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Has the New iPad Already Killed Windows 8's Buzz?
Sorry, but so behind the times and so poorly written it's campy, or a brilliant satire
windows  tablet  metro  analyst  ipad  apple  competition  android  ios  mobile 
march 2012
Why men can't – and shouldn't – stop staring at women - The Globe and Mail
The most transparent, glorious post on sensuality i've ever seen in MSM; hats off & comments priceless! Thx @jhagel #fb
culture  sexuality  canada  toronto  men  women  city  professional  sensuality  joy  2csrollyson 
march 2012
ACLU: Facebook password isn't your boss' business
Another remnant of the paternalistic "employment" paradigm
Facebook  employer  employee  privacy  empowerment  q1  2012  2blog 
march 2012
Why People in Cities Walk Fast - Jobs & Economy - The Atlantic Cities
Fascinating post explores links between city size, economy, walking speed & others; gr8 links Thx @jhagel
city  population  economy  culture  time  research  urban  2ghcj 
march 2012
Meg Whitman steers HP straight at the rocks | The Industry Standard - InfoWorld
Tailspin: scathing review of CEO Whitman's decision to merge printer and PC business units #li
HP  executive  CEO  review  analysis  enterprise  organization  q1  2012  print  computer  business  unit  merger  humor  irony 
march 2012
Schumpeter: Enterprising oldies | The Economist
Research & reflection over fallacy that innovation, creativity or entrepreneurship belong to any age #li #fb
leadership  rollingstones  leonardcohen  pop  rock  music  boomer  geny  genx  generation  innovation  creativity  disruption  entrepreneur  reflection  research  2csrollyson 
march 2012
The Top 10 Flaws of Neoclassical Economics | Think Left
Interesting rebuttal of neoclassical economics & its assumption behind money and debt
economics  theory  debt  list  capitalism  politics  platform  debunk  money 
march 2012
Tech support or extortion? You be the judge | Cringely - InfoWorld
Tech support company outed for using FUD/scare sales tactics; how to rekindle trust
trust  technology  support  client  customer  service  exposé  gaffe  snafu  india  sourcing  WhiteLabel  humor  2sbs 
march 2012
Social Media |
GLG's business forum on social business
social  media  business  network  web  3.0  forum  discussion  b2b  b2c 
march 2012
Internet Explorer Is "The Browser You Love(d) To Hate"
Microsoft's new ads for Internet Explorer poke fun at itself
browser  advertising  microsoft  q1  2012 
march 2012
Reebok Wisely Pulls Ad That Tells Men To Cheat On Their Girlfriends
Reebok justly slammed for immoral advert: "cheat on your girlfriend" #stunned at lack of trust message
trust  relationship  advertising  marketing  apparel  brand  workout  print  reebok  gaffe  exposé  Germany  activism  empowerment  2sbs 
march 2012
Desktime - Shared Desks and Coworking
Connects buyers and sellers of office space; down to the desk level
chicago  cowork  office  rent  lease 
march 2012
SM Thought Leaders: Citi's Frank Eliason - Forbes
"Comcast Frank" interview on social customer service & move from Comcast to Citibank
customer  client  service  pioneer  social  media  network  twitter  bank  transformation  trust  interview  2sbs  comcast  citibank  Financialservices 
march 2012
The Empowered Employee is Coming; Is The World Ready? - Forbes
In-depth analysis of the evolution of the "employee" - from enterprise and employee perspectives
enterprise  2.0  employee  vision  analysis  empowerment  disruption  jobsearch  strategy  alumni  2sbs  2blog  human  resource  globalization 
march 2012
The State Of Social Customer Service [with Infographic] — SocialMouths
Quick post on enterprise/brand adoption of social customer/client service Thx @socialmouths #li
customer  client  service  social  media  business  network  twitter  blog  q1  2012  adoption  survey  infographic  2sbs 
march 2012
products MATT & NAT
Leather-free computer bags and handbags made from vegan materials; awesome designs
apple  vegan  accessory  computer  macbook  green  canada  ecommerce  design 
march 2012
Tatiana de Rosnay on Horrible Experiences in Upscale Hotels | Traveler's Tale -
Tongue in cheek yet valuable account of too-hightech hotels subtracting value w gadgets #fb
humor  hotel  europe  usa  travel  book  tour  hightech  2csrollyson 
march 2012
Why I Am Leaving Goldman Sachs -
Exposé reports mistrust and failure of professional services integrity at Goldman
reputation  exposé  q1  2012  goldman  client  trust  Wallstreet  professional  2sbs  2blog  Financialservices 
march 2012
2012 B2B Marketing Benchmark Report
Tries to crack the code on B2B marketing social business adoption; weakened by marketing mindset; that's illuminating
2blog  b2b  marketing  research  2012  q1  social  business  2sbs 
march 2012
Google Search: Change is Coming
Short post on imminent changes to Google search results, incorporating AI (artificial intel) features
google  search  plus  q1  2012  artificial  intelligence  model  Platform  google+ 
march 2012
This American Life Retracts Negative Show About Apple Factories
Trying to repair reputation after massive fabrication of story on Apple in China
apple  china  news  journalism  reputation  exposé  tv  q2  2012  factory  2ghcj 
march 2012
5 Kinds Of Admins Every Facebook Page Should Have
Facebook to adopt WordPress-style roles-based admin options; here's what it may look like
facebook  management  administration  q1  2012  feature 
march 2012
Japanese manufacturing: From summit to plummet | The Economist
like eur automaker post: locked in commoditization; not global; leaders are global, these are "nat" firms hat sell internationally most will perish. socialbus can help
2blog  Japan  lockin 
march 2012
Telephone service for travel - Wikitravel
Great info about global travel, managing phones, SIMs etc.
