thx @pointsnfigures #fb
usa  test  university  college  cheat  student  parent  tutor  statistics  2csrollyson 
january 2012
Guide to BuddyPress Forums: How to Set Up Group or Sitewide Forums
Excellent guide explains group vs. site wide forums in Buddypress
wordpress  buddypress  forums  guide  howto  setup 
january 2012
The Illustrated Guide to Installing and Setting Up BuddyPress 1.5+
The best guide I've yet seen for setting up Buddypress on Wordpress—with forums
wordpress  buddypress  bbpress  howto  guide  install  setup  exceptional 
january 2012
The Strictly Paleo Plan
GUIDE How to use paleo to mitigate health problems often caused by grains and dairy
paleo  ancestral  diet  family  howto  guide  health  dairy 
january 2012
Which Candidate Would You Buy? - Everywhere & Anywhere: Passepartout
MUSTread: 6sigma Blackbelt conducts business analysis of presidential cands winnability: lucid fun & valuable #kudos Thx @passepartout #li
usa  president  campaign  analysis  business  tool  product  comparison  metrics  quantitative  2csrollyson  politics 
january 2012
Who Rules America: Wealth, Income, and Power
Easy-to-understand analysis of US wealth distribution, tons of links Thx @jdlasica
usa  policy  economy  culture  wealth  distribution  2009  statistics  research  ceo  employee  income  tax  global  comparison  analysis  2ghcj  democrat  union  labor 
january 2012
Daily Kos: Collective net worth of Congress over $2 billion
Interesting chart shows concentrated wealth among Congressmen Thx @jdlasica
wealth  usa  congress  graphic  chart  2011  politics  economy  society  2ghcj 
january 2012
Cut Here. Invest There. -
SUPERB post lays the fiscal issue on the line: "we are entering an era where to be a leader will mean [taking] things away from people" #fb
economy  policy  leadership  Atlanta  Mayor  pointofview  exceptional  budget  courage  insight  politics 
december 2011
MENGonline: MENG Blend: Enterprise Adoption of Social Business - 2010 Midyear Update
In April, 2009 I published the Web 2.0 Adoption Curve as an tool to enable CMOs to perceive the promise and perils of social business and its relative, social media. The midyear mark gives us the chance to revisit its major points and to comment on current Web 2.0 and social business adoption trends. By understanding the dynamics of adoption and their drivers, you can better decide how to approach your social media investments. ::08.12.2010
adoption  social  business  2010  q3  mengpost  analysis  cmo  enterprise  transformation 
december 2011
MENGonline: MENG Blend: Rude Awakening— Only 15% of Word of Mouth Marketing Campaigns Show Positive Results
Word of mouth marketing is seen by many marketers as the economic engine of social business (or media) because people recommend products and services to each other: all marketers have to do is give them the right information to share and make it easy for them to recommend things, right? Wrong. Or, in popular parlance, "It's complicated." Here, I'll identify some of the flawed concepts that underlie word of mouth marketing (WOMM), so you can avoid being part of its 85% casualty rate. I'll show in general how you can tweak the idea and succeed with social business initiatives more often. ::09.30.2010
wordofmouth  marketing  disruption  transformation  mengpost  q3  2010  analysis 
december 2011
MENGonline: MENG Blend: How Social Networks Change the Rules of Sales and Profit
Social business technologies and behaviors will change the economics of markets because they enable buyers and sellers to find each other far more easily, but most organizations have yet to discover the secret. To many executives, social networks and blogs are still barely legitimate. However, I will outline here how social networks can enable companies to significantly increase profitability by changing their client mix. I'll use LinkedIn to illustrate the case for B2B and Facebook for B2C. What's Changing: Market Participant Trade-offs Buyers and sellers compromise significantly due to the high cost of identifying, and negotiating with, partners who can meet their specific needs. In B2B, salespeople seek buyers who appreciate the firm's USP (Unique Selling Proposition). Marketers for B2C products struggle to get their message to "cut through the clutter." To the extent that they can communicate their USP to the right buyers, they increase the value they deliver and the price they can command. Similarly, buyers assess their needs and seek companies or people who appear to meet their UBN (Unique Buying Need) as closely as possible. The more closely the seller's USP fits the buyer's UBN, the more potential value generated for both parties. ::11.18.2010
relationship  social  business  2010  q4  mengpost  facebook  linkedin  disruption  b2c  b2b 
december 2011
MENGonline: MENG Blend: Geosocial Is Moving Your Cheese:  How It's Transforming Brand Value
You have undoubtedly heard about geosocial applications Foursquare,Gowalla, and Facebook Places, but there has been little discussion of how they are transforming the brand experience. Brand stewards need to understand that a geosocial/Web 3.0 fault line lies beneath many a company, poised to shake more than windows in the short- to medium-term. Here I'll outline opportunities and threats and describe how you can start getting in front of geosocial this year. ::02.08.2011
geosocial  marketing  cmo  2011  q1  mengpost  vision  disruption 
december 2011
MENGonline: MENG Blend: E-Commerce Marketers:  Have You Noticed the HUGE Banner Opportunity Created by Facebook?
