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Tim Berners-Lee concerned about UK govt power to control citizens by storing their online data
privacy  internet  government  apple  ios  android  access  surveillance  2ghcj  uk 
april 2012
Dying Industries : PitchEngine : Get the Word Out™
Just in from the Duh Dept: more relevant'd be revisiting firm core valueprop, strategy
economy  report  decline  usa  sourcing  schumpeter  apparel  asia  production  import 
april 2012 | B2B Social Media Case Study | Social Media
UK physician social network enables continuing education, government ministers interact directly w MDs on proposed health legislation
b2b  casestudy  healthcare  physician  uk  government  executive  legislation  2sbs 
april 2012
B2B social media case study: BASF chemicals « Blogger Network
Good example of marketing-oriented social media approach devoid of business results
example  social  media  chemical  facebook  twitter 
april 2012
BKV Advertising Blog - CerviLenz – A B2B Social Media Case Study
Solid B2B marketing sales 2sbs healthcare case study: outreach via Facebook to Nurse Midwives re: preterm labor
healthcare  b2b  casestudy  nurse  midwife  facebook  event  tradeshow  Page  2sbs 
april 2012
Why You Should Drink at Work - Businessweek
Up to 0.07 blood-alcohol level, people more productive on creative thinking tasks, claims research
creativity  alcohol  research  university  illinois  productivity 
april 2012
Google's Broken Promise: The End of "Don't Be Evil"
Dour riff on Google's announcement that they are tying together users' interactions/identifies on various G products Thx +andrew bolt
google  plus  pointofview  trust  2blog  interoperability  privacy  gmail  search  maps  social  substrate  promise  Platform  google+ 
april 2012
A Veteran’s Death, the Nation’s Shame -
Huge opportunity to understand "modern war" & support returning soldiers; military doesn't understand the problem
military  usa  iraq  afghanistan  veteran  suicide  administration  psychology  mkr  post  traumatic  stress  syndrome  disorder 
april 2012
IMF funds drive caught in global power shift | Article | Top News |
Shifting of "the guard" - "wealthy nations" now requires quotes, it's false
2blog  IMF  politics  bric  usa  europe  g7 
april 2012
Trust Matters Blog | Trusted Advisor
Quick note on iPhone accessories for photo and video
iphone  camera  tool  video  photo 
april 2012
How Drinking Makes You More Creative - The 312 - April 2012 - Chicago
Non-scientific but interesting post references studies of subjects sober & mildly intoxicated #fb
brain  creativity  alcohol  logic  intuition  research  comparison  test  productivity 
april 2012
‘Pink slime’ is the tip of the iceberg: Look what else is in industrial meat | Grist
The lesson is clear: don't pay people to make your food; they don't care as much as you do
Food  Meat  Processing  Additive  Empowerment  Exposé  2012 
april 2012
Obamacare at two: Heal thyself | The Economist
Reflecting on Obamacare's 2nd year: how healthcare players responding
mkr  healthcare  obama  history  provider  patient  payor  insurance  government  legal  supreme  court 
april 2012
Malware wake-up call for Mac users | Security - InfoWorld
Argues that macos has "arrived" and Mac users should prepare for many more malware attacks; simple logic, would help to have more specifics
macosx  malware  pointofview  q2  2012  virus  security 
april 2012
Google Proposes Changing Stock Structure to Keep Control - Bloomberg
Brief note on Google founders' tactics to keep control through 2 shares of stocks [similar to Facebook in concept]
Google  enterprise  executive  management  stock  investor  share  vote  q2  2012 
april 2012
Neutrinos: Adagio, OPERA | The Economist
Neutrinos faster than the speed of light? Oh, my! [scientists struggle w conflicting studies]
neutrino  research  opera  italy  icarus  einstein  theory  relativity  physics 
april 2012
Suggestions For That Extra White Space on Google+
Tongue in cheek & funny comments: what's #google+ #whitespace for?..