travel  phone  mobile  SIM  communications  global  international 
march 2012
Social sites go political -
Great '07 story: Chris Hughes leaves Facebook to lead Obama social media; my BO case here: #fb
obama  politics  chris  hughes  linkedin  myspace  history  social  media  network  election  2008  pioneer  chicago  facebook  executive  2007 
march 2012
Chicago Architecture Showcase on Capture My Chicago
Outstanding gallery of Chicago architecture—with design sensibility #kudos
chicago  design  architecture  art  Photo_galleries  photo  exceptional 
march 2012
“Murdered Out”…still alive and kicking. |
Matte black the whole car, w dark tinted windows
automotive  custom  culture  luxury  paint  goth 
march 2012
Mastering The Uncomfortable Art Of Personal Branding | Fast Company
Valuable insight into how to engage people with a mix of personal and professional details. Cites @garyvee. Could be more valuable if it had mentioned several use cases and the importance of knowing your audience. Be clear about whom you're trying to engage. Imagine yourself across the table with two of three of your stakeholders at lunch, what would you talk about? Those are the kind of details to share. Not random things. Another of the post's valuable points: weave the things together in terms of a story. That will help people relate to what you share and remember you better. We covered this in more detail here: - see the section under "use scenarios" Thx @melanie_adcock
personal  business  story  brand  howto  insight  social  media  network  twitter  facebook  linkedin  blog  notabene  2execguide 
march 2012
(3) Stefan Pinto
Synthesizing several business models: model/sex symbol, workout, diet, aimed at women
workout  diet  nutrition  sexuality  business  model  facebook  Page 
march 2012
How to get more honest search results - InfoWorld
Backlash against Google/Google+, this post shows how to 1) how to disconnect Google+ from Google search results and 2) configure your browser to default to non-Google search engines. Useful, but assumes 2 things that will be untrue for some people: a) Google+ results "pollute" search results in all cases; b) Yahoo/Bing give better search results. Although all of the above could be true in some cases, the devil is in the details. It is surprising that the post didn't mention a much better alternative:, whose algorithm sorts results from all three search engines. Executive's Guide recommends being aware of the ground shifting under search. Don't get caught up in religious wars, and try different things. As we have argued in these pages here, Google+ results will enhance certain kinds of searches and will return inferior results in others. As infoworld says, users can "filter out" Google+ search results on a case-by-case basis, so the watchword is to try different things. Also, get acquainted with, it could add serious value in some use cases/situations. If you really want "quality" in terms of what you're trying to accomplish, Google+ has made it more complicated. C'est la vie, quoi! ;^(
backlash  google  plus  search  yahoo  bing  browser  howto  notabene  2execguide  Platform  google+ 
march 2012
Vinnys Blog
Somewhat old style, but some valuable insights
B2B  Sales  Blog  UK 
march 2012
Welcome to fMC
Some good tactical & how-to papers & videos: Facebook trying to help marketers
facebook  marketing  conference  2012  q1  Page  howto 
march 2012
Facebook Success Stories
Facebook's own trove of case studies; very media-centric results
facebook  casestudy  b2c  startup 
march 2012
(1) Welcome to fMC
Facebook basic list of tactics to drive publicity w Facebook Pages
facebook  howto  page  marketing  business  development  advice  list 
march 2012
Link your Google+ page to your site - Google+ Platform — Google Developers
Trove of tools for connecting other presences to Google+ Page, Profile
google  plus  widget  tool  blog  website  Platform  google+ 
march 2012
How to verify your Google Plus page
How-to video shows how to link website/blog with Google+ Page to boost search results & let people circle you from your blog
howto  google  plus  Page  search  tool  widget  video  Platform  google+ 
march 2012
What Does It Mean To Be Trusted
Makes the argument for trust-based relationships
2sbs  csrblogcomment  trust  relationship  b2b  b2c  apple  amazon  truth  transparency 
march 2012
More sales leads stem from websites, not social media (survey) | ZDNet
ZDNet reports on "research" that finds that websites provide 7 times more sales leads than "social media" but the writer doesn't appreciate the self-irony in the second paragraph: "A company’s corporate website was found to be the top source of new sales leads online — second only to personal referrals.." As B2B continues to adopt social business, more word of mouth, i.e. personal referrals, happens online. Another reason I'm calling out this post is that it misinforms readers by treating "sales leads" as a homogeneous category. Our clients don't care about general adoption; what's more relevant is adoption by their prospects. This post treats all leads as the same, so it's really the equivalent of informational fast food. To end on a dour note, misinformation can work to your advantage because your rivals may read it and believe while you can see through it, invest and pull ahead.
b2b  sales  2sbs  notabene  website  social  business  media  referral  comparison  q3  2011  debunk 
march 2012
Economics in the Crisis -
Long analysis of the failure of economists to add value during current crisis; tinged w hysteria
economy  economist  analysis  pointofview  crisis  2012 
march 2012
How Do You Know It’s Time to Fire a Salesperson? — S. Anthony Iannarino
Excellent analysis how to assess whether to fire a salesperson; emphasizes leadership, coaching, integrity
sales  b2b  management  2sbs  fire  analysis  integrity  leadership  philosophy  coach  culture 
march 2012
CustomerThink | Serving Customer-Centric Business Leaders
Some solid posts but significant legacy thinking; worth checking out
customer  client  marketing  sales  b2b  blog 
march 2012
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