How Social Actions Have Pulled the Rug from under Banner Ads: Facebook's development schedule epitomizes the "white water, fast iteration" approach to serving company and customer. Although its mishaps are legendary, it succeeds in consistently fielding a mind-numbing array of features, so it is difficult to keep up and very easy to miss the significance of things. To whit, very few people people have noticed that Facebook has quietly revolutionized banner ads through a feature that is maligned by users but gold for marketers. This feature has created two opportunities for e-commerce marketers: a new means of inexpensive market research and an easy way to improve relationships with their viewers. Read on to do this to your competitors before they do it to you. ::03.10.2011
marketing  website  advertising  online  disruption  facebook  empowerment  mengpost  2011  q2 
december 2011
MENGonline: MENG Blend: Is Your Website a Dinosaur?  How to Approach Website Design in 2011
"We want to make our website more relevant by incorporating social media and mobile." I hear this all the time, and it is a good, adaptive impulse that nonetheless misses the real question, which is, "What is the role of a website now?" ::04.21.2011
marketing  website  web  1.0  2.0  3.0  integration  insight  cmo  mentpost  2011  q2 
december 2011
MENGonline: MENG Blend: Customer Service Is the New Marketing:  How CMOs Can Leverage Digital Word of Mouth
In most brand organizations, marketing investments rest on 20th Century marketing principles whose results are diminishing every year. At the same time, an increasing portion of products and services is "commoditizing," which puts more pressure on marketing to "create" differentiation and value. In many cases, there is no escape—except by changing the rules. Here I'll show how marketing can reinvent itself by using social business to tap a hidden gold mine. ::06.02.2011
customer  service  social  business  transformation  marketing  enterprise  mengpost  2011  q3 
december 2011
MENGonline: MENG Blend: Google+ and Early Lessons for CMOs
The launch of Google’s new social network has poignant significance for CMOs—in predictable and surprising ways. The launch is significant because Google+ is an exciting new social venue with the potential to disrupt. But even more importantly, it can teach us how the ecosystem works and how organizations can learn to use it to garner support for things they care about. ::07.13.2011
google  plus  analysis  2011  q3  mengpost  cmo  marketing  enterprise  brand  Platform  google+ 
december 2011
MENGonline: MENG Blend: Social Enterprise:  How Giving Can Help CMOs Create Serious Value
You have undoubtedly heard of TOMS Shoes, the company that gives one pair of shoes to a barefoot child for every pair bought. Its entrepreneurial founder, Blake Mycoskie, created a simple yet innovative business model and launched the company in 2006. What you probably don't know is that social enterprise sensibility and strategy could well apply to your brand. Mycoskie makes a convincing argument that giving can be a way to create more passionate and durable relationships with the people you care about, which is what I'll expand before offering general recommendations. ::08.29.2011
social  business  enterprise  volunteer  cause  strategy  tomsshoes  marketing  cmo  mengpost  q3  2011 
december 2011
MENGonline: MENG Blend: Global Social Business Strategy:  Early Lessons from the Field
My firm just completed a global study of social business in ten OECD language markets that may bode well for commercial and nonprofit organizations that are considering global audiences. We found that when you ground your social business strategy on rigorous research into the people you want to engage (stakeholders) and their specific online activities (workstreams), social business strategy can be applicable in several language markets simultaneously, leading to significant leverage and supporting global go-to-market initiatives. ::10.12.2011
global  social  business  strategy  reflection  analysis  howto  ngo  theater  mengpost  2011  q4 
december 2011
MENGonline: MENG Blend: 2012 Will See B2B Early Adopters Move on Social Business
Although I have served numerous B2C enterprises, I have a more profound understanding of B2B because my businesses and employers have sold to businesses. Web 1.0 ("The Internet") adoption is a very useful pattern for understanding Web 3.0 adoption (we're way past Web 2.0 now). For brevity, I'll use it, along with some other patterns, to explain why my crystal ball says that 2012 will see serious B2B adoption of social business. In a future post, I'll address why CMOs can benefit by helping CIOs, COOs, CAOs, CSOs, etc. ::11.29.2011
cmo  marketing  social  business  adoption  prediction  b2b  mengpost  2011  q4  2sbs 
december 2011
M.I.T. Game-Changer: Free Online Education For All - Forbes
MIT offering another approach: free online versions of its courses with certs of completion (not MIT name though); inspiring
university  college  disruption  online  interactive  free  MIT  education  higher 
december 2011