google  plus  design  humor  q2  2012  speculation  Platform  google+ 
april 2012
Why Does The New Google+ Use So Much Whitespace? | TechCrunch
Interesting riff & speculation on #Google+ redesign featuring remarkable #whitespace
google  plus  design  browser  adaptive  insight  speculation  web  Platform  google+ 
april 2012
5 Tips to Becoming a Top Blog in Your Industry | Social Media Examiner
USEFUL post on blog strategy addresses strategy—& its tactics sport good how-to meat
blog  strategy  tactics  howto  publishing  guest  collaboration  promotion  email  social  share 
april 2012
GroupMe: Connect with team members in the field
Useful review of mobile group chat/messaging app; free & cross-platform Thx @jdlasica #fb
mobile  collaboration  IM  chat  instant  message  Group  review  howto  iphone  android  blackberry 
april 2012
How NOT to Act at a Job Interview
Some funny/sad anecdotes of inappropriate interview behavior [grins]
employer  employee  jobsearch  humor  interview  preparation  conduct  lying  truth  career  2execguide 
april 2012
Who Should Replace Brian Dunn As CEO Of Best Buy? - Forbes
Why Bestbuy needs to reframe its relationship to "retail" and leverage social technology to create experience—a new CEO won't change its fortunes
csrblogcomment  retail  usa  bestbuy  strategy  executive  uk  china  mexico  airport  telecom  cable  music  dvd  scandal  service  product  electronics  Consumer  2snr 
april 2012
How Your Online Surrogate Should Sell — S. Anthony Iannarino
Very simple but good guidance for adding value w your online presence
strategy  online  ecosystem  marketing  client  valueprop  howto  B2B  Sales  2sbs 
april 2012
Brené Brown: The power of vulnerability | Video on
Very sensitive & funny talk on vulnerability and doubt of self-worth
love  vulnerability  shame  video  research  sociology  group  belonging  humor  drug  medication 
april 2012
Self-Determination Among Mental Health Consumers/Survivors
".. consumers/survivors have organized to demand their civil rights and full inclusion in making decisions regarding their own treatment.."
behavioral  health  patient  empowerment  mkr 
april 2012
Windows 8: The OS/2 of Today
Interesting argument, carried on in comments: fused history and predictions: good thoughts
Operating_systems  mobile  windows  OS/2  2012  Q2  history  Nokia  Microsoft  IBM  Apple  Android  Competition  Tablet  Computer  2ghcj 
april 2012
Why the Supreme Court Will Strike Down All of Obamacare - Forbes
Opinionated prediction for Supreme Court ruling against Obamacare; some good points
obama  healthcare  legal  supreme  court  q2  2012  congress  Analysis 
april 2012
Here’s why it make sense to use Google Plus
Interesting theory about premature Google+ launch being due to Twitter real-time search cutoff
q3  2011  google  plus  launch  analysis  insight  facebook  twitter  competition  market  adoption  2execguide  Platform  google+ 
april 2012
If Oracle wins its Android suit, everyone loses | Open Source Software - InfoWorld
GOODread: high stakes in patent lawsuit Oracle v Google, shows how patents affect modern software devt [readable though]
legal  intellectual  property  lawsuit  sun  mobile  oracle  android  google  open  source  software  development 
april 2012
Those Fabulous Confabs
SUPERB: the culture of ideas | history/analysis of #TED & other oh-so-cool confabs #fb #li
conference  intelligentsia  digerati  competition  internet  history  idea  analysis  TED  poptech  davos  politics  hightech  powerlaw  longtail  wired  innovation  leader  green  global  burningman  california  video 
april 2012
Waste not, want not | The Economist
Classic survey/report on global food supply and consumption trends
food  analysis  report  global  waste  economy  2011  survey  africa  asia  europe  americas  2ghcj  productivity 
april 2012
From the Editor (Wired UK)
Quick riff on entrepreneur motivations: money v. social good
csrblogcomment  entrepreneur  social  business  reidhoffman  samwer  comparison  startup  2ghcj 
april 2012
The Samwer brothers suddenly lose their shyness — Tech News and Analysis
Quick shot on Samwer Bros (German Internet entrepreneur cloners extraordinaires) recent media outreach #li
internet  social  business  media  network  startup  germany  europe  clone  entrepreneur  incubator  2snr  2ghcj 
april 2012
'Core' as Killer: The Demise of RIM, Yahoo, Dell - Forbes
Valuable insight on the need for firms to disrupt themselves: demise of Yahoo RIM Dell #fb
Enterprise  corporate  strategy  core  competency  yahoo  RIM  Dell  market  shift  disruption  insight  2ghcj  2snr 
april 2012
[Infographic] How Much is That Tweet Really Worth?
Innovative: co-relates #socialbusiness platforms' firms' value & total shares to derive user & share value #li
metrics  social  business  network  media  company  valuation  facebook  twitter  linkedin  foursquare  dropbox  pinterest  yelp  economy  measurement  infographic  2execguide  geosocial  Platform 
april 2012
Worst Album Covers of All Time | The Blog
The title says it all; many are REALLY bad (you are warned ;^)
music  art  humor  history  LP  global 
april 2012
Community creates themed color palettes accessible free online or from within Adobe CS apps
color  tool  online  theme  crowdsourcing  discussion  community  design 
april 2012
Yammer - Work Literacy
Slick interface for syndicated posts on Yammer
yammer  blog  syndication  enterprise  Micro.blogging  2.0  status  activity  stream 
april 2012
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