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How to change table width? « Forums
Great help for "converting" html table code so it works in wordpress
html  blog  wordpress  code  tag  howto  table  exceptional 
june 2012
GKN and aerospace: Word on a wing | The Economist
Perfect case study of "industrial" company managed like a knowledge enterprise
knowledge  industrial  economy  enterprise  innovation  adoption  manufacturing  aerospace  automotive  2blog  casestudy 
june 2012
Scrum Is A Major Management Discovery - Forbes
Comment on Applying agile software work rhythms to all work and general management
agile  organization  development  team  work  software  management  casb 
june 2012
The Big Shift or Shifty Statistics? - Forbes
Astute analysis & critique of Deloitte's Shift Index [the decline of the Industrial Economy]
economy  analysis  hagel  industrial  knowledge  services  comparison  enterprise  executive  corporation  fortune500  accounting 
june 2012
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