Men’s Journal » Everything You Know About Fitness is a Lie » Print
Excellent debunk of fitness industry & useful guide to building strength; includes strength power endurance & muscle mass training
workout  guide  howto  weight  lifting  muscle  rehab  philosophy  debunk  health  club  gym  exercise  injury  training 
december 2011
Guts and Glory: A Review of the MacBook Air — Shawn Blanc
Detailed geeky but practical review of Macbook Air; compared to Pro #kudos
macbook  air  review  analysis  application  comparison  pro  model  disk  screen  keyboard  hardware  software  2csrollyson 
december 2011
China’s Parallel Online Universe | The Diplomat
Short take on how China's social media censorship works; sm int'g points Thx @alexdc
hina  prc  social  media  censorship  internet  startup  executive  policy  government  2ghcj 
december 2011
The 10 Best Productivity Apps of 2011 - The Next Web
How many do you know? 2011's best business productivity apps (laptop/mobile) Thx @tedsimon #fb
business  software  productivity  application  laptop  iPhone  list  top10  2011  2snr 
december 2011
iPhone 4S soars with Siri | Mobile Technology - InfoWorld
SUPERB review of #iPhone 4S: analyzes O/S, business productivity apps, usability, enterprise security & SIRI #kudos #li
iphone  4S  review  analysis  comparison  android  windows  mobile  smartphone  enterprise  application  siri  productivity  business  social  network  security  hardware  software  2csrollyson 
december 2011
time machine versus super duper for...: Apple Support Communities
Brief description of how to automatically back up several machines over home network
macosx  windows  computer  network  backup  strategy  airport  software  hardware  management 
december 2011
From Social Business To Superlinear Corporation - The BrainYard - InformationWeek
MUSTread & research on enterprise & city as organizations; why cities durable and firms die Thx @rshah
enterprise  city  disruption  lifecycle  analysis  innovation  collaboration  product  service  lock-in  insight  2ghcj  2.0  2blog 
december 2011
parislemon • Dear Google+
Funny take on conflict w Google TOS/policy but good lesson too Thx @jowyang #fb
policy  google  humor  plus  profanity  2snr  news  Platform  google+ 
december 2011
How to change computer name and identity on macbook? - MacRumors Forums
Long thread delves into piracy but the answer's there: "The computer name is easy: System Preferences -> Sharing -> Computer Name. Changing the name of the user is easy, too: System Preferences -> Accounts -> <choose your account> -> Name **
** Just note that the short user name of the first user made on the machine is virtually impossible to change - there is a long list on how to do is floating around, and it involves using the Terminal and NetInfo Manager, as far as I remember, but it's absolutely not recommended."
macintosh  macosx  network  machine  name  management  user  account  howto 
december 2011
Upgrade to the latest version of StuffIt ® : Buy Now
Difficult to believe but 10.7 Lion offers no easy way to create/share password-protected zip, tar, etc. files;
password  security  zip  tar  macosx  windows  software  application 
december 2011
Mac OS X speed FAQ
Excellent guide for managing various versions of MacOS
macosx  speed  guide  upgrade  management  version  Lion  Snowleopard  Leopard  Tiger  Panther  Jaguar  Puma 
december 2011
Mac OS X updating FAQ
Very detailed MacOS upgrade grade (10.1-10.7), chock full of tips for many upgrade paths and history
exceptional  macosx  history  upgrade  guide  tips  howto  lion  snowleopard  leopard  tiger  panther  jaguar  puma 
december 2011
Apple - OS X Lion - Learn about the top new features.
MacOS Lion mind-blowing; it's fusing iOS and MacOS experiences, smart #li
macosx  lion  10.7  ipad  iphone  integration  guide  video  demo  orientation  apple  Operating_systems  2csrollyson 
december 2011
Airlines Are Retrenching, and Alternatives Are Slim -
Snap analysis of 2012 Airline Industry (USA): airlines will remove capacity, up price and cut service to small airports
airline  travel  2012  prediction  airport  profit  pointofview  price  service 
december 2011
Windows Phone is Superior; Why Hasn’t it Taken Off? | cek.log
Simplistic analysis of USA mobile value chain; discussion makes it more interesting #fb
mobile  value  chain  carrier  handset  customer  Operating_systems  analysis  discussion  2011  competition  usa  application  software  hardware  2snr 
december 2011
Delete All Your Tweets with TwitWipe
Wipes your tweets while retaining followers, followed, lists, etc.
twitter  software  data  management  erase  howto  2execguide 
december 2011
Tips for Installing or Reinstalling Mac OS X 10.4 'Tiger'
Excellent post on Tiger's unique value prop for ppc and intel macs; advice on creating bootable disks
macosx  tiger  classic  howto  network  dvd  startup  disk  valueprop  apple 
december 2011
Pinboard - Save a Bookmark
Fort un peu "paysan," merveilleux avec agneau, bœuf un peu sauvage, sanglier, etc. on a eu le 2006 (Noël 2001)
wine  Provence  orange  2006 
december 2011
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